Thursday, December 27, 2012

Muslims Assault Student for Refusing to Convert to Islam . . . in Germany

But we shouldn't let these brutal attacks against non-Muslims distract us from the real problem: Islamophobia. True tolerance means that we accept Islam's intolerant teachings with open arms and never even think of criticizing Muhammad's commands to violently subjugate non-Muslims.

BERLIN (AP) - Police say an Indian student in Germany has been attacked and injured by suspected Islamic extremists who accosted him and demanded that he convert to Islam.

Police spokesman Frank Piontek said on Thursday that two attackers in the western German city of Bonn severely beat the 24-year-old and then slashed his tongue with a knife.

Police say the attackers walked up to the student in a city street late on Monday and demanded that he convert to Islam - then beat him up after he refused to do so. (Source)


Koala Bear said...

I thought it was a religion of peace and tolerance. Osama what do you have to say?

Rale said...

The degrading situation in Germany (= islamization) is one of the reasons I escaped from it!

Anonymous said...

RT tv had a report that Germany bent over backwards to be "inclusive" to Muslims and asked a Muslim outreach group to teach about Islam to German students.

Welll you know how that is turning out.

The German 'interfaith' Islamic program is teaching hatred of Christians, Jews and the West and PROSELYTIZING and doing Dawah in German class rooms. The program backfired as the Islamic information teachers were teaching hate and bigotry instead teaching people to get along.

And the German officials STILL believe that Islam is a religion of peace;

Vikash Kumar said...

Its an example of islamic conversion process. Its simple - convert or die.