Sunday, September 2, 2012

Muslim Imam Khalid Jadoon Chishti Detained by Police for Planting Evidence in Pakistani Blasphemy Case

We have no words to describe the sort of man who would plant evidence on a little girl in order get her killed over false blasphemy charges. Words like "coward" and "pathetic" are simply inadequate. And this isn't some random Muslim villager. This is a Muslim leader!

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A Christian girl who was arrested under Pakistan's controversial anti-blasphemy law may have moved a step closer to freedom on Sunday after police detained a Muslim cleric on suspicion of planting evidence to frame her.

Still, Rimsha Masih, whose arrest last month angered religious and secular groups worldwide, may be in danger if she returns from jail to her village.

Some Muslim neighbors insist she should still be punished, and said the detained imam was a victim.

Under Muslim Pakistan's anti-blasphemy law, the mere allegation of causing offence to Islam can mean death. Those accused are sometimes killed by members of the public even if they are found innocent by the courts.

"Pour petrol and burn these Christians," said Iqbal Bibi, 74, defending the imam on the steps of the mosque where he preaches in Masih's impoverished village of Mehr Jaffer. "The cleric of the mosque has been oppressed. He is not at fault. He is innocent."

Masih was accused by Muslim neighbors of burning Islamic religious texts and arrested, but on Sunday police official Munir Hussain Jafri said a cleric had been taken into custody after witnesses reported he had torn pages from a Koran and planted them in Masih's bag beside burned papers.

The imam, Khalid Jadoon Chishti, appeared briefly in court on Sunday before he was sent to jail for a 14-day judicial remand.

A bail hearing will be held on Monday for Masih, whose case has re-focused a spotlight on Pakistan's anti-blasphemy law, under which anyone who speaks ill of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad commits a crime punishable by death.

Activists and human rights groups say vague terminology has led to its misuse, and that the law dangerously discriminates against the country's tiny minority groups.

Critics of Pakistan's leaders say they are too worried about an extremist backlash to speak out against the law in a nation where religious conservatism is increasingly prevalent. (Continue Reading.)


Deleting said...

This is nothing new. The Blasphemy law is nothing more than a way to get back at someone you don't like.
The fact that Muslims are using it against Muslims should be a sign to them the law was a bad idea.

Unknown said...

@ Deleting,
I agree. Muslims are so blinded by Satan, so we should pray for them.
Actually rapists and murderers can easily go free over there. All they have to say is he/she blaspheme islam. Or he/she is an apostate.
So sad indeed and main reason for this is because muslims leaders have so well in keeping those people away from civilization.

rowland said...

" Some muslim neighbours insist the girl should still be punished, and said the detained imam was a victim "

Unbelievable!!! In other words Muslim burns the koran - He's a victim.
Little (kaffir) girl burns koran- she must die.


Anonymous said...

This is true, and a lot of Christians have been persecuted in the past 24 hours in Pakistan because of this reason. In Lahore last night Muslims threatened Christians in their compound in Walton that they would not let any Christian attend Sunday services and threatened and abused the women as well as shouted that they would convert each of the women to Islam. Some Mosques in Islamabad announced that Christians should be persecuted and forced to convert to Islam... The situation is getting worse each day, and there is no guarantee that Rimsha would be safe once she would be released from the prison. This is the true face of Islam, It's time the World actually got up and smelled the coffee, It's very bitter. Though most Muslims would not support such atrocities, but for the situation to take an even more dire turn Christians in Pakistan just need a few fanatics to ruin the "so called" peace.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are ignorant not surprisingly.

They don't distuingush between heretical and orthodox Christianity. In other words, anyone professing to be a Christian, they will persecute.

Satan has filled their hearts with an extreme hatred for Christ.

apran said...

Will the imam be demanded to be executed for his blasphemous act the same way as the charge against the poor girl?

Seems like any blasphemous act is applicable only to non muslims. Double standard is a way of life of the muslims

blessed z said...

With all these barbaric cruel inhuman actions done by Muslims, Muslims still insist Islam is peace religion?? How difference islam teaching is from Christianity teaching. How Christians advocate love....even to enemy. How evil Islam teaching is to legalize killing for feeling insulted. Christianity and Islam are like heaven and hell.

Kufar Forever said...

What can we expect from these maniacs who lie, deceive, cheat their bloodthirsty allah

goethechosemercy said...

The blasphemy law is an avenue by which Muslims may engage in the blood sacrifice of human beings.
Islam is profane.
Mohammed is a false prophet.
The Muslim "Allah" is a demon.
Why should we be surprised?