Saturday, March 3, 2012

Muslim Mob Tortures Christian Woman

The mob was upset over Seema Bibi's view of Islam. I'm sure torturing her and parading her through the streets changed her perspective.

Perhaps President Obama will apologize on behalf of the woman for upsetting the mob.

Of course, Muslim organizations like CAIR and ISNA would be happy to speak out for persecuted Christians, if only Muslims weren't so busy complaining about Islamophobia here in the West.

Lahore: A Christian woman was brutally tortured and paraded in the streets of a village in Pakistan's Punjab province by a mob for her alleged "anti-Islam views", local residents and police officials said on Friday.

Some 30 residents of Kot Meerath village of Sialkot district, 80 km from Lahore, dragged Seema Bibi out of her house on February 26 and paraded her in the streets after shaving her head.

She was targeted by the mob for her alleged "anti-Islam views", members of the Christian community said.

Following the assault, Seema Bibi and her family left the village to save their lives, local residents said.

"She and her family had been facing threats from a group of extremist villagers. She left the village as she had no other option," said Aslam Masih, a resident of Kot Meerath.

Regional police chief Muhammad Amin told reporters that 26 people had been arrested on charges of torturing Seema Bibi and a case had been registered against them. (Read more.)

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Kufar Dawg said...

Another loverly story of the religion of peace. I don't know if anyone remembers, but a Christian pastor was arrested in Pakistan on blasphemy charges. He was disappeared from police custody and never heard from again. All this happened BEFORE he was tried for his "crime".