Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Andrew C. McCarthy: "No, It's Sharia"

NATIONAL REVIEW--The coordinated violence against American installations in the Middle East on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 was caused by one thing: Islamic supremacism. Contrary to the knowing lies government officials and opinion elites have been feeding the American people for 20 years, Islamic supremacism is not the fringe ideology of the terrorists; it is the predominant Islam of the Middle East. By margins of upwards of 2 to 1, the United States and the West are despised in countries like Egypt and Libya. As I point out in my just-released book, Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, when given the chance, Egyptians elected Islamic supremacists by a 4-to-1 margin. The only surprise in the voting was not the weakness of secular democrats — that they are a non-factor, even though American politicians continue to depict them as emblematic of the Muslim Middle East, was a given. The surprise was that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has reaffirmed its goal of a global caliphate ruled by sharia, is not quite devout enough for about a quarter of Egyptians, who voted for the even more extreme “Salafist” parties.

Under sharia, as construed by Islamic supremacists (i.e., at least two-thirds of Middle East Muslims), any negative criticism of Islam or its prophet, no matter how trifling, is deemed to be blasphemy and warrants violent reprisals — including death. These Muslims — hundreds of millions of them — consider this to be a divine ordinance and thus to be imposed on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. (Read More.)

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Radical Moderate said...

Reflecting on the Muslim celebrations on the 11th year anniversary of 9-11 that left a US Ambassador dead along with two of his yet un named aids, I would like to point out a few facts and ask a question.

1. This Movie was made over a year ago, by as of yet unknown producers. It was first reported by Muslims celebrating in Egypt that the movie was made by Coptic Christians. Later it was reported that it was made by an Israeli Jew with donations from Jewish donors. Now it is being reported that it was “Far Right Wing Christians” with ties to Militia groups who made the movie.

2. Actors who appear in the movie report that script they read from was titled “Desert Warrior”, and it was to be a movie on how life was in Egypt 1400 years ago. Nothing about religion, or Mohamed or Islam was in the script or spoken by the actors.

3. It is clear to anyone who has watched the movie that any mention of Mohamed or Islam was later overdubbed at a later date.

4. The film which was called “Innocence of Bin Laden” was shown one time in a seedy run down theater on Hollywood Blvd on June 23rd to an audience of less than ten people.

5. No one that I know of knew of this movie. It was not reported on any freedom loving Anti Jihadi blog, like Atlas Shruggs, Jihad Watch, AnsweringMuslims etc..

6. It wasn’t until it was transcribed into Arabic and then posted on YouTube channels apparently by Muslims that Jihadi’s first became aware of the movie.

7. Muslims celebrating 9-11 in Egypt and Libiya now drunk on the blood lust of Jihad, used the movie as an excuse to try to recreate another glorious day for Islam. The capture and taking of hostages at the US Embassy in Iran.

8. It is now thought and with good reason that the attack on the US Embassy in Libya was a coordinated well thought out and planned attack.

With all these facts in view, could it be that the movie or the latter offensive overdubbing is the product of Muslims?