Friday, June 15, 2012

Debate in Dearborn

After our debate on the message of Jesus in Westland on Tuesday, Sami and I will be heading to Dearborn to debate whether Muhammad is a good role model for society.


Anonymous said...

David, make sure you walk out unharmed. I'll keep praying for you!

vanhetgoor said...

Only in America a criminal can be a role-model!

Maybe the time has come that we cannot debate anymore with a group of people who are unwilling to catch up with civilisation.

TPaul said...

Muslims will condone every evil act of Mohammad and redefine morality based on his actions.

I once asked a Muslim if he would trust a man convicted of rape, pedophillia, burglary and murder to deliver an important message to his kids at home while he was away on business. His answer was a resounding NO..

I then asked him why he trusted Mohammed when he claimed to be a messenger of a good and holy God, when his life style reflected all of the above traits.

He said Mohammed had good reason to do the things he did, and many of his actions were misunderstood, exagerated or of divine permission, so the analogy I presented could not be justified as potraying Mohammed.

So you see nothing that Mohammed did in his entire life, no matter how horrendous civilized people of in the West may consider it, Muslims view it totally differently. This is what brainwashing does, it blots out the ability to think logically.

Dk said...


How can Mohammed be a good role model for society when he never existed! LOL

Haecceitas said...

Derek, that's easy. If one adopts a philosophy according to which it would be better for humanity to not exist than to exist, then Muhammad can be a good role model. :D

Unknown said...

My comment doesn't really have anything to do with this debate.. Just that the picture doesn't seems right.

I assume that this ad was made by the MDI team. So, is that man prostrating towards the correct Qiblah?

Ermac said...

God bless you. Looking at this poster and the location, and your history with Dearborn, this is as dangerous as it gets for Christians preaching the Gospel. You're going to have a very hostile crowd that instead of hearing your points will want to harm you for insulting their prophet. PLEASE have several contingency plans for safety, very, very worried about you on this one. Your bravery is exemplary and to be modeled, but be safe. Anyone of these guys gets "Sudden Jihadi Syndrome" and I fear for the worst.