Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gatestone Institute: Radical Islam Spreading in Spain

Organizations like CAIR and ISNA are working tirelessly to convince Westerners that Islam poses no threat to freedom or democracy. I wish they could spare a little time to convince their fellow Muslims that Islam is compatible with freedom and democracy (although I have no clue how they would do this, given what Muhammad said).

SPAIN--Two Islamists have been arrested in Spain on charges of torturing and murdering two fellow Muslims for "abandoning radical Islam."

The arrests came just days after Spanish newspapers reported that jihadists in Spain are travelling to Syria to help overthrow the government there.

Spanish authorities say the incidents -- on top of many others in recent months -- point to the accelerating spread in the country of radical Salafi Islam, which Spain's National Intelligence Center, the CNI, in a leaked secret report -- corroborated by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, an organization tied to the Spanish Ministry of Defense, in its own recently published a 43-page report entitled, "Islamist Movements in Spain" -- states is increasingly posing the greatest threat to national security.

Rachid Mohamed Abdellah and Nabil Mohamed Chaib, both of whom are Spanish citizens of Moroccan origin, were jailed after being questioned by Judge Eloy Velasco at the National Court (Audiencia Nacional) in Madrid on June 28.

Police say the two men, aged 25 and 30 respectively, are members of an Islamist cell based in the city of Melilla, a Spanish exclave on the northern coast of Morocco. They are accused of torturing and murdering two other members of the cell who "adopted Western behavior and tried to disengage from radical Islam." Spanish authorities say the murders were meted out according to Islamic Sharia law, which calls for the killing of "infidels." (Continue reading.) H/T Baron Eddie


Cristo Te Ama said...

What is really funny is that some month ago they the judges here in Barcelona started a trial to a shiek because he was spreding violence against women, saying men are superior and that you can lightly beat them if they have a bad behaviour. I said it is funny because we know that it's not this sheiks own ideas. It also shows how much ignorance there is here in the west about this violent cult.

vanhetgoor said...

Radical islam is not important. It is only a way of showing the helplessness about the coming of the end of islam. This may sound very strange because all over the world numbers apparently show that more people fall for islam, but it isn't! Birthrate is not the number to watch, if people tell children that they are moslem, they don't become moslem because of that. One is only a moslem - in name - if one is not killing and raping. 99,9% of all people who call themselves moslem are in fact not real moslems. The very small number of people who really follow the prophet in killing and raping is a minority. Not something to worry about.

Everybody knows that islam a bunch of raving mad lunatics, the reason why they are the last forty years becoming more radical and more lunatic is laid in the fact that reality is getting more and more in conflict with islam. The only way out is shouting harder, committing more ludicrous crimes. Getting deeper into the extreme. Not shouting harder does not make reality go away! The more they shout the sooner it is over. Therefor radical islam is not important.