Sunday, July 1, 2012

FoxNews: UK Underage Sex Ring Sparks Racial Tensions

It's interesting to see FoxNews referring to the predators as "Muslims," while British papers routinely label them "Asians." I wonder if CAIR is preparing a press release.
ROCHDALE, England – She was lonely in the way only an adolescent girl can be: No friends, no boyfriend, not much of a relationship with her parents. So she felt special when a man decades older paid attention to her, bought her trinkets, gave her free booze.

Then he took her to a dingy room above a kebab shop and said she had to give something back in return. His demands grew: Not just sex with him, but with his friends. It went on for years, until police charged nine men with running a sex ring with underage girls.

The story of Girl A, as she became known in court, is tragic by any measure, but it has also become explosive. Because there is no getting around it: The girls are white, and the men who used them as sex toys are Asian Muslims, mostly Pakistanis raised in Britain. And it's not just Rochdale -- roughly a dozen other cases of Asian Muslim men accused of grooming young white girls for sex are slowly moving to trial across northern England, involving up to several hundred girls in all.

In today's Britain, which prides itself on being a tolerant and integrated society, the case has stripped away the skin to expose the racial sores festering beneath. It is also feeding an already raw anger against the country's Asian Muslim minority, in a movement led by far right groups at a time when the economy is stalled.

"You can't get away from the race element," says prosecutor Nazir Afzal, a British Muslim with family roots in Pakistan who ended several years of official indifference to the girls' plight and finally brought the perpetrators to trial. "It's the elephant in the room." (Continue reading.)


Joe Bradley said...

The outrage that was feigned by the Pakistani community is priceless! As long as everything is going along smoothly and nothing is said, there is silence in the community. When a Pakistani gets caught raping and molesting children EVERYBODY in that community feigns their obligatory outrage.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Ahh, yes. The "race" card. Please tell us again, Mr. Afzal: what "race" is Islam?

As if non-Muslim Pakistanis, non-Muslim East-Indians, non-Muslim Indonesians and even non-Muslim Arabs have not been living in Great Britain without issue for DECADES before this latest onslaught by the worshipers of Allahu Ohynnkksmoor.

But of course, it's important to Mr. Afzal - and others of his ilk - to try to misdirect our focus.


The whole WORLD is learning that Islam must DIE! ALL OF IT! May Heaven forgive me for taking such pleasure at being a part of killing it.




Unknown said...

No good will come from the muslim invasion of the west. This just the tip of the third world iceberg heading toward civilization

Radical Moderate said...

I think this quote says it all.

"Rape and alcohol and abuse are not part of Islam," he says. "Just because they have a beard and go to the mosque doesn't make them good Muslims."

Notice the key word GOOD.

The worst of the Muslims is better then the best of the Kuffar.

goethechosemercy said...

The race element here obscures the religion element and the historical elements. These two are the elephant in the room.
History, religion-- only if you are willing to discuss these will you know the truth about what happened to those girls.

blessed z said...

Is this a special news?

Muslims attacked people.
Muslims killed people.
Muslims burned churches.
Muslims raped girls.
Muslims being intolerant.
Muslims demands special law.

This is not a new news at all. This act of raping, killing, etc, etc, is normal for Muslim.

Thank you!

Dan Foley said...