Monday, July 2, 2012

The Glazov Gang: How Islam Ruined My Life

When I quote the Qur'an to show what Islam teaches, people call me a racist and an Islamophobe. What will people call three women who lived under Islamic teachings and can speak first-hand about the treatment they received?





simple_truth said...

Those were very touching stories of real life victims of Islam. I hope that these types of stories get airtime on major networks to help expose Islam for what it is--an overtly gross ideology that purports as a religion. Islam is evil at its core! Unfortunately, such stories will be somehow trivialized, minimized, or invalidated since the mainstream media (left of center) does not want to interest itself in things that don't promote it's agenda (vague, liberal, secular, world views). I am only repeating the ideas of those women who were bold enough to stand for what they believe to be an evil of humanity.

I know that there are many others who secretly pretend that they are Muslims for the sake of security, health, and life; but, they seek a better life than Islam allows. Despite Islam, these people seek refuge from this monstrously overbearing system that disguises itself as a religion. May our Lord Jesus Christ rescue them! May our Lord have mercy upon those who take His works of salvation for granite.

blessed z said...

Have watched this show from Nonie's FB. Love the program. What a testimony. May Lord Jesus bless these 3 sisters in their life and work. I hope this clip will reach many Indonesians.