Wednesday, September 19, 2012

YouTube Restores My Science and Islam Video!

It was kind of shocking to see YouTube stand by "Innocence of Muslims," after they had taken down my "Science and Islam" video following a single false complaint. However, after the proper forms had been submitted, challenging the false complaint by "1001 Inventions," YouTube finally put my video back up.

If you haven't seen it, be sure to watch it. If you've seen it, watch it again to make up for lost hits!


Tom ta tum Tom said...

WAIT! WAIT! THAT's IT! "Barrels of Nonsense"! What an INCREDIBLE contribution from Islam. David, you've revealed an ancient TRUTH! Somebody PLEASE contact "Unexplained Mysteries". They need to know the ANSWER!

Yes, I realize that Islam didn't exactly invent 'barrels of nonsense' but can we honestly credit anyone else with such an overflowing wealth of cultural "fertilizer"?

Scholars of history will agree that the Islamic contributions to the realms of "idiocy" and "nonsense" will EASILY fill - not only barrels - but entire hog lot CESS-POOLS! (On a personal note, I once glanced at a hog-lot cess-pool and it looked and smelled EXACTLY as if it had been filled with Islamic 'wisdom' and 'science'!) Imagine! The little piggy's have contributed pretty much the same as what Islam has given us!! Pigs & Islam = similar, overflowing outcomes!

WHAT A REVELATION!! At LAST! I understand! Barrels of Nonsense are the Islamic contribution to human history (along with piracy, slavery, brutality, torture, mendacity, spiritual infidelity and racist HATE).

EUREKA! You've FOUND it!!

May it be that we can soon return to Islam 70 X 7 the contribution it has shared with humanity!!


simple_truth said...

As Gomer Pyle would say: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Good news!

gabriella oak said...

.... flux capacitor LOL

Deleting said...

Given whats happened with 1001 islamofacist are you still planning to do the follow up video debunking all the lies they told in this video.
I strongly suspect that's the real motive ...take down the video and discourage you from debunking the claims made.

David Wood said...

Of course I'm going to continue exposing them. Indeed, because of their actions, I'm going to spend far more time debunking them than I would have if they had behaved like adults.

However, given recent events, I think I should post a video or two on some violence issues before continuing with science.

Luke said...

Good call David. I really enjoy your video's!! Always relevant and insightful. Keep up the good work!!


akairey said...

@ Dave-
I'll assist you and try to provide you some of the science stuff if I can. I'll tackle the clock/watch first. I hope other's can assist and pick one subject then provide their research for you to present in a spectacular collaboration of our research.

WhatsUpDoc said...

Victory for all of us. Long live General Wood.

Flora said...

On a Finnish news website commentary someone claimed that the arabs invented soap. I googled "soap history" and found more accurate information: Soap was already used before Christ... It's somehow funny and sad at the same time to see these lies and false information circling around, when accurate information is easily available.

Luke said...

“The holy quran is the flux capacitor in that diabolical DeLorean known as Islam. And if you jump in the passenger seat, you’re not going back to 1955; you’re going back to 625”.

You were reading that fast, trying not to laugh!!

“Islamic version of Antiques Road Show”

Very clever David. :) Always a joy to watch.

Neverrepayevilwithevil said...

Vintage David as usual. I hope the mainstream media will have the guts to publish this video to balance out the trash that is been promoted in the 1001 lies.
All I can say to David is thank you, for exposing the lies and 'science' of islam.