Sunday, December 23, 2012

Former Muslim Antonio Santana on CBN!

I've known Antonio for several years. He comes to the Arab Festival in Dearborn to discuss the Gospel with Muslims. He's one of many people who have left Islam for the sake of obedience to Christ.

Here's an interview with two more friends who left Islam:


rowland said...

I wonder what black people in America see in Islam, when more and more Black Africans are embracing christianity.

But the western leader won't help the evangelists as previous western leaders did, Nay, they'd rather enjoy the Arab oil Money and open the flood gates for Muslim ( 98% Arabs ) into the country.

Zack_Tiang said...

Love the testimony sharing by Antonio..

Brother C.L said...

@ Rowland there are a lot of factors that feed the conversion of mostly black males to Islam or forms of Islam. Whether its the prison population or not many lacked Fathers, so some see Islam as something that gives them disciple and structure. Related to that point most men get a sense of identity from their father or some man who invests in them, many who never had that see Islam as something that can give them a identity. They do not see church as offering answers to those issues in their lives. some perceive "Black" church's as something for old people, kids and women, and mainstream evangelicalism as something for white people. That's my take on the issue.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Christianity has lost is principles in modern society. Also along with division amongst the various denominations, and the Bible being subjected to bad interpretations has led some to questions its authority and even apostatize. But they have missed the message of Jesus. In the perfect society under the rule of Christianity the laws of the Old Testament are written on the hearts of the believers, but once the rule of Christianity is replaced and the people become subjects to man and not God, then they fall away from the grace given through Jesus and fall into sin, which leads to the commands of God being broken. So Islam offers a false alternative based on some of the laws of the Old Testament, and a simple message that a susceptible person can easily take on board. For example the belief in One God, all the prophets and the virgin birth of the Messiah. But to Sum it up, Islam is a bad representation of the Old and New Testament, and offers nothing that can attain someone salvation. There is nothing spiritual in the Qur’an, everything is physical, such as the inhabitants of Paradise.

Ex N1hil0 said...

Antonio's tesimony saddens me. And that's not because I don't rejoice that he has come to the Savior; but because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not to be found in the video.

If I were an unbeliever viewing the CBN video, I might conclude that Christianity is essentially a life-enhancement program. That its central message is "Come to Christ and life will be more meaningful and fulfilling. You will be happier."

What of sin and condemnation? The righteous judgment of God? The death and resurrection of Christ in the place of sinners?

What of the gospel? It is not to be found in the CBN video.