Friday, March 9, 2012

Pakistani Police Officer Rapes Christian Teenager

Islam has utter contempt for women. Islam has utter contempt for Christians. Islam allows Muslims to rape female captives. Put these views together, and here's what you get.

Lahore (AsiaNews) - A 14 year old Christian girl was raped by a policeman with an accomplice, at gun point, while in the next room, bound and gagged, her grandparents felt powerless to intervene. The incident occurred on the night between 7 and 8 March in Sheikhupura district, Punjab province, while around the world events were held to celebrate International Women's Day. . . .

On the evening of March 7, 14 year old Kiran (*), originally from Jaranwala, paid a visit to her grandparents who live in the village of Malowal, in a small house not far from the property of a superintendent of police. In the night, Nawaz Wahla, a law enforcement official, along with an accomplice, Mehboob, a milkman, jumped the fence and broke into the house. According to the newspaper The Express Tribune, they tied up the grandparents and repeatedly raped the girl, at gun point.

Once she had escaped, Kiran released the grandparents, who accompanied her to the hospital for medical treatment. However, neither the doctors nor the police wanted to bring relief to the Christian girl, or take action to catch the perpetrators of violence. Only the official opening of the investigation, initiated by a diligent judge, allowed the detention of Mehboob - the accomplice - while Nawaz has so far eluded capture. . . .

* The name is fictional to protect the identity of the child. (Read more.)

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Cristo Te Ama said...

The doctors (we must suppose Muslims) and the police (Muslims) didn't help her. Why would they it's a Christian girl after all, their prophet did worst.