Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Town Hall on Sharia, Islamic Law, and the U.S. Constitution in Mission Viejo, CA

Jamie Glazov Editor,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Norman P. Murray Community Center
24932 Veteran’s Way
Sycamore B Room
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

6:30 p.m. – Registration
7:30 p.m. – Program Starts
9:30 p.m. – Program Ends

Is Sharia, Islamic law, a benign religious code or a grave threat to the American way of life? Discover what the experts have to say about this vital subject and participate yourself in a lively question and answer session.

Our panel of experts will discuss the relevance of Sharia’s religious-political-legal codes for non-Muslims and their implications for America. Then Jamie Glazov will moderate an interactive discussion between the audience and our panelists.

Panel of Experts

Nonie Darwish - a modern day freedom fighter who was born in Egypt and lived under Sharia. She is the author of Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law, and the founder of “Arabs For Israel” and “Former Muslims United.”

Brad Dacus - an attorney and the founder and president of the Pacific Justice Institute, a public interest law firm that defends religious liberties and parental rights. He has twice debated the president of the ACLU.

Dwight Schultz - a Hollywood actor, student of Sharia and expert on Hollywood’s “Evil Denial Disorder.”

David Wood - a Christian philosopher and activist who has participated in over 30 debates with Sharia advocates. He was arrested at an Arab festival in Dearborn while talking with Muslims about Christianity. He is currently suing the city for enforcing Sharia.

Eric Allen Bell - a liberal filmmaker who, while making a documentary to expose “Islamophobia,” learned the goals of political Islam. Now a Counter Jihadist, he runs the blog and

Admission Fee at the Door: $10.00

A Jamie Glazov Production


JP Prasad said...

Well, any live broadcast available. !

akairey said...

Well...I'll be darned! This is happening my neck of the woods to see Mr. Wood!
I'll record what I can from my Ipad.

Anthony Rogers said...

David, I so wish I would have known in advance when and where you were going for this event. I was born and raised in Mission Viejo and would have come down in a heartbeat. Let me know when you and Sam are going to be in Cali in November if that is still on.

David Wood said...

If you come to Cali in November, you can do some of the training with us.

BTW, were you an A-Team or Star Trek fan?

elremg said...

I always watch youtube videos of your programmes, especially Jesus or Muhammad and those of Walid Shoebat, Nonie Darwish and other ex-muslim testimonies. Why I am so much interested in these when I am a Christian, is because my grandmother was an ex-muslim.

I migrated to Canada from the Philippines, an archipelago-nation composed of 87% Roman Catholic (or 95% Christians), and 3% Muslims. Before the war, my paternal grandpa was assigned as a Philippine constabulary soldier in the Sulu archipelago to fight the Moro rebels. My grandma who was a Muslim maiden fell in love with my grandpa; and after grandpa’s duty in the Sulu area, my 17-year old grandma ran away with him back to Manila the Philippine capital. Grandma had no documents and with the help of the diocese of southern Manila, my grandma underwent catholic catechism, documents were produced through several affidavits and pictures submitted showing that she was a Philippine-born from Sulu. My grandparents were married two years after in the roman catholic rites.

It has been grandma’s dream to see her parents and siblings but was never fulfilled. She died heartbroken thinking of her family. I saw the “cruelty” I might say of what muslim families do to their loved ones who leave Islam. It didn’t seem right and human. My uncle tried to visit Sulu and locate grandma’s relatives but nobody helped him there, in fact he was almost killed which he believed even by his own relatives. If they couldn’t lay their hands on his mother’s life might as well kill uncle as replacement. Grandma had always prayed that her family would come to know Jesus.

Fast forward 21st century, some of my male cousins went to Sulu. God made a way for them to meet some of our second cousins in Jolo and lo and behold! many of them had converted to Christianity. Because parricide is a capital offense under the Philippine constitution, our Christian relatives were just kicked out from the family tree. Giller the eldest among our cousins who went to Sulu, were accompanied by our cousins to grandma’s ancestral village – found the graves of grandma’s parents and siblings; and some rested relatives. Giller took pictures of the graves and our Christian relatives and brought it back to Manila to show us our long-lost relatives. We felt fulfilled! Our cousins brought the pictures to grandma’s graves and told grandma – We accomplished your dream Lola (abuela), please fully rest in peace now. AMEN.

Anthony Rogers said...

Sounds great, David.

As for the shows, there is probably not an episode of the A-Team I did not see growing up.

I didn't get to watch Star Trek as often, but I did watch it on occasion.

Cristo Te Ama said...

wow i loved your grandma (Abuela in spanish, i can see you kept that) and that's what happens when you go into a sect ruled by Satan can't never leave just like that, yet we when we see those "Christians" converting to Islam non of them is worry for his/her family comming to kill them, if Christianity is so bad, why it's them the one who behave like demons..