Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Muslim Persecution of Christians Is Being Ignored

But at least we've got our priorities straight. First, we need to deal with the imaginary problem of Islamophobia. Later, we can deal with the actual persecution of non-Muslims.

THE TELEGRAPH--Imagine the unspeakable fury that would erupt across the Islamic world if a Christian-led government in Khartoum had been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese Muslims over the past 30 years. Or if Christian gunmen were firebombing mosques in Iraq during Friday prayers. Or if Muslim girls in Indonesia had been abducted and beheaded on their way to school, because of their faith.

Such horrors are barely thinkable, of course. But they have all occurred in reverse, with Christians falling victim to Islamist aggression. Only two days ago, a suicide bomber crashed a jeep laden with explosives into a packed Catholic church in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 100. The tragedy bore the imprint of numerous similar attacks by Boko Haram (which roughly translates as “Western education is sinful”), an exceptionally bloodthirsty militant group.

Other notable trouble spots include Egypt, where 600,000 Copts – more than the entire population of Manchester – have emigrated since the 1980s in the face of harassment or outright oppression.

Why is such a huge scourge chronically under-reported in the West? One result of this oversight is that the often inflated sense of victimhood felt by many Muslims has festered unchallenged. Take the fallout of last month’s protests around the world against the American film about the Prophet Mohammed. While most of the debate centred on the rule of law and the limits of free speech, almost nothing was said about how much more routinely Islamists insult Christians, almost always getting away with their provocations scot-free.

Innocence of Muslims, the production that spurred all the outrage, has been rightly dismissed as contemptible trash. What, though, of a website such as “Guardians of the Faith”, run by Salafist extremists in Cairo? Among many posts, it has carried an article entitled “Why Muslims are superior to Copts”. “Being a Muslim girl whose role models are the wives of the Prophet, who were required to wear the hijab, is better than being a Christian girl, whose role models are whores,” it declares. “Being a Muslim who fights to defend his honour and his faith is better than being a Christian who steals, rapes, and kills children.” Hateful messages breed hateful acts. Is it any surprise that mobs have set fire to one church after another across Egypt in recent years? (Continue Reading.)


You Who said...

YES! I have fb Christian friends who are trying to live in Pakistan. It's terrifying to think that any day they could be slaughtered. Right now they are trying to build a church.

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact the Muslim terrorists are jackasses,
we do have to keep in mind that some of these folks have their hope in a false Gospel. The Muslim terrorists don't distinguish. They are so filled with hate that they could not care less.

Jesus says love your enemies.

Muhammad says kill them.

It's a no brainer.

SGM said...

But then again, it is possible that CIA is behind all this persecution of Christians. RIGHT MR. OSAMA OBDALLAH. I mean, how can a moslem persecute others who is taught all his life to love others in noble quran like this verse, Qur'an (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger"

Anonymous said...


We did see the sweet side of Osama yesterday which is surprising since his book commands him to fight Christisns.

But I wonder where is the Muslim god when you need him. NJ got hammered by yesterday's storm.

Arrow said...

how can a moslem persecute others who is taught all his life to love others in noble quran

Well we know the drill by now: some Muslims rip verses out context and distort the true message of Islam. I wouldn't be surprised if, one day, fed up Christians begin to rip scriptures of context and use a language Muslims understand.

Anonymous said...


Now how can 9/11 be a zionist attack? LOL USA is the control area of the train the capitalist market. If the front gets topped all the carriages its pulling bites the dust.

this is called systematic risks that is inherent in the market and can;t be avoided.

SGM said...

The followers of “The Afflicter (Ad-Darr)” are great at work afflicting Christians.

May the followers of “The Bringer of Death (Al-Mumit)” be brought to justice for bringing death to so many innocent people. May the followers of “The One Who Humiliates (Al-Mudill)” be humiliated for their persecution of the Christians. May the followers of “The One Who Subdues” be subdued for ruining the peaceful societies of this world. May the schemes against Christians of “The Delayer (Al-Mu’akhkhir)” be delayed for ever. May “The Originator’s (Al-Mubdi)” follower's persecution of Christians be put to an end before it is originated. May the followers of “The Witness (As-Shahid)” be put on witness stand themselves for causing pain and affliction on Christians and other nations. May “The One Who Abases (Al-Khafid)” be abased for giving commands to his followers to fight the unbelievers. May the followers of “The Avenger (Al-Muntagim)” be destroyed by Capt. America and the HULK.

goethechosemercy said...

Islam is profane.
Mohammed is a false prophet.
The Quran is a fabrication.
Read Matthew, 5-7, concerning false prophets.
Read Psalm 50.
There is no more to be said.