Thursday, January 17, 2013

George Washington and Robert Spencer Slam Huffington Post's Muhammad Comparison!

The infamously pro-Islamic, radically leftist news site Huffington Post recently declared Muhammad to be the Arab George Washington, drawing several so-called comparisons between the prophet of Islam and the first President of the United States. But are there any real similarities between George Washington and Muhammad? Robert Spencer and Pastor Joseph join George Washington himself to discuss the issue.

For more on Huffington Post's absurd comparison, see:


Haecceitas said...

Having Robert Spencer on the program took the Jesus or Muhammad show to a whole new level. It would be great if you could arrange at least occasional future appearances for him. And of course it was good to see pastor Joseph on as well.

These two episodes were among the best (definitely the funniest!) in the history of the program.

Anonymous said...


9jaguy said...

Yes, I agree. This was another really good episode. There was stuff that you guys mentioned that I did not even know about Mohammed. I see why Mr Robert Spencer does not believe that Mohammed actually existed; some things he did are just absolutely horrendous and repugnant. Thanks for the information, may the lord continue to bless you all and keep you safe.

Unknown said...

Simple one of the Best J or M ever. David you were amazing!