Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anthony Rogers vs. Ijaz Ahmad: "Does the Old Testament Teach That the Angel of the Lord Is a Distinct Divine Person in the Godhead?"


Radical Moderate said...

Thank you so much David for posting this.

I have to say this was a great presentation on the Angel of the Lord by Anthony Rogers.

It is a blessing of God that this recording was even made possible.

Everyone's recording failed including my own. But at the time an Unknown Christian from New Zealand saved the day with this recording that you are listing to now.

I think a special thank you and shout to the Paltalk Nick of DataStorm is in order.

Thank God he made New Zealanders.

Thanks again David and thank you DataStorm.

Of corse thank you Anthony Rogers and thank you to God, the Father, The Son(The Angel of the Lord) and the Holy Spirit with the Blessing of Anthony Rogers David Wood and DataStorm.

Dk said...

Let the New Zealand worship begin!

Oh and you did pretty well to Rogers...hehhe

Actually the best part of the debate for me was Rogers opening statement. Total ownership.

Radical Moderate said...

I would also like to point out, that although Anthony suffered some technical difficulties as well as the nasty insults to the faith by his Islamic opponent. Something we can not really fault Ijaz for after all he is following in the footsteps of his prophet.

He said Christians worshiped foreskin, that our religion was barbaric and other such nastiness.

Anthony never stooped to his level, he was a complete professional.

Anthony Rogers said...

I wasn't going to mention it here, but so that people will know what Radical is talking about, the power to my Mac went out during the debate which is what I had all my references on and was also where I was taking notes during the debate. Since Paltalk is not Mac friendly I was using my laptop to talk and fortunately it has its own battery and didn't go out when the fuse was blown. This threw me for a loop during a significant portion of the debate, but I guess that just teaches me to print things out next time and to make handwritten notes of what my opponent is saying.

TAREK said...

Dear brethren,
I am pleased with the victory of the debate. I prayed for and THANKS BE TO YAHWEH.
I think Mr. CC approached the topic with the islamic theology that limits allah. Because they always want to tell us that we worshiped the same creator. Wrong. Mr. CC if you limit allah please do not limit YAHWEH, simple as it is. If you take off those lenses then only then you will begin to see and understand why you need to change CC to CM.
The other point is, to apply exactly your theology of limitation to your religion and see where you will find yourself. BTW you began that already by saying that !it was the angel who was in the fire and not YAHWEH". I am afraid your muslim brothers will end up stoning you.
Now I'd like you to take on the debate topic regarding your false religion brother Anthony came up with. You were handed victory by your fellow as soon as you finished without any type of whatsoever analysis.
Mr. CC you will say I'm bias but we in Europe have made our analysis and came up with the victory for Mr Anthony Rogers.
And please next time do not insult or use mockery language. If Mr. Anthony had used the same languages you used yesterday, for sure the debate was not going to see its end.
I will like to thank the moderator for the good job. She was not parfait but it is fine. Perfection doesn't belong to this world.

Dr. David I know you have a lot into your plate. And i hope you are fine. I'd be glad to hear you view regarding this debate. Thank you in advance

MAY YAHWEH BE with us always in JESUS' NAME AMEN.