Saturday, October 13, 2012

Free Arabia!

Violent protests are common in the Muslim world. But when Muslims aren't rioting over cartoons, or a "Muhammad" film, or a book, they're usually chanting "Free, free Palestine!" According to the popular Muslim view (not very accurate), the Palestinians were forced off their land by Zionist invaders, and they have been proclaiming their "right of return" ever since.

As usual, however, Muhammad's followers have a problem with consistency. If Muslims claim that, since they were forced out of their land, they now have a "right of return," what about the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were forced out of their lands in Arabia by Muslims? Do these Jews have a "right of return"? Some Jews are now raising the question.

WALL STREET JOURNAL--Fortunée Abadie is still haunted by the day in 1947 when mobs stormed the Jewish Quarter of the ancient Syrian city of Aleppo, shortly after the United Nations vote that laid the groundwork for the creation of Israel.

Aleppo, a city where Jews and Muslims had lived together for centuries, exploded with anti-Jewish violence. Mrs. Abadie, now 88, remembers watching attackers burn prayer books, prayer shawls and other holy objects from the synagogue across the street. She heard the screams of neighbors as their homes were invaded. "We thought we were going to be killed," she says. The family fled to nearby Lebanon. Mrs. Abadie left behind all she had: clothes, furniture, photographs and even a small bottle of French perfume that she still misses, Soir de Paris—Evening in Paris.

The Abadie family's story is moving from the recesses of history to a newly prominent place in the debate over the future of the Middle East. Arab leaders have insisted for decades that Palestinian refugees who fled their homes following Israel's creation should be allowed to return to their former homes.

Now Israeli officials are turning the tables, saying the hardships faced by several hundred thousand exiled Arab Jews, many forced from their homes, deserve as much attention as the plight of displaced Palestinians. "We are 64 years late," says Danny Ayalon, Israel's deputy foreign minister. "The refugee problem does not lie only on one side." Mr. Ayalon, whose father is an Algerian Jew, led a U.N. conference last month sponsored by Israel and dubbed "Justice for Jews From Arab Countries."

Before the establishment of Israel in 1948, an estimated 850,000 Jews lived in the Arab world. In countries across the Middle East, there were flourishing Jewish communities with their own synagogues, schools and communal institutions.

Life changed dramatically by 1948 as Arab governments declared war on the newly created Jewish state—and on the Jews within their own borders. At the U.N., an Egyptian delegate warned that the plan to partition Palestine into two states, one for Jews and one for Palestinians, "might endanger a million Jews living in the Muslim countries." (Continue Reading.)


Anonymous said...

The Creator's right to rule over his creation and the reason for the Antichrist.

Beginning with the following quotes:

"The wrath of God has brought Mohammed and the Pope into the world."*

"God's wrath is greatest when he removes his Word or permits people to despise it. When the Greeks despised his Word, he took it away and gave them the Turk and Mohammed; to us Germans and to the Italians he gave the Pope and with him all sorts of horrible things - the denial of the faith, for example, and the entire papacy."*

The cause of God's wrath:

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2Thes 2:9-12.

The preceding verse refers to the rejection of God's offer of salvation.
For example, you send your only son, who you love very much, off to war to rescue some people, who you also love, at great personal risk and cost to himself and his family, but then those same people make light of it and treat it as a joke or even disbelieve it and call you a liar. Eventually, this kind of disrespect would make you boil with anger despite your longsuffering, kind a patient nature.

" I will choose their delusions, and bring their fears on them; because when I called no one answered, when I spoke they did not hear..." Isaiah 66:4

The Antichrist is not the source, but the net result; not the cause, but rather the accumulated effect of disrespect towards the God of the Bible.
Many people today are worried by the spread of Islam in their part of the world, but this ideology is only the third danger in line which has followed on the heels of something far more subtle.

The first and biggest danger is and always has been that of allowing ourselves to get tired of and growing cold towards Christ, who is our Creator, the God of the Bible.
The second danger is replacing Biblical truth with another ungodly doctrine or ideology. In the case of the Western nations it was evolutionary teaching.
The third danger that then follows is a cruel conqueror.

This same sequence of events has happened many times throughout history, most notably in the Middle East.
At the time of the apostles, and for a long time after, the Gospel had free and full course in Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Asia Minor etc. but people became sufeited with it in the course of time and many heresies started to appear. From then on these countries let go of Christ and they ended up being conquered by Islam from about A.D. 600 onward.
Continued in next commment...

*Martin Luther

Anonymous said...

Continued from previous comment...

The intentions, goals, ambitions and overall agenda of Islam equate to those of the Assyrians in the Old Testament, who God used as an instrument of his wrath and who were also subsequently punished themselves.

"Woe to Assyria, the rod of my anger and the staff in whose hand is my indignation. I will send him against an ungodly nation, and against the people of my wrath I will give him charge, to seize the prey and to tread them down like mire in the streets. However, this is not his intention (nor is the Assyrian aware that he is doing this at my bidding), neither does his mind so think and plan; but it is in his mind to destroy and cut off many nations." Isaiah 10:5-7.

The arrogant Assyrian himself says:

"By the strength of my hand i have done it, and by my wisdom, for I am prudent; also I have removed the boundaries of the people, and have robbed their treasuries; so i have put down the inhabitants like a valiant man. My hand has found like a nest the riches of the people, and as one gathers eggs that are left, I HAVE GATHERED ALL THE EARTH; and there was no one who moved his wing, nor opened his mouth with even a peep." Isaiah 10:13, 14

But God says:

"Shall the axe boast itself against him who chops with it? Or shall the saw magnify itself against him who saws with it? As if a rod could wield itself against those who lift it up, or as if a staff could lift up, as if it were not wood!" Isaiah 10:15

"For yet a little while and my indignation against you [Israel] shall be accomplished, and my anger shall be directed to destruction [of the Assyrian]." Isaiah 10:25

Anonymous said...

The days of slaughter are coming and the sword of The Lord shall come upon the inhabitants of the land:

One, two, three, four, five and six trumpets sound in succession until the earth resembles an open grave yard.

Who ever will have the blood f the lamb of God Christ Jesus on the doors of their hearts will God's Spirit pass over them (Passover) and spare them from his undiluted wrath.

First three trumpets are going to sound in succession:

2 Kings 13:15-17
“Grab a bow and some arrows,” Elisha told him, “and hold them in your hand.” Jehoash grabbed the bow and arrows and held them. Elisha placed his hand on the king’s hand and said, “Open the window facing east.” When it was open, Elisha shouted, “Now shoot!” Jehoash shot an arrow and Elisha said, “That arrow is a sign that the Lord will help you completely defeat the Syrian army at Aphek.”

Elisha means "Christ is my Salvation" and it represents the true church of God.

Jehoash who is King of Israel means "God is Strong" and he represents Christ.

Jehoash the white horse rider who is Christ is coming with his bow and arrows as the two witnesses of Revelation (the church) place all their hopes on Christ the King of Israel to deliver them from their enemies the Syrian Army at Aphek symbolized by the joining of hands.

Open the window for war facing East (Revelation 16:12),

Revelation 16:12
And the sixth angel (sixth trumpet) poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

The sixth trumpet is the sign that all the enemies of Christ and his martyred church will be destroyed.

Syrian Army represents satan's earthly kingdoms who will be used as the fourth and last Kingdom on earth to persecute and kill the true church of Christ.

Aphek means fortress. The fall of Babylon as written in Revelation and the destruction of worldly Satan's fortified cities where Obelisks mark his authority.

2 Kings 13:18-21
18 Elisha said, “Pick up the arrows and hit the ground (earth) with them.” Jehoash grabbed the arrows and hit the ground three times, then stopped. 19 Elisha became angry at the king and exclaimed, “If you had struck it five or six times, you would completely wipe out the Syrians. Now you will defeat them only three times.”

Three trumpets sound in succession by heavenly judgements.

Elisha wished that Jehoash (Christ) had continued until the sixth trumpet where it was given as a sign of satan and his earthly kingdoms defeat.

20 Elisha died and was buried.

Elisha the church of Christ (two witnesses of Revelation) are martyred.

Every year in the spring, Moab’s leaders sent raiding parties into Israel. 21 Once, while some Israelites were burying a man’s body, they saw a group of Moabites. The Israelites quickly threw the body into Elisha’s tomb and ran away. As soon as the man’s body touched the bones of Elisha, the man came back to life and stood up.

Moab stands for like the desert or the numbers as the grains of sand (Revelation 20:8 gog and Magog battle) are the beast of the bottomless pit end of days army who executed the true church of Christ and now they are seeking and destroying every Christian from the face of the planet.

The remaining surviving Israelites leave the corpses of the two witnesses who were martyred as symbolized by Elisha and run for their lives as the remnant of God.

As soon as those of the body of Christ lay on the streets dead they are resurrected as symbolized by the touching of Elisha's bones (body of Christ the church).

These versus in Kings is a future projection of the climax in conjunction with the six trumpets of John's Revelation.