Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New York State Senator Tony Avella Leaves Stage after Pro-Jihadist, Pro-Sharia Remarks at Muslim Day Parade

Perhaps the state senator finally realized that the "tiny minority of extremists" might be a bit more mainstream than he previously thought.


SGM said...

Christians, especially from the middle east along with David Wood, Sam and other apologists have been warning the West about Moslims. They are not friends of any one but themselves. They can never be part of any other culture but the 7th century arabian culture. They are friends of Christians and Jews outwardly but inwardly they curse them in their hearts.

When is the West, especially our own country the U.S.A will wake up and understand what we are up against. I am afraid to see the demise of our culture at the hands of Moslems with the help of liberals. The speeches at this parade is just a glimpse of what is in the heart of Moslems.

I pray that the Lord protects us from such evil.

LP84 said...

I must say that was rediculous.. LOL think about it, if it wasnt for American freedom of speech wich they want to BAN, they wouldnt be speaking on stage lol dumb@$$e$.. However I know its disturbing but maybe this is the only way America will wakeup... Let the parades continue, let Americans see with theyre own eyes and hear with theyre own ears. And i hope that the CIA and FBI have footage of every last one of them on stage and cheering in the streets... I LOVE AMERICA n FREEDOM OF SPEECH n its gunna take hell fire to take that away frm me..