Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dead Silence

Looks like a good one!

DeadSilence from DeadSilenceTheMovie on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that all the muslim sympathizers in America seem to never get their view of Islam from the Koran but simply from their imagination. Well, of course it's pretty convienent. it would be horrific if they had to tell the world that Allah only loves Muslims and that jews and Christians are gonna burn in the fires of hell.

Tom said...

Obama, is a "new strain" of this jihad virus, & there is an anti-dote, stop his 2nd term!
America, please the World needs you to lead, stop this virus from spreading, get Obama OUT!

GreekAsianPanda said...

Whoever is making the documentary should probably change the name of the film; there is already a horror movie by the name of Dead Silence. It may be appropriate, though, because the original movie is about a dummy that rips out people's tongues. (Maybe whoever named the documentary had this in mind...? Clever stuff.)

But, oh my God, this looks brilliant. All this Islamic anti-free speech dumbassery has to be exposed to a wider audience, if people haven't already seen from the news that a huge number of Muslims want to take away freedom of speech.

A few kind of minor objections:

1. Though the Dearborn incident could be said to be representative of the problem, it would seem best not to make it look like the pro-freedom movement is only about Christians. The excerpts from the trailer did mention that everyone is in danger, but the fact that the Dearborn incident was placed right at the beginning and then statements explicitly naming Christians as the victims of this tyranny may give the wrong impression. I don't know if the documentary is finished yet, but maybe the makers should add recent incidents against, for example, atheists. Maikel Nabil Sanad, who was recently released from prison in Egypt for insulting the military, fled to Germany, and now Egypt is demanding Germany to send him back so they can charge him for blasphemy against Islam. Many of the anti-Muhammad cartoonists are atheists, too.

Perhaps the most fitting incident to be placed at the beginning should be the murder of Theo van Gogh (which was shown briefly) since it represents what Islamic extremists ultimately want to do to those who criticize Islam. Also, placing Theo van Gogh at the beginning would discourage leftist critics from accusing the pro-freedom film of being a "fundamentalist, right-wing Christian hate" blah blah whatever because he was an atheist, so that would be a plus.

(This isn't to say that the Dearborn incident shouldn't be mentioned at all, just that it shouldn't be placed front-and-center.)

2. They should remove Michelle Bachmann's statements from the film altogether. Almost no one takes her seriously; she'll taint an otherwise noble film project.

3. Though it's true that Islamic extremists and their leftist enablers are the biggest problem when it comes to defending freedom of speech, let's not forget that European blasphemy laws apply to all religions and sometimes those who insult non-Islamic religions are punished, too. A singer in Poland who insulted the Bible was fined some months ago, for example. (The link is old and broken, sorry.) Maybe the filmmaker should address that.