Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Woman and Two Children Beheaded in Afghan "Honor" Killing

Muslim organizations such as CAIR and ISNA are working tirelessly to convince us that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Meanwhile, violent crimes against women and non-Muslims are running rampant in the Muslim world, and Muslims in the West don't seem very concerned about the trend. Indeed, Muslim organizations are dedicated to silencing and condemning any criticism of "honor killings," human rights violations, women's rights violations, etc. I'm starting to wonder if they really believe what they're telling us.

(Reuters) - A 30-year-old woman and two of her children were beheaded overnight in Afghanistan's east, police said, in what appeared to be the latest in a rapidly growing trend of so-called honour killings.

Police said they suspected the woman Serata's divorced husband of barging into her house in the capital of Ghazni province and murdering her, alongside their eight-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter.

"The children saw the killer take their mother's head off, so he killed them too," a local policeman told Reuters, adding that the attacker had spared Sereta's two-year-old daughter.

Activists say there has been a sharp rise in violent attacks on women in Afghanistan over the past year.

They blame President Hamid Karzai's waning attention to women's rights as his government prepares for the exit of most foreign troops in 2014 and seeks to negotiate with the Taliban, Afghanistan's former Islamist rulers.

Excluding Serata's beheading, there have been 16 cases of "honour killings" recorded across the country over March and April, the first two months of the Afghan new year, according to Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).

This compares to the 20 cases recorded for all of last year, said commissioner Suraya Subhrang, blaming increased insecurity and weak rule of law for the sharp rise. Since AIHRC started recording such killings in 2001, there have never been more than 20 cases a year.

"And there are many that go unreported. Men make a quick decision in their own courts to kill a girl and hold a prayer for her the next day," Subhrang told Reuters.

Serata divorced her husband Mohammad Arif, 38, a year ago after enduring almost a decade of domestic abuse, said Shukria Wali, head of Ghazni's department of women's affairs, which is attached to the ministry in Kabul.

Police said they were still hunting for Arif. Violent crimes against women often go unpunished in Afghanistan, with activists blaming police carelessness, corruption and a growing atmosphere of impunity. (Continue reading.)


peppers said...

just what does a muslim know about honour

ExposedIslam said...

Hi there David.

I've been a follower of your excelent studies for some time now.

I was wondering if you had considered debating oversea's in let's say Europe.

Perhaps you'll agree that through out history The Netherlands has been a place where demons were first exorcized. Islam is one of those issue's but somehow we lack excellent debaters such as yourself. Our idea of debating is still just a conversation at a table (lol). Also, we tend to answer Islam without looking at their actual theology.

Looking forward to your response.

the Netherlands)

David Wood said...

I've debated in the U.K. several times, but never on the mainland.

If you'd like to see some debates, start checking to see if Muslims are interested and have a representative. If so, I'd be happy to make the trip.

goethechosemercy said...

Honor killing is a disgrace.

Unknown said...

Hello David,first of al you do a excellent work together with Sam and other Brothers.

I hope you and Sam will come to Europe to debate with Muslims.

We need people like you how expose the islam country's like Netherlands/Germany/Belgium or France need that.

Those Muslims spread lies about the true face of Islam rapidly.

Unknown said...

David, can you also talk about the Islam in Europe?

Then Muslims will come to defend his religion so that you can debate with them?

I also agree with Chis on that, i came also from Holland.

Please david or Sam come to Holland and expose the Islam so that Muslims have to defend and you have your debate with them.