Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Woman "Honor" Kills Daughter for Suspected Affair, Hospital Says Girl Was Still Virgin

This girl was killed over a rumor. And yet people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are labeled "racists," "bigots," and "fear-mongers" for calling for young girls to be protected.

WEST BANK--A Palestinian mother waited for her 16-year-old daughter to go to bed, tied a rope around her neck and strangled her to death. The woman murdered her own daughter after neighbours lied to her that the girl had an affair with their son.

The crime, which moved local residents, had remained underground for a while before it was revealed by police and a Palestinian female activist, who described it as “one of the most heinous criminal acts” in Palestine.

Just before the girl was buried, her aging grandmother (father’s mother), swayed slowly towards the coffin with tears rolling on her wrinkled skin, pulled out the girl’s hair and tied a white tape around it.

“This is more than a symbol of her chastity and purity…it is a proof,” the grandmother said to the mourners.

“Oh, my grandchild….go to your Lord because you will find rest and tranquility there…He is the one who can take revenge for you.”

The crime took place in Bait Oula, a tiny village in the West Bank town of Hebron and it was publicized several weeks after it was perpetrated by the mother.

Residents, who spoke to the Palestinian Arabic language daily Donia Al Watan, said the mother had already been cruel to her daughter as she used to force her to do all household work because she does not like female offspring.

It was this cruelty that made her rush and murder the girl without bothering to check if what neighbours said about her daughter was true.

“Just go and see your daughter’s pictures on my son’s mobile phone,” the neighbouring woman told the mother after an argument, according to the paper.

“The mother then started her plan to kill her daughter…residents said she had made her daughter clean the house for two days so the family will be prepared to receive would-be mourners on their daughter’s death.”

After the murder, the family left the girl in her bed all the night. In the morning, they went straight to hospital and said their daughter had died of heart attack.

“But doctors noticed the swelling in her neck and that her body was bluish….they informed the authorities, who later wrested a confession about the murder…the mother said she killed her to wash off shame and clean the family’s honour….a day later, hospital tests showed the girl was still virgin and pure….it was a hasty crime of honour, which has never been marred or even touched.” (Source)


Mal said...

Before she murdered her, she made her daughter clean her house sufficiently to receive the guests who would be there for that very daughter's own funeral.
How can anyone defend filth like this?

PersonOfTheBook said...

Mal, half the people in the West would ignore such a revolting and disturbing story because it challenges their perception of the 'noble' romanticized Palestinians. Most would just rather blame Israel and these days, Jews in general.

Radical Moderate said...


Muslims will point to horrific crimes in the west that we CONDEM to justify what has happend here.

Mary said...

Such is life under Islam, it is anarchy. Sharia law, which merely enforces Islamic principles, is not so much concerned with evidence and proof as the vehemence of the allegation.

Seam_on_Us said...

Well said, Mary.

In the name of honour in the sight of Allah and the teachings of his prophet, a virgin has been falsely accused and her own mother! And in a short while we will hear from Muslims that Sharia is the answer to the world's problems.

This is a deep-seated wickedness where one sacrifices their child to please the blood lust of a dark and destroying idealogy.

God help us.

Radical Moderate said...

The end of the story reads...

"a day later, hospital tests showed the girl was still virgin and pure….it was a hasty crime of honour, which has never been marred or even touched.”

Why do Muslism put thier personal honor and family honor in the Hymen of their daughters and sisters?

I read a story that the number one elective surgery for woman from Islamic countries second only to nose Jobs is hymen repair.

I mean really muslims is that the depth the level of your honor.

It only goes hymin deep?

Youssef said...

First they came for the communists,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,

and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me. (Martin Niemöller)

Let us pray for those who have not been remembered in their lives for Christ. The full article in what is happening today in secret countries is here:

Blessings Youssef