Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Six "Men" Film Gang-Rape of 15-Year-Old British Girl

These gang-rapes are becoming all too common in the U.K. But that's the price of multiculturalism. Is it worth the price?

BBC--Six men filmed themselves as they raped and sexually assaulted a drunk 15-year-old schoolgirl, a jury was told.

The girl was taken to three different houses in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, during the course of one evening in May 2010, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Mohammed Ali Rehman, 26, denies three counts of rape and one of attempted rape. Faisar Younas, 23, denies rape.

Hasan Rehman, 18, Wahid Hussain, 19, Saqib Hussain, 31, and Larasab Hussain, 45, deny a number of sexual offences.

Hasan Rehman, of Tanhouse Street, Dewsbury, and Wahid Hussain, of Broomer Street, Dewsbury, are both charged with attempted rape.

Saqib Hussain, of Huddersfield Road, Dewsbury, and Larasab Hussain, of Headfield Road, Dewsbury, are both charged with sexual assault.

Video clips of the alleged abuse were shown to the jury during the opening of the trial.

Sharon Beattie, prosecuting, told the court the video recovered from Larasab Hussain's phone showed "part of a series of sexual assaults on the complainant".

The girl and a friend, who were both drunk, went to Mr Rehman's house after meeting him to buy cannabis, the jury was told.

The girl consumed more alcohol at his house and became so drunk she could barely walk.

Miss Beattie said Mohammed Ali Rehman told the girl she could stay at his house and her friend left, taking the girl's mobile phone with her.

The jury heard that Mr Rehman then told Saqib Hussain he had 10 minutes with the girl in a bedroom.

Miss Beattie said: "If this is right, from the off Ali Rehman was set on this girl being available for the sexual gratification of himself and his friends and the fact she could not walk demonstrates she was vulnerable to all these men."

The court heard she was raped by Mr Rehman before being picked up and carried over his shoulder to another house nearby, where she was given more drink and further abused by him and Faisar Younas.

Her next memory was of waking up on a mattress between Hasan Rehman and Wahid Hussain, the court heard.

The prosecutor said the girl recalled "crying, saying no and pushing them away".

The court was told the girl was then taken, in a taxi driven by Larasab Hussain, to another property where she was plied with more drink and raped again by Mr Rehman.

At one point, she was grabbed by other men as she tried to get off the bed, the jury was told.

Police found the girl a short time later back at Mr Rehman's house.

Miss Beattie said the girl had initially denied "anything inappropriate" to police because she was "concerned about people finding out what had happened" but later gave a different account.

The court also heard that DNA from Mohammed Ali Rehman and Mr Younas was identified from on the girl's clothes. (Source)


Anonymous said...

Pious Criminals.

D335 said...

I'm waiting for KANGAROO's respond, Go ahead Kangaroo!!!

tell me your prophet would condemn rapes!!!

sara said...

well well well more members of the religion of peace, now lets wait for a moderate Muslim to defend them.

Unknown said...

these rapists must go free....because they are muslims...after all they are only following the example and instruction of the Muhammed (pbuh, no not really).

Unknown said...

it doesnt mean people have to directly blame Islam. Religion has nothin to do with this. nd as always these criminals should be punished.