Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lara Logan: On the Lies about al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Excellent speech by a woman who has been on the front lines (not to mention sexually assaulted by Muhammad's followers).


Radical Moderate said...

Afgan war is over with, the people of Afghanistan have lost.

We went there to kill or capture Osama Bin Ladden and as many of his ilk as we could get our hands on and we succeeded. Its time to leave Muslims to Islam and let them suffer.

Radical Moderate said...

Lara Logan "If you fail to identify the ideological component to this fight, if you fail to identify what they are fighting for if you lie about who they really are, i don't see how you can come up with the right strategy."

She is absoultly right. We failed to identify the ideology of our enemy "ISLAM"

we failed to identify what they are fighting for "Allah"

and we lie about who they really are "Muslims"

Did she make these identifications?

Unknown said...

Afghanistan has been a distraction from the genocidal jihads that went on in Africa. It was also a way for the global jihadists to pick off and weaken our soldiers for over ten years. When they think we are weak enough there will be an "insurgency" in the U.S. They count on the citizenry to be too spoiled, lazy, and ignorant to resist. We need to pray for the courage to refuse to be converted or conquered (although we may be punished). In the Bible Israel was often punished for being faithless by invading armies.

Tom said...

This is bone chilling, "they" are not a rag team at all and yes, we are truely complacent & arrogrant!
Oh, Lord, please provide us with a leader who has tremendous wisdom & discernment to fight this evil!

Anonymous said...

Mary were not Israel.

hugh watt said...

"Mary were not Israel."

The U.S is being unfaithful to God just as Israel have been unfaithful.
This, I believe, is why the U.S/West has often been punished for being faithless by invading armies and will continue to be punished.

Anonymous said...

Hugh watt,

The US was never faithful.

Jesus is Lord said...
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Traeh said...


I'm curious what you mean. I thought Lara was pretty good. I congratulate her especially on what she said at the end of the video: she said she dearly hopes American agents will go in and find the murderers of the American ambassador and take revenge on them, and make clear that America will not stand for attacks on its soil or on its ambassadors. She said some other things at the end that show where she stands. Lara just won my vote.

Jesus is Lord said...

@Traeh Thank you so much for pointing my mistake when I posted the comment. I guess my french to english translation got me confused. I deleted it and I'll be more careful next time. God bless :)