Sunday, December 16, 2012

Four Weeks of Refuting Zakir Naik Begins Tuesday!

Muslim apologist Zakir Naik has never faced an experienced Christian debater, and he has rejected challenges from James White, Sam Shamoun, Nabeel Qureshi, myself, and others. Since Naik won't face us on stage, Sam and I are going to refute his claims about Christianity and Islam on our show "Jesus or Muhammad?" Beginning this Tuesday, at 8:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time), Sam and I will respond to Naik's claims on Jesus' crucifixion, Islamic jihad, and other issues. If you don't get ABN via satellite, you can watch live here.


Zack_Tiang said...

That would be great.

Tom said...

Great stuff, brothers... looking forward .. thanks again.

Unknown said...

thank you for your guidance and teachings..this guy naik is a joke i cant wait! keep up the good work guys..

Haecceitas said...

The Jesus or Muhammad shows from 3 or 4 previous weeks don't seem to be available on Youtube or on ABNSAT's online video archives. I hope the next ones will be available.

Don Dan said...

I would love to see you debate Zakir Naik, as I personally think he is one of the most misleading characters of Islam.

Because he refuses to debate with anyone unless they bring an attendance of 15,000 people. I think you guys need to adopt the strategy of "working your way up the list", like a video game.

First try to see if you can take down Zakir's lesser known minions, after you have defeated them, they will report back to their boss (Zakir). Eventually, after successful campaigns against his camp, you will obtain the final confrontation with Bowser himself. Let me know if you have already attempted this plan, if so, what were the excuses from the lesser minions?

David Wood said...


Do you really believe this "working your way up the list" nonsense? Look for Zakir Naik's debates. He's never once faced an experienced Christian debater. Yet you seem to think that once a Christian has defeated Naik's students, suddenly Naik will be ready to debate. You've certainly fallen for his deception. He wants people to think that he's ready to face Christianity's best, yet it's exactly the opposite. If some unknown Christian pastor agrees to debate him, Naik will gladly face him, even if only a few hundred people show up. Yet when a well-known Christian debater challenges him, suddenly Naik has a ton of requirements he knows no one will meet.

This is obvious to everyone, but you've fallen for it completely.

Chinchilla PetVerse said...


David is right, we at Sakshi apologetics Network in India have challenged and debated the minions of Naik. Their obvious claim after the debate is that we won and they lost. So, their response is that if Sakshi couldn't debate even the students of Zakir then how could we challenge Zakir himself.
Are you ever aware of any debate where muslims have accepted that they lost?? Even the disgrace of Islam - Nadir Ahmed and his cronies sound the victory cry after every humiliating defeat saying "Debate is over, I have won.

This approach won't work. I have heard that Zakir's per year revenue is close to 50-60 million dollars... do you think any amount of instigation or humiliation will draw him into a confrontation which will ensure that he looses all this moolah?? He runs the most successful Islamic channels in the world... do you think he has the self respect to stand up for his claims even if it means loosing out on all this glory?? Zakir knows very well that for every 5 Muslims who know that he is a coward, there are 95 more who adore and worship him as their hero.

Such programs of David and Sam will work towards strengthening the church and answer the queries of seeking Muslims but will do NOTHING to draw out the rat himself.

In Christ


Chinchilla PetVerse said...

Have recently posted our refutation to Naik on the Deen show:
Refuting Zakir Naik - Innocence of IRF Fans (Part 1)

Refuting Zakir Naik - Innocence of IRF Fans (Part 2)

Luke said...

Agreed David. Zakir totally puts up a brave front but can't hold a candle to any seasoned Christian debater. Well put.

Radical Moderate said...

I cant wait. Here is something I found on youtube, its Zakir Naiks son performing a rap song at a conference written by his "MOTHER".

It's 100 percent Hala Certified

To funny.

100 percent Hala Certifed Rap song

Melvyn Cyrus said...

@radical moderate

I was able to bear it until 2:30 only. It was too halal for me!
This performance is completely ridiculous.

Fisher said...

Radical Moderate: I have no idea why you had to torture us with that. That dude is WAAAAAAACK!

Radical Moderate said...

Melvyn well neither did the audiance if you watch the end they are just stunned into silence.

"Our aim is peace, our goal peace, our objective is peace, our way is peace, our dream is peace, our Mission is is peace, our wision is peace, and inshallah we will have peace" LOL to funny

Craig said...

Where can I watch samuel greens recent dabate on the preservation of the quran?

Anonymous said...

@craig ask Samuel himself using his email on his site

David M said...

I missed this first live video because the live stream didnt work for me how do i watch it?

Mamu said...

Whoever watched Zakir Naik's debate with Dr William Campbell will have no doubt but to see the inherent flaws of christianity.You don't need a good christian debater to counter Zakir's point because they are solely based on the bible.Read your bible well and see for yourself.We all believe that the book of God has no errors, for God is perfect and does not make mistakes. We must all have an open heart and not be biased.The challenge I have for any good christian is what happened at the council of Niacia. Is it true that some books in the bible were changed? Be honest please.

CharlesMartel said...

Mamu, the answer to your question is 'no'. Now be honest and admit that you don't have any evidence for this old canard.

Haecceitas said...


It would be up to you to provide some credible evidence that the Bible was changed in the Council of Nicaea. As far as I know, the generally accepted view among scholars of church history is that the canon of the Bible was not even discussed in the Council of Nicaea. If you got this idea from Zakir Naik, then that is one more reason for you to distrust him as a source of information.

Craig said...

I still cant find that samuel green preservation of quran debate

sebsite said...

Sakshi Apologetics Network (SAN) in India did some excellent works to refute Zakir's claims. See:

Yasir said...


I'm a Muslim myself and have a pretty good multi-faith background and studied in a Christian school and love people of all religions, especially Christianity. I haven't looked into the rest of the website, hence my comments are very specific.

I believe that first of all, all of us should have our right to speak out and criticize and share our opinions about our religion and those of others. Muslims take for themselves the right to explore other religions from their point of view. Christians have the same right too.

Secondly, I believe that Muslim speakers and everyone else need to do this kind of a sensitive debate in a kind and respectful manner. I find that many Muslim scholars are too harsh and not soft when they disagree and anger people easily. This kind of a debate would be so wonderful if emotions were less and thoughts alone dominated. Many of the Christian arguments that I have found in answering such debates presented by Muslim speakers have this strong cognitive component which I believe should dominate both sides of the debate.

Finally, I am curious and would wish along with all of you that a scholar like Dr. Naik should debate a knowledgeable Christian scholar. He has his own conditions and wouldn't debate just anyone, but I wish he could debate some sharp-minded scholars like Sam or James White!


ShaN said...

First gather the public of around 10,000 people or more and then ask Dr Zakir Naik to come for you people even his students are enough to show the truth to you.

David Wood said...

LOL! Zakir Naik is a joke. He'd never get a crowd anywhere near that in the U.S. He knows that he's considered a joke here in the U.S., and that most people would much rather see an experienced debater defend Islam. So he'll never face an experienced debater. What a coward!

Unknown said...

-David wood
I don't think he needs to debate you guy's. What was Shamoun doing during Naik Campbell debate. The guy was there and you know it.

But since he couldn't do anything, so he went home and wrote a article against Dr. Zakir Naik calling him a Coward. What a scholar!

And you guy's have already made 1000s of Lies against Islam as well as Christianity.

I hope you guy's world stop this and take some Lessons.

I saw Shamoun's Argument's and your too on deity of Christ which was a Joke. Although that has been refuted by I can do in better as far as Quran was considered.

You Quoted passages from Qur'an and Bible trying to prove Jesus is God which was Hilarious.