Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Truth Challenged": MuslimByChoice Refuted En Toto

It's always interesting to take note of the differences (both ethical and intellectual) between popular Christian apologists and popular Muslim apologists. MuslimByChoice never seems to be able to understand simple Christian arguments, and he apparently has no desire to understand them. And yet he keeps producing responses to people like James White. What's the purpose? The purpose can't be to shed light on any issues. If MuslimByChoice had any concern for truth, he would be much more careful in his videos. The only goal seems to be misrepresentation. Does Islam really need this kind of support? Does Islam need Muslims to constantly twist facts and arguments? What kind of god are we dealing with?

Take a look at MuslimByChoice's video:

And here's James's reply:


Nakdimon said...

man that was so embarrassing it wasnt even funny. dont believe for a second that this kind of dawah brings anyone to islam. MBC should crawl into a corner and be ashamed. but on second thought, he was merely immitating his prophet: Muhammad didnt understand and didnt even bother so MBC doenst understand and doesnt even bother as well.

Deleting said...

Once again, Muslimbychoice has exhibited his unhealthy obsession with James White.
I really, really wish James wouldn't respond to him. It only encourages his sick delusions.

Melvyn Cyrus said...

Anyone reading Galatians carefully would see that the epistle has nothing to do with dogmatic issues regarding the person of Jesus Christ. If one reads the letters entirely, it's particularly clear that the columns, namely James, Peter, John were in agreement with Paul (chapter 2).
See also 1 Cor 15:
[1]Now I would remind you, brethren, in what terms I preached to you the gospel, which you received, in which you stand,
[2] by which you are saved, if you hold it fast -- unless you believed in vain.
[3]For I delivered to you as of first importance WHAT ALSO I RECEIVED, that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures,
[4] that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures,
[5] and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve...

It's clear that Paul is passing here an early christian tradition. The Greek text contains many (linguistic) features that are not typically apuline. And look how Paul concludes:
[11] Whether then it was I or THEW, SO WE preach and so you believed.
The Gospel concerning the death and Resurrection of Jesus was preceding Paul and taught by the original apostle.

Why would Paul always refer to the original apostles and insist on their mutual theological agreement if they were his greatest opponents?

A very well argumented defense of Paul's apostleship can be found at:

The appeal to Galatians 2 is also a risky one because it shows the connection between and Peter. Notice that the text says that both Peter and Paul were eating together with the gentiles before the judaizer came. This stresses their fellowship. How could that have been possible if they were completely in disagreement concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If Peter and along him the Jerusalem community were preaching that Jesus did not die on the Cross, that He was not the Son of God, and Paul was actively preaching all those things, they would have been worst ennemies and blasphemers to each other. How come that they could ever sit at a table together?

Finally, stating that there was a group of early Christians confessing something similar to Islam and becoming extinct is contradicting the Qur'an itself:
061.014 O ye who believe! Be Allah's helpers, even as Jesus son of Mary said unto the disciples: Who are my helpers for Allah ? They said: We are Allah's helpers. And a party of the Children of Israel believed, while a party disbelieved. Then We strengthened those who believed against their foe, and THEY BECAME THE UPPERMOST.

Good job Dr. White!

Radical Moderate said...

LOL, it wasnt Muslimbychoice the video was done by Abu Shujab. He is a muslim from Trinidad.

I debated him a few weeks ago on PT. Topic Where the Essenes the Pre Mohamed (Islamic) Followers of Jesus.

He actually tried to argue that the Essenes believed in Jesus lol.

WOrking on a comentary of that debate. To funny

search 4 truth said...

MUslimsbyignoranceandlies blocked me several years ago. I had a long conversation where the typical dialog goes. He makes assertions, I refute them, he moves onto another topic, I refute them and counter. He gives his own contradictory and hypocritical interpretation. And so on and so forth!

And then he blocked me because I was going to his videos and exposing him. He has no integrity! Typical!

Anonymous said...

I remember asking "Muslimbychoice" some extremely hard questions. I wonder if he ever answered them.
I find his alias interesting since I remember hearing that we all are inherently muslims whether we believe or not However, I could be wrong maybe I was hearing things.

Dk said...

I watched MBC video once through, and picked up on every single error. I then watched James video and he refuted every single error, he didn't miss one.

The only thing I would suggest to add to Dr White would be tp address Erhman's assertion that the Ebionites may have been physical or spiritual descendants of a Judaizing group of Christians who knew Paul.

Of course no evidence exists for this claim, but it's "possible" in the sense that the Ebionites must have derived their beliefs from some tradition or system of thought. But to then connect that to James, Peter and Paul is unwarranted.

Even having become agnostic,you have to respect Dr White

But one question does arise from all of this. If MBC had of asked it in the first place, or transformed it into a powerful argument, you could atleast credit him with a good question.

If Peter, James and John were "pillars" and "leaders" of the first church. How could Peter and James possibly be lead astray by other Christian Jews, if they themselves were the authentic apostles who knew Jesus and the very prime pillars of the Church? This pressuposes a few options, among which include the "judaizers" had an authority themselves, and might have known Jesus in order to have exerted such influence over the very apostles themselves.

Radical Moderate said...

LOL you guys want to hear this guys bad argumentation lol.

Here is the debate I had with him. I admit I am not debater I do not have stamina to sit through 15 min of what this guy had to say. I am doing a comentary with a few others that will be up soon. Insha ISA.

But listen to his opening statement.

Radical Moderate Moderate Radical show on KUFAR TV

Cristo Te Ama said...

Yep muslimbychoice chose to be ignorant and dishonest so he can remain a muslim with no problem in his mind.

Radical Moderate said...

One more thing. He was recording when we were setting up the debete and he asked me if I would like to debate the Quran.

I said "No I have no interset in debating the Quran, becasue even if you had a digital xerox copy of the Uthman Version, even if you had a Stateless recording of Mohameds voice reciting the Quran I woulod still deny it" (I think borrowed the saying from Dr White.)

"And that is becasue of FORTY words in Arabic that deny the crucifiction death and resurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Well this guy makes a youtube video of this recording he takes out the word FORTY and has me saying

"I would deny the Quran becasue of Arabic words"

THen he says I'm anti semetic I'm a bigot, and a hypoctire lol.

After I confronted him on it he refused to take it down and said I would have to admit that I mis spoke for him to take it down. And then did another video insulting and slandering me.

I wish I would of downloaded thsoe videos but I made two responses to him you can see them on my youtube page.

Hope you all enjoy.

Abu Shujab proves he lives on another planet.

Oh and then he takes the video down says he will issue appology later when he has time. But he wont apologies for insulting me just for mis representing me.

Deleting said...

RM... I listened to the video you posted and 1mm’s videos and ABU has an accent. 1mm/mbc sounds like he's american...maybe canadian but definitely North American, or has spent a good deal of time in North America. I don’t think they’re the same person but 1mm could have mirrored the video.
However, I have a concern here. Just hear me out.
I’m concerned about Dr. White responding to these videos because 1mm isn't grasping at straws so much as he's desperate for Dr. White to acknowledge him.
My initial concern was how frequently 1mm keeps posting videos, so I took a look at his youtube page. His wallpaper has James white’s picture all over it from a debate. Most of the videos between onemoremuslim and muslimbychoice’s youtube pages are of James white and he just keeps adding more every day. It’s almost become an inverted shrine to Dr. White.
Now, to be fair, there are videos of David Wood and Sam and Shabir Alley but it seems his focus is mostly on James White. However, that’s still not normal. If 1mm were dead-set on destroying the trinity, he could do so just as easily by posting responses to Voddie Baucham (who did a killer presentation of why he believes the bible. Check it out), Todd Friel (who has a much louder voice and bigger ‘pulpit’ because he does a radio and tv show and blasts islam fairly frequently), John MacArthur is pretty loud, Paul Washer, RW Glenn although he doesn’t do apologetics but watch his videos on imputation, justification, etc.
Or even others like pastor Joseph or CL Edwards. Where’s those videos?
There not there.
That’s a bit creepy….and I’m going to be less popular by far when I say what I’m going to say it next.
We can’t do anything about 1mm; can’t reason with him, can’t get him to pick a name and stick with it, can’t get him to tell the truth. Can’t do much of anything.
But based on what I’ve seen of his page and lack of what I see on his page, the content of his videos I think he’s obsessed with Dr. White. He may also (and I’m flinching here because I know the backlash is coming) be somewhat ‘deviant’ in this obsession. Not saying there is, but it can’t be ruled out either. I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t a man-crush in there somewhere.
But getting back on point, I’d like to ask Dr. White to just stop responding to him. He’s not worth it. The content of his videos is just a way to get you to respond and I certainly would hate to be right in all of this and hear about something bad happening.

Deleting said...

I need to add that youtube has changed formats so the wallpaper he once had is no longer up. It changed mine too so it's no longer there on his youtube pages.
But as of the last time muslimbychoice/1moremuslim made a dr. white video it was up.

Radical Moderate said...


I don't know who you are talking about.

The person I debated the person that made the video that Dr White Responded to is not american he is not Canadian he is from Trinidad, he has a thick West Indy accent.

Dr White responds to these well how should I put it, these TRUTHAPHOBES for as he says "This is the Muslim on the street".

I debated him even though I'm not a debator, I have a hard time foccusing on someone when there talking garbage. Its a un diagnosed ADHD thing. The reason I debated him is becasue he was braggin that he was signing up with MDI and he was gonig to be debating Christians and he has a website now and bla bla bla.

So what I wanted to do and what I did do was just let him speak and expose his well total nonensical way of thinking.

I have been putting together comentary on it for the past few weeks. It will be finished Lord Willing "Insha ISA" on Sunday and Lord willing up by Monday.

Oh one more interesting note on ABU, when he first came on PT he was telling us why Muslis have beards. The reason is that it protects Muslims from homosexuals.

See according to ABU aka CallingChristians its a well known fact that Alexander The Great when he invaded Afganistan used to send his men into the viligaes on Valantines Day, (no I'm not making that up) and they used to get all the unbearded boys lol.

Yeah he's not that bright education is waisted on him

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that MuslimByChoice didn't appear in person and Dr. White did. Hmm. I wonder why?

Unknown said...

Muslim by choice . . . they choose the plunder instead of honest work, the sexual domination and macho male control instead of partnership. They choose the easy, hateful way of revenge and power to hurt those they do not agree with instead of trusting in God. They choose the easy way of recitation five times a day which insults Jews and Christians instead of real friendship with God. They choose a rewritten gospel (written 600 years after Jesus' gospels) instead of the original. They choose evil darkness instead of light, a cheap imitation instead of the truth.

Anonymous said...

I think its more to the fact that he is desperate to get back at James White beating him over and over again and he knows it and he is desperately trying to attack back to maintain his pride. people who had their entire framework of doing things shakened to the core either
1) try desperately to find ways to deny it and get a response that can be used against the person who did it
2) ignore it altogether

Anonymous said...

Rofl another muslim is trying to make another video on it called callingchristians. wonder how entertaining it will be. i smell some more tossing dirt in the air