Friday, February 17, 2012

Moroccan Muslim Amine Khalifi Arrested During Attempt to Blow up U.S. Capitol

Like dozens of other terrorist attempts that have been thwarted over the past few years, the terrorist in this case turned out to be a follower of the Religion of Peace. But it could just as easily have been a Quaker or a Methodist attempting to blow up the Capitol, since all religions teach the same thing and are equally dangerous.

Washington (CNN) -- U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI on Friday arrested a Moroccan man who was planning a suicide attack on the Capitol, police and a federal law enforcement official said.
Authorities identified the man as Amine Khalifi.

He received what he thought was a vest with explosives, but the materials in the vest had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement, Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said.

The man was arrested as soon as he accepted the vest from undercover officers, according to the federal law enforcement source.

Khalifi was also given a gun, which was similarly rendered inoperable, the official said.

The 29-year-old suspect was living in Alexandria, Virginia, and was in the United States illegally, the source said.

The man had been closely monitored as part of a lengthy and extensive undercover operation, police said, adding that U.S. Capitol Police had been "intimately" involved in the investigation.

The public was never in danger, police said.

The official said the person is not connected to a terrorist organization and was acting alone. He came to the attention of law enforcement because of his extremist views, the source said. (Source)


Radical Moderate said...

This is just more Islamaphobia, another Muslim arrested after Friday prayers at the Mosq.

So he had a gun and a suicide vest. The gun didn't work and the explosives in the vest where inert. Its not like he really was going to kill any one.

I think thats going to be the Muslim response

Baron Eddie said...

This is what was published by The New York Times newspaper ... about The Nigerian man who tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner with explosives concealed in his underwear on Christmas Day in 2009

Under the title "Would-Be Plane Bomber Is Sentenced to Life in Prison"

check the part that says
"The man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who pleaded guilty in October and admitted to working on behalf of Al Qaeda, shouted, “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great,” five times during the sentencing hearing. He asserted that Muslims were “proud to kill in the name of God, and that is what God told us to do in the Koran.”

I will send my friend Osama to debate with him!

We still don't know why he did it!

Baron Eddie said...

Here is the link

Create a website

Kufar Dawg said...

I saw the report on this on CNN, no where was it mentioned he was a muslo-nazi. The report made no mention of religion at all.

Dawah Refuted said...

Can India's bombing and recent Bangkok's bombing also be considered as Islamic?

However since when has there ever been any separation of politic & religion in Islam?

RyanS said...

Its CNN's official policy to whitewash Islam and refuse to make any connection between the Muslim terrorist and Islamic doctrine

ssgvnvet said...

Radical moderate, So he was just making believe huh?

Anonymous said...

Where is Osama and Kim on this?

Oh wait, they will blame the Jews or the CIA. They will say he was an Israeli CIA plant to make Islam look

Anonymous said...

to bog are not nice

M.C. said...

Dave, did you really think it would be a Quaker or Methodist? Darn. I had my money on an Amish guy.

Foolster41 said...

dan: Was the misspelling intentional, and this is parody of a muslim response, or are you being serious?

Care to elaborate why Mr. woods is "not nice"? Is it because he's sharing the truth about Islam, and that makes you very uncomfortable?

Kufar Dawg said...

I told someone I know about the muslime guy who had a Jewish star cut into his back by his fellow muslimes (for supporting the state of Israel) in the USA, he didn't believe me because the MSM didn't report it, which is true because not even the local affiliates where the crime occurred reported the crime until a MONTH after it happened.

Andish said...

No mention of Islam. What a shame.

Radical Moderate said...

Ok to all the Wanna be Shaheeds a little advice.

WHen someone gives you a Suicide Vest to try on. Please TEST IT out first to make sure it is real explosives and not some fake bomb given to you by the KUFFAR.

Search 4 Truth said...

@ Dan why isnt he nice? Is providing facts inherently mean?

Usama said...


I noticed you have a "Islamic sources" tab on the left of your blog.

I recommend adding the online version of Mawdudi's Tafhim al-Qur'an to the list.

Usama said...

"Where is Osama and Kim on this?"

I don't know why you guys keep calling me out on this... I am not a Muslim nor an apologist..

I just try to set the record straight when I can.

betwixt said...

Usama, they are referring to Osama Abdullah, not to you. :)

Dk said...

Where did Osama Abdullah say: "I am Osama Abdullah worship me?"


Youssef said...

This is a shame in what was going to happen but God prevailed saved people from the danger which was to come. I have composed an article of what does it mean to be a Maghreb Christian in the North African world.

Answering Muslims keep up the good work that you are doing today.

Thank you and God bless


Joe Bradley said...

And, from the archives of "Real Stooooopid Terrorists Competing For The Darwin Award" comes THIS!

Radical Moderate said...


A better question is "WHere did OSama Abdullah ever say this man is a KUFFAR and not a Muslim?"

Foolster41 said...

Dan, I got your comment on my blog (though I mod deleted it because it didn't fit in on that blog). Honestly, I don't think Mr. Woods was trying to ignore you, and I suspect it was an error, and that it seems a bit wrong to then assume it was an intended slight on Mr. Woods part and post here something like that. Being rude will hardly get what you want.

David Wood said...

Dan is a mental case and a stalker. After requesting some tracts from me, he immediately began sending me tons of emails demanding them. Then he started sending me personal attacks for not sending them (even before I got to my computer). Then he started sending emails to anyone who visits this blog, complaining about me.

Not the sort of person I'd like to get involved with, so I just ignore him.