Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Newt Gingrich: Defeating Obama Is a Matter of National Security


Billy said...

US debt is around 15 Trillion.
Annual revenue is less than 2 Trillion.
The government expects to borrow about 1 Trillion dollars every year until 2072.

This is an unsustainable model! And the easy place to cut is the military spending.

“Ladies and Gentleman, military retreats from the mountains of Hindu Kush[Afghanistan] or the plains of Mesopotamia[Iraq] has long been a harbinger of imperial fall” (Niall Ferguson).

Kufar Dawg said...

If the 0bamanation gets elected again, I'm not paying taxes anymore.
After all, he's not representing me, nor really anyone non-muslime. No taxation w/o representation.

Dk said...

lol the most non-pc candidate ever

Radical Moderate said...


Well we had a good run

Mary said...

Let's hope he means what he says and is not just being political. He is used to being Speaker of the House, and the Speaker does NOT vote. So, he is used to saying things without having to have a voting record to back it up.

Matt said...

Newt is correct but his focus is not quite right. Yes, Islamists are a threat to America, but they are not able to wipe out the entire country. The real threat that is being ignored comes from Russia and China.

Both Russia and China have threatened nuclear war if the west attacks Iran. Russia has extended this threat to all of northern Africa if the west interferes. The Obama administration doesn't believe this kind of talk.

Obama wants to cut our nuclear arsenal by 80% with the ultimate aim of completely eliminating it.

Not only is Obama the most dangerous president of all time, there may NOT be an America left to defend if things don't change quickly.

Kufar Dawg said...

Who says "islamists" are trying to "wipe out" the country? They're trying to take it over, from the top-down and having a lot more success at their infiltration and subversion than the Nazis or Communists ever had.