Tuesday, March 6, 2012

U.S. Department of Defense Unveils New Quran Sensitivity Training Program

The U.S. Government would make a lousy parent. Imagine you've got two children. One is well behaved, the other is a spoiled brat. You go to the grocery store, and both kids ask for candy. You tell them both "No." The good child accepts your decision and stands quietly. The other child throws himself on the floor, kicking and screaming, flailing around, breaking things, convulsing with rage. Should you give the spoiled child what he demands? According to the Department of Defense, you should. Whoever throws the biggest tantrum gets whatever he wants. The message we've just sent the world is crystal clear: Go on a killing spree, and we will submit.

Here's the latest Qur'an sensitivity training from the Department of Defense. I think I would title the program "Fun with Sharia." (H/T Atlas Shrugs.)

Hmmm. "We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others." And here I thought the First Amendment guaranteed our right to freedom of religion. Now we find out that we MUST hold Islamic beliefs "sacred." Sharia is sacred to Muslims. The belief that Muhammad is a prophet is sacred to Muslims. The superiority of Islam is sacred to Muslims. It seems that if Muslims hold slaughtering unbelievers, killing apostates, beating wives, raping women, and sex with prepubescent girls "sacred," we must do the same.

Here's the training material to accompany the slides:

Subject: Mandatory Training
Importance: High

Please see attached training module, this training is mandatory and must be completed by all onsite personnel by 10 March 2012. For any personnel scheduled to leave before this training is due, the training must be done and reported to Operations prior to travel. All departments will be required to scan all sign in sheets to Operations for accountability purposes; the departments will be required to keep these documents on hand for any record keeping purposes.

Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials Service Members/Civilian Training “Notes”

Slide 1 - Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials

Years of successful relationship building can be undermined by a single careless incident such as the event that took place on 21 FEB 2012. Muslim holy books were burned in a pile of garbage at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan after being removed from a library at a nearby detention center.

When remnants of the burned books were discovered by Afghan workers, more than 2,000 angry Afghans protested outside of Bagram Air Base. “Die, die, foreigners!” the demonstrators shouted. Some fired rifles into the air. Others threw rocks at the gate of the base and set tires ablaze.

As the crowd grew, so did the outrage. One protester said if U.S. forces can’t bring peace to Afghanistan they should go home. “They should leave Afghanistan rather than disrespecting our religion, our faith,” one man said. “They have to leave, and if next time they disrespect our religion, we will defend our holy Quran, religion and faith until the last drop of blood has left in our body.”

It is vital for every member of Coalition Forces to be equipped so that incidents such as this do not occur again.

Slide 2 - Commander’s Intent

PURPOSE: conduct training on the proper handling and disposal of Islamic Religious Materials

METHOD: training to increase awareness of cultural and religious sensitivities regarding Islamic Religious Materials

END STATE: US personnel will be equipped to appropriately handle and process Islamic Religious Materials

Slide 3 – What Is the Quran?

The vast majority of Afghans are Muslim (99%) and practice Islam. The Quran is Islam’s Sacred Book. The text—in its original Arabic—is considered the literal word of God. It is the foundation of Muslim society and the main source of law and theology.

The Quran is regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. It is composed of 114 Suras (chapters) made up of verses (ayahs). Arabic is read from right to left and from front to back, just opposite of a text written in English. The text of the Quran is about as long as the New Testament.

Muslims believe the Quran was revealed to Muhammad by God through the angel Gabriel in a period that spans twenty-three years beginning in 610 CE.

Muslims believe the Quran has survived to present times in its original form and is God’s final revelation to humanity.

Slide 4 - Identifying a Quran

Because Muslims believe the Quran is the literal word of God, they treat all copies of book with extreme veneration. Every complete copy, or even partial passages, are considered holy. This includes verses that have been hand-written and that include the name of God. It is considered culturally insensitive for any non-Muslim to touch a copy of the Quran. Even Muslims are supposed to perform ablution (a ritualistic hand washing) before holding the Quran.

Quran verses need not be in a book or even on paper to be sacred to Muslims. You will likely not be able to read the highly decorative script in Arabic. Use your interpreter to identify Qurans or Quranic verses.

Slide 5 - Cultural Sensitivity

Verbal disrespect for Islam and/or the Quran is considered as inappropriate as physical desecration of the Quran. Insulting the Quran is an act of blasphemy.

Expect to encounter a copy of the Quran of other Islamic Religious Materials when you search a person’s belongings or home. Ask the person or homeowner to remove the sacred text or place it in a secure location before conducting a search.

Insurgents will use even perceived disrespect to Islam and/or the Quran to their advantage to substantiate their claim that NATO ISAF forces are dishonoring Afghan religious and cultural values.

Slide 6 - Handling the Quran

Non-Muslims should NEVER handle an Arabic version of the Quran.

While non-Muslims are permitted to handle a translation of the Quran, one should make it a general practice to treat all religious materials with extraordinary respect.

If in the performance of your duty, you are required to handle a Quran or other Islamic Religious Material, you should use a clean cloth or clean gloves.

It is important to recognize that even partial copies or hand-written verses of the Quran are equally sacred and must be handled in the same manner.

Slide 7 - Handling the Quran

These points emphasize some of the significant measures that Muslims follow when handling their own sacred text.

Slide 8 - Handling the Quran

Photo from 21 FEB 2012 event at BAF.

As well as the Quran, service members may come in contact with other Islamic Religious Materials. These may include the Sunnah (Islamic guidance based on the behavior of the Prophet Muhammad), the Hadiths (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad on various major and minor issues), or various other printed or hand-written religious materials.

Slide 9 - Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials

This slide describes the appropriate procedure for dealing with discovered Islamic Religious Materials: Secure, Notify, Validate, Contact, Transfer

Remember when securing items that you must still use proper procedures when handling Islamic Religious Materials, even if you are not certain of the exact nature of the materials you are have discovered. Proper handling ensures no offense will be given should these materials be deemed sacred in nature.

Notify your chain of command concerning the discovery and location of potential Islamic Religious Materials, the need to validate their identity, and the necessity of contacting an ANA Religious Cultural Affairs (RCA) Officer, similar to US chaplain. (The ANA has an RCA Officer Program. Although the RCA Officer Program differs from the U.S. Military Chaplaincy, part of its mission is Religious Support, as the ANA’s religious officers and clerics. Hence the role of the RCA Officer is critical in ensuring an Afghan lead in RLL/E operations. RCA Officers are uniquely qualified members of the ANA, representing their command).

The respectful assistance that we provide in the transfer of these materials to an ANA RCA officer or local religious leaders communicates our respect and value for what Afghans hold sacred and may significantly contribute toward diffusing a potentially volatile situation.

Slide 10 - Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials

While this slide describes the proper method for disposing of Islamic Religious Materials, the take-away is that US personnel WILL NOT dispose of Islamic religious Materials.

Islamic Religious Support Materials brought into the CJOA-A by US Forces are handled with an awareness of Islamic and cultural sensitivities and will only be retrograded from the theater in accordance with USFOR-A policy. They should not be disposed of in any other fashion.

Slide 11 - Conclusion

When in doubt, contact your chaplain! Questions

Oh, I have quite a few questions. But I think it's pointless to ask them. Instead, I'll just point out the inconsistency again:


GreenEyedJinn said...

I've had arabic versions of the Qur'an given to me by Saudis while I worked in Riyadh. There was never any restriction for me not to handle it because I was Christian.
I used to teach a basic course on the history of Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College. I once had an Iraqi Army major tell me that I knew more about the history of his religion than he did!
I can only shudder to think of the Political Correctness Police closing down on me for not having all sorts of mumbo-jumbo, pseudo-respect limitations and requirements for my course materials and methods.
Respect is one thing. Being ridiculously servile is another.

Osama Abdallah said...


Why is it so infuriating and offensive to you to be proper to Religious Texts when in uniform? And what the hell were you doing teaching the "history of Islam" to others when you weren't a Muslim??

If the Muslims are the ones who are going to fix and clean up the military's mess, and make them more proper, respectful, formal, professional and appropriate, then I am all for it. Why should this be infuriating to you, if you weren't a hateful bigot?

You guys are about to have a heart attack from Islam. It's clear and obvious from your obsession and hate. How pathetic indeed!

Osama Abdallah

dstewart said...

In a way, I think this is kind of a natural consequence of relativism.

Anonymous said...


Why are you in America?

dstewart said...

Osama Abdallah,

Because if what any non-muslim believes is correct, then the Qur'an is objectively NOT even worthy of respect. The problem is that special treatment is given to the Qur'an andthe only reason they're doing it is in response to Muslims having a fatal temper tantrum. You're all for this if that's what it takes? Again, you show your disregard for human life in comparison to the lifeless pages of a book.

I'll tell you why this is infuriating to me even though I'm certainly not a hateful bigot: People shouldn't kill other people for offending their religious/moral sensibilities, and we're seeing an enabling of that exact kind of response. What's to stop these psychopathic murderers from doing this again? I don't expect you to answer this since you said you're "all for it."

Reese Smith said...

Osama said to greeneyedjinn

"And what the hell were you doing teaching the "history of Islam" to others when you weren't a Muslim??"

"sigh"...its sad really.."its like playing cards with my brothers kids"

cheryl_maree said...

Why did they burn all those Qurans when they re-wrote the book? Is it ok for the Caliph to burn them but no one else can, just curious?

agrammatos said...


>>"And what...were you doing teaching the "history of Islam" to others when you weren't a Muslim??"

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, right?


in the interest of consistency and non-arbitrariness...

why do you have an anti-Christian website or at least endorse it when you are not a Christian?

Since you are *not* a Christian, you don't happen to hypocritically post any information there about Christianity do you?

You wouldn't hypocritically reference an anti-Christian website that contains content written by non-Christians, right?

Based upon your criticism of GEJ, you wouldn't reference an anti-Christian website that has content written by Muslims, correct?

Of course, using your illogical reasoning, you would similarly condemn all Muslim polemicists (incorrectly called apologists) who write or speak against Christianity, right? If not, why not since they too fail the test specified in your above quoted words.

You don't have one set of rules for yourself and another set of rules for everyone that you happen to disagree with do you?

My friend, you shot yourself in the mouth with your seemingly hypocritical, obviously bigoted attack on GEJ. Inconsistency and arbitrariness are signs of a failed argument. Your words partook of both.

Now that your position has been shown to be one where you cut off the branch that you were sitting on, do you believe that the facts of history, even history of religion, can only be understood or accurately related by a practitioner of that religion?

I can accurately quote the Shahadah in rather poor Arabic (a young Moroccan engineer I used to work with taught me). Are you telling me that I can't accurately quote it or know the translation of it simply because I am not a Muslim? I'm speaking of the facts here not the belief in its truth claims.

Does me somehow telling someone the historical fact of the date of Muhammed's death somehow make that fact less correct than you giving the exact same date of his death? I sincerely hope that you don't believe that or you're a few Surah's short of complete Qur'an to paraphrase a common saying in a way that you might better comprehend? But then,...aren't some Surah's missing from Uthman's Qur'an, right?

Your reply was not very well thought out, in my opinion. The remaining content of your post, viz. the website referenced, refutes the validity of your criticism of GEJ teaching the history of Islam.

I can't conceive of anyone being as inconsistent and arbitrary as you words indicate in your post. I'm beginning to think that perhaps it was just a language issue and that your English (while, admittedly, much, much better than any Arabic I might know) did not convey what you intended. I'll give you now the benefit of the doubt, Sir. In the interest of honesty and correctness, you may retract or correct your words.

sincerely yours because of HIM,
pj aka agrammatos

GreenEyedJinn said...

Hi Osama Abd'allah. (Doesn't that translate to 'slave of Allah'?)Funny, I never said anything about not being properly respectful of religious texts. I always have been. In uniform or out.
And more curious, I've had all sorts of texts pushed to me about the 'true' history of Christianity by Muslims, but never thought that you actually had to be a Muslim to study Islam. And you're the first one to tell me that requirement. No wonder undertanding Islam is always a moving target: I guess it's whatever a Muslim decides to tell me and not subject to analysis.
And for hate-filled bigotry, I thank you for your prime example. My irritation comes from silly Department of Defense requirements that don't help accomplish any mission, and actually help empower our enemies. I know of zero requirement in Islam to handle the Qur'an with gloves on. Or to keep it from a non-Muslim. That is just plain made-up and politically correct pandering.
You don't even know me, yet you think it's OK to threaten my whole culture? There's a reason your part of the world and your culture are so dysfunctional. And if you're mad about it, I can only say, "Insh'allah." It couldn't and wouldn't be unless al-Rahman al-Rahim didn't purposely want it that way.
PS I friends and neighbors who are Muslim. We get along just fine. But they don't want to subjugate, threaten or kill me or my family. For you, I accept your proposition to become Shahid. Take a number and get in line. Someone will be with you shortly.

Osama Abdallah said...

Why are you in America?


Ahaz the Jew who has no loyalty to the US and to anything, if you don't like me here, then you get the hell out of this country.
I am a US Citizen of Palestinian origins, a Muslim and I am proud to be all of this! I also would like to see Islam spread among my fellow Americans.

GreenEyedJinn, again, when in uniform you don't and shouldn't have freedom to just vomit anything you desire. You couldn't even do it at work in the civilian world! Why should you then be allowed to do it in the military? And wouldn't this alienate the Muslims in the military? Are you suggesting that they should be disrespected and discriminated against?

Osama Abdallah

Anonymous said...

Allau Akbar

Super Dhimmie strikes again

Cole said...

Its like Obama is trying to impress his grandmother.

It definitely seems personal.

Perhaps he has lost his objectivity!!


A person can now lose their job for not saying the right things about Islam - which is blatant discrimination.

I think we are just beginning these types of trials.

It is also worth pointing out that under Islam - killing others - for breaking the religious laws - is also sacred.


The whole bowing to the Saudis and showing this much deference to Islam - might be about stopping the Iranians getting a bomb.

Paranoia says our cherished freedoms may be part of that deal.


Its certainly not about freedom.

The Saudis aren't even embarrassed about putting to death, or imprisoning someone who speaks their mind truthfully on Islam.

Unlike the carefully crafted messages from Islamic spokespersons we are getting, shari'a law is in line with the constitution [only racists think otherwise], and swear blind, there is 'no compulsion' in Islam - even as a pastor sits on death row for apostasy - in Iran.

Abandoning Beliefs in Religious Freedoms

If the Saudi twitterer was in the west he might be accused of being a 'racist', not knowing enough about Islam, of being 'ignorant' of it, or 'hateful' towards 'all' Muslims, 'insensitive', and the cherry on top, accused of being an 'Islamophobe' or having an 'irrational fear' of Islam, and if he would just 'learn' more about Islam he would 'feel' better about it.

Here's to switching to electric vehicles - they're cheaper to run, faster and help maintain our freedoms.

Use Political Correctness

Our job would be to find new ways to speak about Islam in way that can be mainstreamed. A new political correctness - but pro-freedom and Islam informative.

For example - you might say -

Islam doesn't teach universal love -

Over the stronger statement - Islam teaches - hate.

Loaded with positives and neutrals - with only one benign negative.

Or I'm for ____ freedom, I'm sorry that you may disagree with me.

To counter - the 'are you a racist' - question - leveled at even former Muslims. Then, instead of you, they are put on the defensive.

A less confrontational language - can be formulated so that the message flows easily, gets stuck in people's heads and gets them on your side. Especially for television/ interviews, or with people with a particular political leaning - for a wider audience. Otherwisw we are preaching to the choir.

Foolster41 said...

Osama: Once again, your anti-semetism is showing, all the while you call other bigots! I hope one day the starkness of your hatred, dishonesty and hypocracy hits you hard, and you ask yourself why you need hate, dishonesty and hypocricy if what you believe is true.

agrammatos is perfectly correct in calling you on your hypocracy, and you know it and cannot answer. You teach on Christianity on your own site, but how dare a non-muslim teach on the history or beliefs of Islam!

Anonymous said...

Lucky said:"Ahaz the Jew who has no loyalty to the US and to anything, if you don't like me here, then you get the hell out of this country. I am a US Citizen of Palestinian origins, a Muslim and I am proud to be all of this! I also would like to see Islam spread among my fellow Americans."

Well, I did serve in the USMC for four years. I guess that doesn't count.

I'm actually not a Jew it's called a pseuodnym.

America and Islam = Incompatible.

Osama you're not a bright boy at all.

Samatar Mohamed said...


"America and Islam = Incompatible."

Well, with the rise in atheism in America, the continuous legalization of Gay marriages in the states, it seems that Christianity is not going to be compatible with America for too long.

Anonymous said...

Notice how lucky wants to kick me out of the country I was born in.

At least he was enough to admit that he wants to Islamize America.

What a "bright" boy.

Baron Eddie said...

I was going to respond to my friend Osama Abdallah but I am waiting for the U.S. Department of Defense to issue a manual on how to talk with sensitive Muslims ...

I know it will be putting rubber glove first and ... Oh I forgot what I was going to say ...

I will just wait for course materials!

ان شاء الله

Dk said...





Unknown said...

So when Islamic enemy combatants start putting IEDs in Qur'ans and blowing U.S. Troops up that way (they already use mosques to shoot from and expect U.S. troops to "respect" the mosque and not fire back), how will THAT be "handled?"

dstewart said...

Samatar's last comment makes me more assured that he's the most calm, rationally-minded muslim who comments regularly on this blog. He actually makes a good point about what consistency would imply for the practice of Christianity in America! So a big thank you for actually making discussion rather than resorting to mudslinging as Osama regularly does. It's really quite a relief.

However, although I would not make the broad claim that Islam is altogether incompatible with western values, I would like to point out the key difference: America is traditionally a Christian nation. There is a difference between a person who has lived in America and comes from a long line of generations of Christians whose principles the American constitution was actually founded on, and the last two or three generations of Muslim immigrants who go to live in America only to complain that it's not multicultural enough (presumably because multiculturalism is more friendly to Islamic supremacism). Even Christian immigrants I would assume have a place since their values would already be compatible with the principles that the country was already founded on.

I'd have to ask the question of why people who complain about the west (specifically America) such as Osama and want to Islamize it didn't come over here to live in Canada. We're basically a secular multicultural society. That's what they supposedly want, isn't it? We'd love to be Islamized! (Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit, lol).

Kufar Dawg said...


I'm a "hateful bigot" against you and your muslime brethren, in the *exact* same way I'm a "hateful bigot" against nazis and practically for the same reasons.

Get stuffed.

Anonymous said...


I highly doubt it ever was.

But why do you think Osama wants to Islamize America?

How can Islam make America better?

Why do you think Osama hates Jews and pork chops?

GreenEyedJinn said...

Hi again Osama Abdallah!

You are too funny. There's a hadith about earning forgiveness for sins by killing salamanders. I think your time would be better spent doing that than engaging in actual discussion of ideas or logic. (Oh, and make sure you kill 'em with one hit -- your Prophet says you get more credit that way.)
You do introduce one interesting idea: alienating Muslims in the military. And I assume you mean the US military. I've always wondered about the military oath, swearing true faith and allegiance to the Constitution, and reconciling that with being a devout Muslim. And of the Muslims I've asked about it, none have really given me a definite answer. (And before you spew some more outrage, I always asked respectfully.)
You see, there are some realy inconsistencies between allegiance to the Constitution and Islam. So which would take precedence? Well, to take the oath, that means allegiance to the Constitution and obeying the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Not to Allah, your Prophet, or to follow Shar'iah. Even as a faithful Christian, I would put my military oath first. Would you? Could you?
I'm guessing you have some sympathy for Major Nidal Hassan. Now there's a guy who made his decision between his oath and religion! I bet you think he was heroic. For me, I hope he suffers every day he draws breath, and that he burns in hell after he dies.
And as my last parting comment, do you really think that the salafi idea that living "more purely" and waging jihad will really convince Allah to restore the greatness of the Caliphate? Honestly, within the framework of Islam, I think there is certain level of blasphemy associated with the idea that humans can exert influence on God to change his mind. It's all part of that "insh'allah" circular logic.
So maybe you should clean up your own life, your own culture and your own religion before you blame others -- especially when your co-religionists are far more to blame for your problems than anybody else could ever be.
Sala'am alaykum.

ljf said...

The books that were burned had messages written in them by prisoners. How will burrial (land or water) ensure that these messages can't be retrieved and read? Are will now going to have a guard stand duty over the burrial site?

Fernando said...

Hi Osama teh Great Abdalluh...

so... according to your reasonning (a goode contradiction in this sentence...) do you agree that a muslim in uniforme would kneel when in front of the Holy Eucharistie?

goethechosemercy said...

Respect is one thing. Being ridiculously servile is another.

I wish to add that religion is one thing, and magic is another.
To demand all these procedures is nothing more than accommodating magical thinking.
And magical thinking is not religious devotion by a long shot.

waltc said...

Don't remember receiving bible sensitivity training in the service. Granted that was before 9/11. But both my sons served after 9/11 and neither one of them remember bible sensitivity training either.

Probably happened during White History Month.

Jesus is Lord said...

Pastor Wood, I truly support and affirm what you said. God Bless you for speaking the "Truth" about Islam. I'm Canadian and in 2005, Muslims tried to introduced "Sharia Law" in some Provinces like "Ontario" & "Quebec" but thank God they Failed. I cannot immagine what would be the consequences: Having these Laws: Adultry (Stoning women), renonce your faith punishable by death, allow beating of women, Theft you cut arm or leg & More.....

Zack_Tiang said...

Please be fair and produce sensitivity training for the bible and all other religious books.

dstewart said...


I am Ontarian, and I have NOT heard of this. Can you send me a link to a credible source? I'd like to get some more info on this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Samatar to tell me:

Why osama hates porkchops.

Did a porkchop insult him or something?

The prophet did say a piece of meat talked to him.

Just wondering.

Someperson12345 said...

I don't see inequality here. You have on the one hand Christian religious texts being burned - obviously the Christians don't riot but I haven't heard them even make a fuss about it. The reason being that they don't really care - it is not being insensitive to a Christian to burn a Bible. On the other hand you have Muslims, who treat their religious books not just with respect, but with reverence. So each book is being treated the way its adherents believe it ought to be treated. Christians aren't so worried about Bibles being disposed through burning so its not insensitive to burn the Bibles. Muslims don't burn their Korans, believing it to be disrespectful, we should not go about burning them. Should they go around killing people because of it? No. Are the passages you quoted consistent with "the religion of peace"? No. But that does not mean that Sharia is coming to America.

dstewart said...


You make a very good point. However, I can't help but think that something is wrong when even I as a Christian feel like being a jerk is now proven to be more effective to get things done and to get respect than being kind, tolerant, and forgiving.

Anonymous said...

To Osama Abdallah!
I would get a heart attack from Islam every time I visit this website:
watch and listen to what they say about Mohammed, his life, his deeds and his teachings.
I give you a tip: Go to this website and learn the whole truth about your "religion" and try to save your soul before it's too late.

ElenaG said...

LOL -- I don't have to be German to teach German history. I just have to know the topic.

That's how it works in the West.

One of my best poli-sci profs at university was Jewish w/a degree fm a Catholic university in Islamic studies.

SPykingShaifullah said...

Qur'an is never been changed for 1400+ years, there are scholars in bible and thorat tried to change the Qur'an but they failed, some of them end up being a Muslim.

since the days of Muhammad (S.A.W) the Qur'an is memorized by thousands of Muslims,up to now the Qur'an is memorized by millions of Muslim around the world, reciting the verses every 5x a day prayer.

in month of Ramadan its memorize by all Muslims around the world cover to cover,and most of the scholars in ISLAM are memorize the entire book for several times during the month of Ramadan.

because that's how we pray, basically memorizing the noble ARABIC Qur'an,thats why it is never been altered or changed FOR 1400+ years.

it has sustainability process to maintain the original Arabic Qur'an unlike the other scriptures..so make no since to use the method you are introducing here. "but only more blood shed on the land".

let alone the OIL and the freedom of religion. not the religion is the problem,the "busyness" instead drop a nuke on Muslim land to get the OIL.

PS. stated in the Qur;an, "They plot and planned, ALLAH planned also and ALLAH is the best planner. ISLAM came in mysterious way, and it will prevail also in mysterious way".

only ALLAH knows when he will take away the Qur'an and the believers in this world.

David Wood said...

Wow! Another Muslim who hasn't even read his own sources!

My friend, why don't you read your sources? They report countless changes to the Qur'an! Go to the "Quran" link at the top of this blog. The link is filled with evidence showing that the Qur'an has been corrupted.

SPykingShaifullah said...


Qur'an is never been changed for 1400+ years, many scholars in bible and thorat tried to change the Qur'an but they failed, some of them end up being a Muslim.

since the days of MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) the Qur'an is MEMORIZED by thousands of MUSLIMS, now the QUR'AN is memorized by millions of Muslim around the world, reciting the verses every 5x a day PRAYER.

in month of RAMADAN its MEMORIZE by all MUSLIM around the WORLD cover to cover,and most of our SCHOLARS are memorize the entire BOOK for several times during the month of Ramadan.

because that's how we pray, basically MEMORIZING the noble ARABIC QUR'AN,thats why it is never been altered or changed.it has a SUSTAINABILITY process to maintain the original Arabic Qur'an, unlike the other scriptures.

the method you are trying to introduce here is TOTAL rubbish, makes no sense. but only INTRODUCE more blood shed on the land.

"RELIGION" is NOT the PROBLEM. "busyness" is the problem. you can see that on highest lvl of politics.

let alone the OIL,and the Qur'an. Qur'an didn't do bad things toward you people, instead READ the QUR'AN and TALK something in your MIND.

PS. stated in the Qur'an: They have plot and planned,ALLAH planned also and ALLAH is the best planner.

From History: and also ALLAH said: ISLAM came in MYSTERIOUS way and remain mysterious and it will PREVAIL mysterious.

only ALLAH knows when he will take away the Qur'an and the believers in this world.

SPykingShaifullah said...


Unknown said...

David Wood needs to see this video on Australia: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO3W9SXmmSE

Unknown said...

The present Quran in Arabic the last changes were made in 1924 as the truth cannot be hidden from the brainwashed clerics who do not have a clue to the truth as the Quran has had over 800 verses changed adopting many verses and twisting them from other religions! The Quran has been changed many times in the past 1,400 years and was not written by anyone who personally knew Mohammad! Evan the present day Mecca, Saudi Arabia is not the Mecca spoken of by the false prophet Mohammad as was the ancient city of Petra, Jordan. Isa was not the prophet Jesus real name as he was a Jew who never used the fictional Greek name Jesus or the fictional name Isa while alive on earth as his name was Hebrew Yahushua; which proves Mohammad was a fake fabricating it all as did not receive any words from the angel Gabriel. Mohammad was a sex addict murder rapist liar!

RED ARROW said...

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al-dirassa said...

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