Saturday, April 7, 2012

Without Consent

It's good to see some news organizations are finally taking a look at Islam's dark secrets.

AUSTRALIA--What happens when young, educated, Australian-born girls are forced into unwanted marriages - often with relatives overseas?

Samia was just seventeen when her father announced he was taking her on a holiday overseas. But this was a holiday with a difference. Back in the family's village in rural Pakistan, Samia watched in horror as the local Imam walked in ready to conduct her marriage to her first cousin - without her consent. With pressure from her extended family, she was given papers to sign and threatened.

Returning to Australia, Samia sought help from local religious authorities in Sydney - but they ignored her and told her to accept the marriage.

For the first time young women, the victims of forced marriages, are speaking out - without disguise and despite the risks of backlash from their communities. Are these women entitled to the same protection as other Australian girls?

The Government thinks so; in fact they are so concerned they are introducing criminal legislation to ban forced marriage. However, outspoken members of Australian migrant communities say it is their responsibility to stop the practice and the men who enforce it.

It's not only women who experience force or coercion to push them into marriage. It happens to men too, often with disastrous consequences. Reporter Sarah Ferguson tells the story of one young woman who agrees to marry a man chosen by her family. What she doesn't know until after the marriage is that he married her under duress. The relationship then descends into a spiral of alcohol and violence. (Source)

You can watch the news special "Without Consent" here.


Anonymous said...

I just hope the punishment meets the crime.

Forcefully married, made to have sex(rape) Abuse, the list of offences would go on forever!

Luke said...

Will you and Nabeel be attending the AF in Dearborn this year? Can you send me some information on it? I'm not too far away and might be able to help. Thanks.

Deleting said...

Bob said " I just hope the punishment meets the crime.

Forcefully married, made to have sex(rape) Abuse, the list of offences would go on forever!"

It will. It's called hell.
Rev 21:8- But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the destestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters and and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death."

Pretty sure these forced marriages and rapes are covered under this.

Kangaroo said...

A question for Christians. Do you believe that the argument from prophecy is a good one, considering there are fulfilled prophecies in many faiths

Deleting said...
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Deleting said...

Roo said, "Do you believe that the argument from prophecy is a good one, considering there are fulfilled prophecies in many faiths."

Believe it or

The prophectic fulfillment is important but this is strickly a fleshy type question one that is a definate fruit of the flesh (divination and heresy). A spiritually minded person will think less about these and more about God.

I also think though this is a loaded question given that you put it in a thread that has nothing to do with bibical or islamic prophecy. Furthermore you're trying to wedge in an argument for islam.

But I'll bite.

I don't believe an argument from prophecy is good because it is only as sound as its source. Think back to the weeks after 9/11 and the prophecy attributed to Nostradamus. It was tailored in such a way that people thought it was real however it was a spoof off of another prophecy and the year it was "given" was 100 years after Nostradameus's death.

However I do believe bibical prophecy for the following reasons: the bible is a series of 66 books written over 1500 years by 40 different authors. These authors recorded supernatural events as they experienced and saw others experience them. Furthermore they claim their writings were God breathed or divine rather than human in origin. (Credit 2nd epistle of Peter and Dr. Voddie Bauchaum).

2. The bible was written in three languages: Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek on three different continents and yet the narrative of YHWH from book to book stays consistant.

Furthermore, Jesus's words in the gospels sounds an awful lot like YHWH's pattern of speech...go figure :D

But in addition to this, the Biblical archeological review has performed over 23,000 excavations and their findings have all been consistant with the bible.

When is the quranic archeological review coming out Roo?

AND...the bible can accurately depict all people groups in those times and places and what those people believe and what they were going to do. Surah 5:73-75 can NOT even get the Christian belief right.

But as if this isn't enough-and for you muslims WHAT IS???-I have to offer this...the patristic writings of polycarp, ignatius and irengus all emphasis the same thing: They believed the being that is YHWH was made up of three persons: father, son and holy spirit. Furthermore the reference Jesus as God.

The gravy, my dear dear roo, is the fulfillment of prophecy. Not the substance of my argument.

Now in light of all this go to youtube and put in Voddie Bauchaum Why I choose to believe the bible.

PETE said...

There no civilization in sharia laws..

Deleting said...

I need to add one more thing about the early church fathers.

They lived during the late first century and early second century...we're talking years 0-200AD. Well before the council of Nicea.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Brother deleting thank for the advice about Voddie Bauchaum video, i didn't know him, i love the way he says things, i always thought that the bible is Historically perfect and thats a great argument, but he explained it better than i could...

Kangaroo said...

Thank you for your answer Deleting.

Deleting said...

@Cristo....I'm a sister but I appreciate your response. I like Dr. White's presentation but it's very,very technical. Voddie says the same thing but makes it simple to listen to, absorb and reply.

DAVID- I hope one day you can have Voddie on Jesus or Muhammad one day!! I'd love to see him on there!

Roo-You're welcome.

Gunny said...

Gentlemen, if ever you need an escort at an event, or a cameraman, keep me in mind. Semper Fi

Cristo Te Ama said...


Sorry SISTER, it's hard to know your gender with that name hehe. And it's a blessing because i've been watching other videos of him, and i like the way he says things, sorry again for the mistake, god bless you.

Kufar Dawg said...

But gunny, it was the Dearbornistan police dept. who were/are enforcing islamic law in Dearbornistan. How do you protect anyone against a corrupt police force?