Sunday, February 26, 2012

Retired Fireman David Jones Detained and Harassed at UK Airport for Opposing Sharia

Mr. Jones should be happy that he's not in Pennsylvania, where it is now perfectly legal for Muslims to physically assault someone who offends them.

UNITED KINGDOM--As David Jones arrived at the security gates at Gatwick airport, he was looking forward to getting through swiftly so he could enjoy lunch with his daughters before their flight.

Placing his belongings, including a scarf, into a tray to pass through the X-ray scanner he spotted a Muslim woman in hijab pass through the area without showing her face.

In a light-hearted aside to a security official who had been assisting him, he said: “If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.”

The quip proved to be a mistake. After passing through the gates, he was confronted by staff and accused of racism.

As his daughters, who had passed through security, waited in the departure lounge wondering where he was, he was subjected to a one hour stand-off as officials tried to force him to apologize.

Mr Jones, 67, who is the creator of the popular children’s character Fireman Sam, said: “Something like George Orwell’s 1984 now seems to have arrived in Gatwick airport.

"I feel that my rights as an individual have been violated. What I underwent amounts to intimidation and detention. I was humiliated and degraded in full public view.

"I am a 67-year-old pensioner and have lived my life within the law. I do not have even one point on my driving licence.”

He said that when he made his initial remark the security guard had appeared to agree with him, saying: “I know what you mean, but we have our rules, and you aren’t allowed to say that.”

As he went through the metal detecting arch, his artificial hip set off the alarm, prompting a full search from a guard. It was after this, and as he prepared to rejoin his two grown-up daughters, that he was confronted by another guard who said he was being detained because he had made an offensive remark.

“I repeated to her what I had said and told her that I had said nothing racist,” he said. “She took my passport and boarding pass and I was then escorted back through the security zone into the outer area. Here the female security guard proceeded to question me further, inferring many things that I had not said.

“It was impossible to get her to listen to reason. We were then joined by a second female security guard who stated that she was Muslim and was deeply distressed by my comment.

“I again stated that I had not made a racist remark but purely an observation that we were in a maximum security situation being searched thoroughly whilst a woman with her face covered walked through. I made no reference to race or religion. I did not swear or raise my voice.”

According to Mr Jones, who was due to board a British Airways flight to Portugal, where he now lives and runs a restaurant on the Algarve, the British Airways duty manager was then called in and sided with the security staff.

He continued: “I had now been detained for some time and my daughters were worried, calling me on my phone asking what was happening. We were going around in circles. I maintained that I had said nothing offensive and the security guard was continuing to accuse me. This had taken about 15-20 minutes and looked as though it was not going to be resolved.

“I asked the security guard if she was going to charge me to which she said no but I could not leave until I had apologised to the Muslim guard. (Read more.)


gspencer said...

“It was impossible to get her to listen to reason. We were then joined by a second female security guard who stated that she was Muslim and was deeply distressed by my comment."


The answer to this bit of foolishness by the muslima is simple, "So what?"

Witness said...

Why doesn't the United Kingdom just quit the European Union and apply to be a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? Clearly the latter better reflect its values in 2012.

Iconodule said...

Apparently common sense remarks are hate crimes. Wait was it ever a crime to hate in the first place? Lord have mercy.

Andish said...

We as Christians must fight the good fight for Christianity and destroy Islam. Not by violence but through education and the Spirit of God.

ssgvnvet said...

I strongly believe that England will be the first country in Europe to come under Islam and Sharia as law of the land as well as Germany coming in 2nd. Someone said it best about islam...Islamic terrorist have carried out 18,254 (and counting) deadly attacks since 9/11. No other religion inspires the sort of terroism that this "Religion of Peace" produces. It really reminds me of passages in their text!!

Unknown said...

They wanted to harass him for criticizing Muslim supremacy. When these things happen, we need to insist and demand to know why such security breaches and abusive behavior is tolerated. When we are expected to apologize for questioning such supremacy, we need to state that WE are offended and demand an apology for such arrogant rudeness. We need to gather the evidence and file complaints with the airlines and with the governments and, where possible, file suits against all involved. Rights are for the vigilant, and we need to be vigilant.

minoria said...

This is beyond ridiculous as those employees are so dumb they don't know Islam is not a race.

I have been reading Muslim comments about Obama's apology in and they all dismiss it.

One said if he really is sorry then to leave Afghanistan.

I would have told the employees about 5:14 and 5:64 where Christians and Jews are cursed "till the Day of Resurrection".

I would have said to them that if I had said THAT about Muslims/Black or brown or people at the airport then they would have said I was racist.

Then by the same standard the Koran and Muhammad and Islam were racist,guilty of a hate crime.

They would have no argument,I would have made them think.


"The Koranic Verse that Justifies,for Muslim Terrorists,killing Fellow Muslims"

Anonymous said...


Said: "The answer to this bit of foolishness by the muslima is simple, "So what?"

This is hilarious.

That's the standard reply I usually give atheists and those that believe in the arbitrary it usually leaves them dumbfounded. It's pretty funny.

Gspencer good thinking.

Radical Moderate said...

WOW a Muslima was offended by a accurate observation so that justifies holding a man hostage for a hour, interupting his life, and distressing his children with worry.

Yeah that makes sense only to Islamofacism.

Some years ago I saw a picture floating around of a Muslima TSA agent in full Hijab wanding a nun.

Anyone else seen this picture.

sara said...

I don't understand what the word racist means anymore, muslims are just throwing it around David Jones couldn't even see her face so how could he be racist without knowing what race she is. We need to exercise our right to freedom of speech because those days are ending soon

goethechosemercy said...

“I asked the security guard if she was going to charge me to which she said no but I could not leave until I had apologised to the Muslim guard.

Here is the only apology to which a Mohammedan is entitled:
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Radical Moderate said...

goethechosemercy wrote...

"Here is the only apology to which a Mohammedan is entitled:"

That was good but my apology to Muslims is always...

"I'm sorry to hear that"

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Muslim clothing is offensive so they shouldn't be aloud to wear it.

If we just start complaining about random and arbitrary things.

Maybe people will get it

I find it offensive that Muslims speak Arabic so they shouldn't be aloud to speak it.

I find it offensive that muslim men have beards so they should shave.

Feel free to add