Thursday, February 2, 2012

William Federer: Mohammed's History

Mohammed's History from Calvary Chino Hills on Vimeo.


Kangaroo said...

This is worse than listening to Christian young earth creationism (from the Bible fyi) nonsense.

Zack_Tiang said...

Nice. Will watch the whole thing once I have it loaded completely.

proof for god said...

Good, solid vid for non-specialists - the communication is clear and covers a wide range. I will show it to my teens. Well done and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Kangaroo only strengthens my conviction that Muslims are atheist.

Muslims are on record for using atheist's arguments.

The "light" teaming up with darkness it's embarrasing.

The Berean Search said...


You must be talking about the part where Allah is too weak to help the Muslims and their Caliphate disintegrates under the heels of the kuffar whose superior technology has circled the globe to this day.

What a pity that Allah claims the Muslims are the "best of creation" but yet he insists on creating kafirs with the dynamic intellect that powers the modern world (and gives outraged Muslims like Kangaroo a computer and an internet to complain with). Quite the trickster this Allah of yours is.....

Dom said...

I wonder if he is related to Roger ?

Chinchilla PetVerse said...


It will be so very refreshing if some Muslims take que from David, Sam, Anthony Rogers, etc... and give an objective feedback instead of "This is utter nonsense"... James White is commendable for his efforts in refuting rhetoric nonsense from Muslims:

Whenever I show verses and the Sunnah of Mo from the Quran and the Hadiths, this is the common answer from Muslims:
1. You have quoted out of context (without clarifying how and what is the true context)
2. Why do you hate Muslims so much? (A healthy question is referred to as hatred... on what grounds... I don't know"
3. Muhammad was the ultimate of all human beings

Refer to:

and you will see David again taking time and displaying God given patience in refuting Islamic Nonsense.

In Christ


simple_truth said...

Kangaroo said...

This is worse than listening to Christian young earth creationism (from the Bible fyi) nonsense.

Even if you want to dispute this video, you can't honestly dispute the overarching theme of Islam as presented by Mr. Federer.

The worst part of discussion with Muslims is that they are the first to go into denial about their own religion. Even if non-Muslims don't get every detail correct, they are well within the ball park of the historical representation of Islam and its impact upon the world.

Like it or not, the last 10 years of Mohammad's life set the template of Islam and Muslims. You can't just try to ignore all of the violence and evil he did by justifying it through the victim-hood game. That victim-hood template is how Muslims throughout history have justified their evils.

Rather than just call it nonesense, why not interact and give us some examples of nonesense so that we can have an opportunity to judge for ourselves if this is really nonesense?

Nobody but everybody said...

@ Kangaroo - Whatever doesn't follow your style of understanding is crap ? That is why the Moslem world doesn't understand democracy.

Kufar Dawg said...

Why should anyone kafir like muslimes at all? They subscribe to a genocidal, supremacist totalitarian ideology that contains more rabid Jew hatred than anything in Mein Kampf.

Radical Moderate said...

@David Wood

What is DOM doing posting on another thread? Shouldnt he be responding to you?

I say block all other DOM's posts on all other threads until he responds to you like he said he would if Allah was wiling.

Or DOM is allah no so willing?

Cristo Te Ama said...

Dommmmmm. We want to see Your answer to david, u challanged him, and he took the time to answer you, be a man now and answer him. Or should we assume that u are out of those "arguments" of yours. ?

Andish said...

Muslims open up your eyes!

Don't you see that Muhammad heard stories from gospels that were rejected because they were false? Talking from the cradle, the bird of clay, etc. all were stories from before.

All the other rituals of Islam were from other sources!

Please open up your eyes!

xyz said...

In every country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.
In ever country with a Muslim majority, there are NO minority rights.
The way we deal with this issue NOW will determine IF and WHEN our country will have a Muslim majority.
Been there, and I have seen it clear.