Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Are the 99 Names of Allah?

The Qur’an commands Muslims to call on Allah by his “most beautiful names”:

Qur’an 7:180—The Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah: So call on Him by them; But shun such men as use profanity in His names: For what they do, they will soon be requited.

In the Hadith, Muhammad says that there are 99 names of Allah, and that anyone who memorizes the list of names will be awarded paradise:

Sahih Muslim 6475—Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: There are ninety-nine names of Allah; he who commits them to memory would get into Paradise. Verily, Allah is Odd (He is one, and it is an odd number) and He loves odd number.

However, there are more than 99 names of Allah found in the Qur’an and the Hadith, and Muhammad never delivered an official list to his followers. This makes it impossible to know which specific names are included among the 99 names. Yet there is general agreement among Muslims concerning most of Allah’s names. Hence, compilations of the 99 names of Allah will agree on the vast majority of the following epithets.

“The Gracious”
“The Merciful”
“The King”
“The Holy”
“The Peace”
“The One Who Gives Security”
“The Protector”
“The Mighty”
“The Compeller”
“The Majestic”
“The Creator”
“The Maker”
“The Shaper”
“The Forgiver”
“The One Who Subdues”
“The One Who Bestows”
“The Provider”
“The Opener”
“The Knowing”
“The Withholder”
“The Expander”
“The One Who Abases”
“The One Who Exalts”
“The One Who Gives Honor”
“The One Who Humiliates”
“The Hearing”
“The Seeing”
“The Judge”
“The Just”
“The Subtle”
“The Aware”
“The Forbearing”
“The Incomparably Great”
“The Forgiving”
“The Appreciative”
“The Highest”
“The Great”
“The Preserver”
“The Sustainer”
“The One Who Brings Judgment”
“The Sublime”
“The Generous”
“The Watchful”
“The Responsive”
“The Boundless”
“The Wise”
“The Loving”
“The Glorious”
“The One Who Resurrects”
“The Witness”
“The Truth”
“The Advocate”
“The Strong”
“The Firm”
“The Friend”
“The Praiseworthy”
“The Reckoner”
“The Originator”
“The Restorer”
“The Giver of Life”
“The Bringer of Death”
“The Living”
“The Subsisting”
“The Finder”
“The Noble”
“The One”
“The Indivisible”
“The Eternal”
“The Able”
“The Determiner”
“The Expediter”
“The Delayer”
“The First”
“The Last”
“The Manifest”
“The Hidden”
“The Patron”
“The Exalted”
“The Beneficent”
“The Relenting”
“The Avenger”
“The Pardoner”
“The Kind”
“The Owner of the Kingdom”
“The Lord of
“The Equitable”
“The Gatherer”
“The Rich”
“The Enricher”
“The Defender”
“The Afflicter”
“The Benefactor”
“The Light”
“The Way”
“The Incomparable”
“The Everlasting”
“The Inheritor”
“The Guide”
“The Patient”

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John Bob said...

If this allah is the same as the God of the bible then why is he not mentioned by his biblical name YHWH. YHWH is nowhere to be found in the quran, why?

Joe Daniels said...

Probably because the tetragram (4-letter name of God) was too Jewish?

I think Aleister Crowley did something on the 99 names of Allah in his book 777. And verily Crowley was Odd too.

apran said...

The muslims are lying again, they don't include the name "the deceiver" or Al Makireena in the list of the 99 names. See 3:54 for example:

Transliteration: Wamakaroo wamakara Allahu waAllahu khayru almakireena
Literal: And they cheated/deceived and God cheated/deceived, and God (is) the best (of) the cheaters/deceivers.[2]

Noore'en said...

I think there are a few more I could think of ;)

bob said...

The devil certainly likes to big-note himself.

SGM said...

It is funny that there are 99 names of Allah and Allah is not one of them. Does this mean that there are actually 100 names of Allah?

On another note, I have never heard any moslem saying, I am going to pray to the "The Afflicter" or "The Equitable" or "The Benefector". From now on, I am going to call Allah "The Afflicter".

Nothin'ButTheTruth said...

lol 97 The Inheritor? I thought he owns everything? How can he be the inheritor then? funny but sad how muslims believe in him,

Mary said...

Mohammad's Allah by any other name would still advocate being deceitful, hating non-Muslims, plundering, abusing, raping, and murdering non-Muslims, killing apostates to Islam (even those who merely fall short), killing children and grandchildren for any rebellion against Islamic teaching, raping wives and sex slaves, making slaves of non-Muslims, etc., etc., etc. There is nothing loving, peaceful, merciful, forgiving, etc., in all of that.

rowland said...

Al-Jabbar “The Compeller”
Al-Batin “The Hidden”
Al-Qahhar “The One Who

Looking at this three, I am certain MO gave Allah any name that popped into his head, and made all others up as he moved through the desert.

Jamal Hassan said...

@ Mary rather naive and superficial people such as you would say the exact same thing about the Old Testament I would think. I'm smarter than that so I would actually look at both perspectives of the Old Testament before reaching such elementary conclusions.

Now how about we bring a neutral perspective to this article. Islamic scholars are agreed that the 99 names are not the only names. I'm not sure what the point of this article is exactly. Scholars have written answers to any questions you may have regarding the 99 names and why they do not include all the names and so forth.

Regarding decieving, let's use some logic before pointing fingers at translators who may not know the english connotation and such of "decieve." Just for a second let's give benefit of the doubt. Let us look at an ayah of the Quran with makr.

“And (remember) when the disbelievers plotted against you (O Muhammad) to imprison you, or to kill you, or to get you out (from your home, i.e. Makkah); they were plotting and Allaah too was plotting; and Allaah is the Best of those who plot”
[al-Anfaal 8:30]

Logic please. The Makkans were plotting/planning to kill Muhammad, not really decieving. Try to get the meaning of makr from other ayas of the Quran. It's not really decieving as we know today. Any honest person would see that.

Belajar Internet Marketing said...

@jamal hassan believe ALLAH can PLOT because those who PLOT against the believer... suddenly comes into my mind that ALLAH was a childish B*****D... because ALLAH REACT like a CHILD... wow.. how amazing ALLAH is...

Allah Akbar said...

Mohammed itself said that, the names of Allah is not limited to 99.
Read this :

You people can only show something without any evidence, but dont try to hide the truth!


some names of Allah according muslims :
1. Al-Haqq --> the truth
2. Al-Awwal --> the first
3. Al-Akhir --> the last
4. An-Nur --> the light
5. Al-Hadi --> the way

isn't those name also mention by Lord Jesus and claim by Him as His attributes. In this case, muslims has no ground to reject that Lord Jesus as God himself.

Also Bible told us which Qur'an also agreed that Jesus would come as a Judge to all man.

once again one of the Allah's name in Qur'an is Al-Hakam (Judge), which this status were given to Lord Jesus in the last day.

So from this point of view, what more evidence muslims need since their own Qur'an confirmed who Lord Jesus is ?

umar knight said...

loooool this is getting more boring and boring. dude how ignorant are you ? you have mistranslated the names so wrong. for that you're a lier and i wiil never consider any of your articles valuable.

David Wood said...

How about giving some examples?

josip borno said...

All these negative comments above? WHY? Why so much negativity and hatred? Where is it coming from? Search deep within your darkest corners and forget this subject on names for a moment and answer your own souls, but frankly - why? ..as someone who apsolutely loves and follows Jesus's teachings and ways as a follower of a Comforter whom Jesus introduced and announced (in John 14:16) i tell you for sure that Jesus never preached hatred, THEREFORE refrain from mispresenting yourself as his supporters..every child knows where who puts up men to enmity and who sicks them against fellow humans through "whispering" of evil ideas..i will pray for you but if you really wanna help yourself and heal your self from bad thoughts within..google now: surah 114 Mankind. And just to answer one question here: Ya - in Arabic or Aramaic Hebrew is like today when we call someone out by shouting: YOU ..OH YOU..HEY YOU..or even most similar in meaning to a sleng: YO! No kidding, it represents calling someone.before their name. Next is an Arabic/aramaic/Hebrew word: HU / english: hoo . In Arabic Al' AH has root AH (Al- is just like when in english we use The-) so base of word AllAh is 'AH' and when called out as in prayer God can be called out by saying: "Ya Hu" which would in english be like..you God, Hey God or Yo God..so now if you understood so far that Ya Means You as form of calling. AND hu or hwa are arabic and hebrew forms of most basic name for Creator of life and first breath ..Al AH..THEN CALLING HIM "Yahu" or Ya AllaHU or Ya hwe is one and the same thing. PEACE

David Wood said...

Wow Josip!

Thank you for helping us prove that Jesus is God!

dianna johann pichardo said...

Brother David

a muslim asked , why did jesus teach us to pray saying , our father who art in heaven.

he feels that by jesus praying this way he removes any divinity from himself .

i could think of no other way but sarcastically saying if jesus isn't God he should have taught them " hey guys I'm going to heaven but instead say" our father who art in heaven on the left side because i will be seated at the right side of the father. so that we christians would not get confused and presume they are one in the same.

what would have be a better answer for me to give?

David Wood said...

Hard to understand how Jesus' teachings on prayer undermine his deity. If you read John 14, Jesus claims that he's the one who answers prayer!

Nathan Weatherdon said...

Can anyone on this board translate into English the meaning of the most common greeting and response used in all Muslim countries?

Please provide this translation and take it to heart.

Mostly they are good people trying to do a half decent job of things as they make their way through life, pretty much like the rest of us.

There will always be a few nutjobs in the mix, but stirring the pot probably doesn't help much.

Michael Jones said...

Christians have so much hate for Muslims and no study at all everything you all have said is off of what you have heard not what you have studied. For the disrespect and non concern for God (ALLAH) hopefully he will not fill you all into HELL but I will pray that even though you are weak and uneducated that one day you find the truth and Allah be merciful for your disbelief...

josip borno said...

Dear brothers in humanity: Nathan and Michael. Just wanted to say I love you in the name of Allah. May Peace Be Upon You (Alaik Ummu Salaam). After this life, may Allah (The Omnipotent Creator of Universe and everything within) grant you Entrance into Kingdom of Heaven, where Angels will greet you with the same word: Peace (Salaam). May you attain Highest Degree in Heaven to get to see Prophets of God: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Job, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Zachariah, John, Jesus and Muhammad. They INVITED men and women to believe in One God, the Creator of us, animals, trees, planets, stars..All of these Prophets preached good, not evil, no corruption and no hurting others. None of them invited people to worship them. Each of them was chosen, special, brave human strengthened by God's Power but they were still humans nevertheless. Each of them left earth domain and is no longer on live mission. Live is un-corrupted, plain, straight-forward Guidance in amazing scripture called Quran. Yes, I do follow Jesus, I do not worship him. Anyone who knows TEN COMMANDMENTS knows that GOD has FORBIDDEN us strictly to do that. 1st Commandment> YOU SHALL NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GODS BESIDES ME! ..So dear fellow humans, one who wishes to truly follow Jesus, Moses, Abraham examples...will not be doing so by bowing down to one of them. None of them asked us to do that. Those who say to follow Jesus by adding him into TRIANGLE scheme are following Rome instead (same old Rome that chased Jesus and his followers)..same Rome is selling BS inserted into otherwise beautiful Biblical words. And if you are buying it, that's OK. You have right to choose. We all do. Since the Start God gave us Free Will. Turn it to be your Blessing or make it your own Curse. I’ve nothing to loose if any of you end up in your personal Hells, after your personal deaths. Everyone was given enough brain mass to decipher truth from false. I am not going to do it for you, I have myself to worry about. If brothers Michael and David are using common sense, so can rest of you, but if you would rather believe that Jesus died for your ugly sins, and yours and yours...,yours...fine. believe it. But Guess what? If you would look at it from loving perspective, how can you let that happen to Jesus? If you lived in Jerusalem in 33 AD would you rather pray: Oh, God..No, let me please answer to my own sins one Day, but don't let this poor wonderful young man Jesus be on that horrible Cross!!! Or would you watch Jesus for 9 hours, rejoicing in a thought that you will come off ''clean'' after that cruel ritual done to him. Guess what? I would rather be humane enough, adult enough, responsible enough, fair enough and smart enough to increase my own good deeds and decrease my sinful acts, repent past sins and improve myself as human being (which I am doing through practical religion and Help of God) and need not have an innocent beautiful person such as Jesus put on excruciating pain, suffering, bloody hours of beating, nailing, screaming, so that I'd have it easy ''way'! Just God would NOT let that happen. If you think that, then you worship Cruel god. On the other hand, God I believe in tells me to take care for my-self, my goods, my bad, because no one else will pick up my mess on a Judgment Day. People. Get Real. When you do come to realize it, do yourself a favor...do not let satan turn you away with bad ideas, mind tricks. Google closest Mosque, just go there, no strings attached, ask for Imam, ask him to give you a FREE Holly Quran. Go home, wash face, hands, feet (like John was teaching). Relax, sit down. Finally find out what God has messaged to you, and is waiting for you to read it. Don't miss it. I know you looked up at heaven many times asking for Guidance, answer, explanation. well then, why are you not opening it yet? Peace be on all creatures, great or small.

moxho xhoxho said...

beautiful words man but how can u love us in the name of allah if allah dont love unbelievers (quran 30:45)? you dont seem to be a true muslim. if u want to follow the examples of prophets why dont you follow the example of the only 1 that in your quran is described as sinless meaning Jesus(im not saying that Jesus is just a prophet)? why do you follow mohamed example who is not sinless at all. just few examples, he was full of lust(having more wifes than the revelation permitted) and he enjoyed the worldly material things by taking 20% of war booty(right merciful as he was he only took 20 not 25% as the custom of the time was). i dont think that you understand what sin can do to a human soul. a simplified example would be that of a man who steals and then after seeing the benefits does it again or some 1 that kills then kills again to cover the first murder. Shakespeare describes it perfectly in his tragedies,how man with good intentions turn dark and loose their soul. we understand that no matter how many good deeds we do sin is still in our hearts (if Freud is right just imagine a 5 year old boy unconsciously thinking to kill his father and posses his mother)and no matter how hard we try to reach God we are still unworthy of Him. its God that reaches down to us.and thats what Jesus sacrifice means. after we truly repent and love Jesus with all our heart and let the holy spirit fill our soul we can be forgiven. only then Christ takes our sins upon Him. its not a matter of saying that im a christian or a ritual by going to a priest and asking him for forgiveness. its a matter of repentance,faith and actions.
by saying that God would not allow the crucifixion of an innocent you are actually condemning your allah as a cruel God. in the quran when it talks about the crucifixion says "nor did they kill him or crucify him but so it was made to appear to them"(Im paraphrasing) it seems to me like an innocent died on that cross and allah let that happen. i think that there are some hadiths were mohamed says that allah would give each muslim a jew or christian to pay for their sins in the day of judgement. wich is worst the Son of God willingly dying for our sins or unwilling ppl paying for the sins of others?i dont know who is deceived by satan( the best of deceivers which is a way how allah is described in kuran)but maeby its you who should go get a bible an read it with an open mind and heart.

ForYourInformation said...

Never say anything without background knowledge. If you ever read the Quran with translation; you'd know how wrong you are about what Quran has thought us. You cannot not hold the religion responsible for what a minority does. Please understand that. At least 100 people from every religion do such acts which you are saying are taught in Islam, whereas if you gained more knowledge about the religion; you would know that Islam is against all that. All the activities those you have mentioned are within the humans not the religion; if a person does such act; I definitely know that no religion can teach that to anyone but I am not ignorant like you blame a religion or someone's belief for that act. I am a Muslim but I respect every religion only because Allah has said to respect others and their beliefs/religion, to never provoke someone's beliefs. Thats the difference between me and you. You are hating my religion because of what few people do in Islam but I will not Christianity just because you are making hateful comments about the religion and I won't ever hate you for that but rather advise you to not judge someone's religion because of one person. Do not step up and bash other's religions or beliefs without background knowledge. That just shows that you are always ready to find faults in others while unknown of yourselfs.

Allah loves all mankind, whether a believer or non-believer and tells us to love all mankind/living thing for the sake of him no matter how much harm that person has done to us.

And If anyone has such hatred for Islam; then why are you guys even bothering searching about Islam when you can't accept the reality or will just start bashing the religion.

And anyone who is saying that it says in Quran that Jesus will come down on judgement day TO judge; instead it says that he will come on Judgement day but will not judge us. Allah will be the one to judge but yes he will come back to earth on judgment day.

AND If you guys still bash Islam; all I would say is to go in the dept of the Quran to understand Islam but you guys would never do that because you all don't have the guts to believe the truth.

And other than that; as they say there is no point of ringing a bell to a deaf person; just like no matter how much we justify that our religion is all about love and peace and just because of certain people you need to understand that you can't raise questions on the religion itself;you wouldn't believe that. So yes, you can think whatever you want; your thinking will not change the reality nor the fact that Allah is God.

May peace be upon you all.

LaLa1983 said...

And all will be revealed in the end.

Mahmudur Rahman said...

48 & 65 same,

Here is a clear evidence that QURAN is simply MANMADE BRAINWASHING book:

There are 99 Names For ALLAH/GOD,

(51) الحق Al-Ḥaqq The Truth
The meaning of TRUTH is:
A true thing, a verified fact,
You can say my religion is true from my beleving sense But when you say to the people then it must be verified.

Allah or God & Quran is NOT verified.
There is No evidence Allah exists & there is No evidence Quran is from believing Allah.
So how can in Quran name of Allah truth????

er mal said...

Christians and Jews are the worst of creation. Christians for calling Jesus God and Jews for being once muslims and then twisting the truth and practising Judaism. Of course! The 2000+ years old Bible copies are just the product of our imagination, just like every other fact that refutes islam. Christian: islam orders in the quran to wage war agains those who disagree with it. Muslim: that is not what islam teaches. Ch: quran orders beheadings, smashing of fingers, cutting hands and feet of opposite sides just for not believing your prophet. M: no religion teaches this. That's what few people do. Study islam in depth. Ch: according to the quran and muslim sources Mo did this and did that and was killed by revenge. M: How can you say such things! Mo(pbuh)was the perfect example for all men to follow, a true prophet of peace and high moral standards.....It is sad to see that such nonsense really happens. However it is not that nonsense. Islam is a highly demonic religion. It enslaves your mind to a dooming point that you can't use anymore your faculty of reasoning. How can a Christian even think of showing to a Muslim the prophesied creation of the modern Israeli state in the Bible and other fulfilled prophecies, not to mention those concerning end times? I wonder if all these people do really believe there is a hell, because if they did, they really would stop and think better of where they are headed to. Dear friends, why continue in this mindless slavery? God offered to make you free. Don't make His sacrifice for you futile. Jesus said that some ex-prostitutes will be in heaven and many "religious" people won't. It's not about weighting your good deeds on a scale. It's all about willing to admit that we are all lost regardless our position in this life, unless we repent, and allow Him to make of us a new creation. A new creation who now sees things into a new light, who feels the love He feels, feels the pain He feels for all that is happening and doesn't hesitate to offer himself just as He did.

Ana Miller said...

Al-makireen does not mean cheater/deceiver. It means plotter or schemer. In Quran Allah refers to himself as the best of Plotter or the best of Schemer. I am not a Muslim but I have alot of respect for Islam, its book and its followers. Once I heard that Quran does not contradict the Bible except where the Bible contradicts itself. To verify this claim, I read the entire Quran and to my astonishment the claim was true! Ever since I see things from a different perspective. It's funny that alot of you have accused Muslims of lying. While I think that is a false accusation, I would like to ask if you know how much our own priests and preachers lie to us? You know how they always accuse Islam of being spread by sword whereas Jesus was all love and peace. But when I present them with verses like, "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." They can't give me a convincing answer. Do you know why? because this verse is not from the holy book of their enemy but from their own peaceful Bible. Come on people don't you think self criticism is better than pointing fingers at others?

Murtadd said...

@Ana Miller

You seem to ahead of yourself. You claim that the so called enemies of islam always wanna use "violent" verses to show the cruelty of islam. For someone that is supposedly not a muslim you sure are very pro islam and confusedly so. Anyway let me quickly burst your bubble muslimah. Let's look at the verse in question

Matthew 10:34-36 (NIV)
34 "Do not suppose that I have come
to bring peace to the earth. I did not
come to bring peace, but a sword. 35
For I have come to turn
"'a man against his father,
a daughter against her mother,
a daughter in law against her
mother in law
36 a man's enemies will be the
members of his own household.'... -.. Muslims just love to use these verses to supposedly show that Jesus came with a sword to wage war and battle. In verses 35-36 Jesus explains himself that there will be animosity amongst families because of his name. This verse is clearly demonstrated amongst muslims themselves. If a child or muslim tells his family he's leaving islam for christianity he will be killed and even cut off from family members and treated as an outcast. The "sword" that Jesus brings in this context is his word that will divide families. We can clearly see there is no war or battles with a sword as these poor muslims want us to believe.

There is absolutely no merit for these muslims to suggest a war or even battle was to be fought by Jesus or his disciples. In actual fact Jesus himself told his companion to put the sword back in its place as those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Matthew 26:52 (NIV) "Put your sword back in its place,"
Jesus said to him, "for all who draw
the sword will die by the sword". Does this sound like a person who bought a sword to wage war. Only in the mind of a muslim.

Ephesians 6:17 (NIV)
17 Take the helmet of salvation and
the sword of the Spirit, which is the
word of God.
Hebrews 4:12 (NIV)
12 For the word of God is alive and
active. Sharper than any double-
edged sword, it penetrates even to
dividing soul and spirit, joints and
marrow; it judges the thoughts and
attitudes of the heart.

Now I want to ask this muslimah to explain to us the following surah which mandates muslims to kill ALL unbelievers until they submit to islam. This surah clearly gives a mandate to muslims to kill until judgement because there is no way ALL unbelievers will submit to Islam. This means the muslims will have to kill perpetually until worlds end. Let's look at this surah.

Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin
Khan Surah 8:39And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and
polytheism: i.e. worshipping others
besides Allah) and the religion
(worship) will all be for Allah Alone
(in the whole of the world). But if
they cease (worshipping others
besides Allah), then certainly, Allah
is All-Seer of what they do.

Peace upon us all in Jesus said...

I read with excitement the comments here. Christians having a go at muslims regarding their god, prophet, book. And vice versa, muslims having a go at Christians regarding Jesus and His Godliness and what the Bible says.
We are all going to stand in front of the Throne of Grace and face the music. It is not what we believed, but WHO we believe in! And I can tell you Mohammed has no light to get even mentioned compared to Jesus. Plain and simple!
Jesus is love and He showed it through all His ministry. Mohammed on the other hand warns us as to what is going to happen to those who didn't agree with him and his religion.
Jesus didn't start a religion when He came to earth. What He came here for is to show us the way of salvation, which happens to be Himself.
There is no salvation in Islam as allah is not loving nor caring for his so called creation. The most a muslim can aspire to is to be a slave of allah. We are God's children and that privileged was giving to us through Jesus Christ our Lord.
There is nothing is Islam that comes even close to it. Islam is salvation by doing right, no need of a mediator. True Christianity is salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. A muslim can't understand it as love is not a component of their god, prophet or religion.
How can you explain a platypus unless you have seen one? Islam is a religion of trying to save yourself and believing all the misinterpretations of the Bible Mohammed came up with. Plus all the errors contained in his book.
There is salvation under only one name, the Bible says: Jesus Christ our Lord. You all muslims and all the world are invited into this salvation too as it goes to the whole earth by accepting and following Him!
In Spirit, (according to the Holy Spirit) and in truth, (all the heaven revelation giving to us in God as a person).
Bickering against one another does not save, nor inviting one another to "our" religion. Salvation is in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Fatema Jahan said...

Assalam Walequm everyone.

May Allah bless you. Thanks for the article. Allah is one but we called him many name.

“Allaah, there is none worthy of worship except Him, the Ever-Living,
the One who establishes and sustains.
Sooratul-Baqarah [2:255]

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This site is so much informative. I learn many thing by this site.

Fatema Jahan said...

Assalam Walekum everyonr,

Thanks for this article. Allah is one but we called him by using many name.

“Allaah, there is none worthy of worship except Him, the Ever-Living,
the One who establishes and sustains.
Sooratul-Baqarah [2:255]

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wilopo said...

Dear all,
I find a bit odd that one name appears twice:
48 Al-Majid “The Glorious” 11:73 ; and
65 Al-Majid “The Noble” 85:15
can anybody explain this ?

Abdul Wahid S. said...

Shame on you don't call yourselves Christians as you are all Paulians. Read the red letter bible to kniw the truth. Not the books written by Paul who claimed that Jesus appeared in his vision. If Jesus had a plan for Paul why did he train his 11/12) disciples not Paul?

Bill said...

Non-believers existed at the time of all Prophets. They asked the Prophets to bring them signs in order to believe oneness of God (Allah) but after seeing one sign, they asked for another and after getting all clear indications still they stayed non-believers until the punishment of God came upon them and they were wiped off from the face of this earth. The message of all Messengers and Prophets was same that there is no God except one who is worthy of all our worships but just remember the early days of mankind when during Noah's time, people started worshiping idols and despite Noah's teachings for 1000 years they didn't listen until God wiped them off with flood (how ignorant and unfortunate those people were). Remember the time of Moses when he saved his people from Pharaoh's army despite Pharaoh seeing all signs of Moses being prophet of God, they all (Pharaoh's army) sank in River Nile. And yet another time when the people of Moses betrayed him and made an idol to worship till God gave them punishment and were all wiped off except those who were true believers and believed in one God.

And then remember the time of Jesus when his 12 Apostles demanded sign from God to believe the truthfulness of Jesus teachings by asking him table full of heavenly food and which was granted to them by God while at the same time God told them that after getting this if someone from you still disbelieve then he will be given the punishment like no one ever had before and so remember the time when Judah Iscariot (one of the Apostles of Jesus) betrayed him and Jesus was surrounded by non-believers in their plot to kill him and that was the time when God lifted Jesus to the heavens and made Judah Iscariot look like Jesus which made all dis-believers and Apostles of Jesus believe that Judah Iscariot is Jesus and which resulted in his crucifixion (people have different opinions which I don't want to challenge and I respect their thoughts) hence God showed us the fate of disbeliever as promised.

So people why are you all fighting with each other and putting dirt on others believes. As long as we all accept that God/Allah/Yahweh is the only one to be worshiped as he is Almighty who created all of us, all heavens, angels, earth, day of judgement, holy books and hell fire then we all are on the same track and those who don't want to believe then for those God has promised hell fire as they are like blind, deaf and dumb who will die in their ignorance and will come to know about their sufferings after death.

Muslims believe in Muhammad PBUH being Messenger of God (The last Prophet), the Christians and the Jews don't believe that but please don't say abusive or bad things about anyone of them whether Muhammad, Jesus, Moses or Abraham as you don't know that any of your uttered words could be blasphemous and result in your downfall after death. Stay with peace and love each other, this is also what Jesus will come back for to establish love and peace in this world.

God has different names as all our feelings, emotions and things that we see around us are created by him, so as long as you all believe in one God and have respect of your creator then you can remember him in your prayers or any time of the day with any name which is not disrespectful of him and he will be happy with that. Do remember that he love all of you so it is mandatory for all of us to love him in return.

Phil Horaia said...

Short answer: they are not names but epithets. Jehovah is God's one and only name.

les99 said...

Thanks David for your insightful posts. I always find it interesting how Muslims pretend to be Christians on this site and post pro-islamic comments. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree, Allah being the greatest of deceivers.

just me said...


"Just wait you then, we to will be waiting..."
-(Quran 11:122)

buck rogers said...

The truth is Allah is the real devil .......

just me said...

Buck Rogers, where did you get that idea from?
Or should I say, whom from?

AbdurRahman said...

It's funny how the fools blow with their mouths in the hopes of putting out the light of Islam while all around them their friends, neighbors and family members are becoming muslim every day. Yes, deep in the bowels of America from amongst the rich and poor, the white and black, and so on. Keep blowing dear fools. =) Even some of you may be muslim before the next morning. While we all wait for our end let your worry and hatred be our entertainment.

Phil Horaia said...

It's funny how Muslims ignore the facts right in front of their eyes.

Yes, people are joining Islam, and many are leaving in droves, once they read the Quran and wake up, and this matter is a concern to your clerics. An estimated 16,000 a day are leaving.

So we are laughing at YOU. AS for the 99 'names', we have to laugh when we come across Al-Mu'min 'The Believer' and Al-Shakkur 'The Grateful'. Whom does Allah believe in and whom is he grateful to?

Islam is a sick joke.