Wednesday, February 22, 2012

James White vs. MuslimByChoice on "Islamophobia"

MuslimByChoice once again brought some spitballs to a gunfight. The depth of Islamic apologetics has never been impressive, and it's only getting worse.

I hope James is rejoicing that Muslims are resorting to silly personal attacks against him. It means they're worried about the impact he's making. But since they can't respond rationally, they're forced to respond irrationally. The result is a childish display of sheer desperation.


Zack_Tiang said...

When Dr James White uses sarcasm to make a point.... you know there's no hope in the opponent he is addressing to.

Just can't help but enjoy Dr JW's videos. =)

Ex N1hil0 said...

Books are a sign of evil!

Grant Kelly said...

Hree is the pattern.

1) Sound criticism of Islam

2) ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Another sound criticism


5) Sound criticism of Islam.

6) Bibleeee is worseee, west is corrupt. Christianity teach bring enemy before meeeee


Derek Adams

Deleting said...

Doesn't muslimbychoice also post here as 'onemoremuslim'?

Andish said...

Who would trust a video with just texts anyway? You don't get anything from that.

gspencer said...

With Muslims, by and large, we're dealing with people who do not approach others with a genuine intent or heart to seek the truth.

For them, it is their way or no way, explaining the instantaneous (and I mean instantaneous) personal attacks. Muslims, again by and large, seem incapable of self-reflection.

Never heard, "Perhaps this person has a valid point. I must investigate a little further."

Usama said...

Wow. That was the most illegitimate criticism of Dr. James White I have ever heard.

The primer scholar of the "Asbaab an-Nazool" (Context of Qur'anic Revelation) Imam an-Nisaboori wrote: "This was before the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, was commanded to fight the people of the Book. But then Allah's saying (There is no compulsion in religion…) was abrogated and the Prophet was commanded to fight the people of the Book in Surah Repentance."

Usama said...

I looked at "MuslimbyChoice" just recently and he attacked James White for refuting Unitarians and called him a "Pagan".

Uh Huh.

Koala Bear said...

What a great video and I hope that MuslimByChoice is watching it.

James White is right though - in my experience all muslims are capable of it shouting at you, crowding around you in gangs to intimidate you and waiting for more and more muslims to arrive and not listen either. It is exhausting even speaking to them. I did manage it for a while though the other day. I actually spoke to their IMAM in front of them and I swear none of them know anything about their own religion. I asked some very simple questions that I had heard David Wood and James White ask - no shouting either and they just stood there.

Witness said...

I watched James White debate Nadir Ahmed on the New Testament. In 1 hour and 45 mins White did not utter a single phrase that could be interpreted as anti-Muslim. In fact, White presented his arguments in such a respectful tone that the first questioner, a Muslim, commended White and denounced Nadir's unethical approach.

Nadir- what is your problem??? You're hostile and rude towards your debate opponents. Even when you are losing the debate, you seem to think you are winning, get cocky and rant with extreme balderdash like "THIS DEBATE IS OVER" and "LIKE I ALREADY SAID, THIS GUY IS TOAST!" When you play baseball, do you strike out and then trot around the bases with your hands up and pump your fist as if you hit a home run?

I look forward to hearing your response.

Cristo Te Ama said...

MuslimByChoice once blocked me from his videos because i was rebutting some muslims there and they had no ground, so he had to use digital sharia on me...

Joshua and Caleb Ministries said...

"There is no compulsion in religion" has been abrogated and replaced by the verse of the sword, Surah 9:5...that's not Islamophobia!

Unknown said...

Muslim apologists DO post and say all kinds of things from the (original, not rewritten by Mohammad) Bible. The problem is that they believe most Christians are ignorant about what the Bible actually says and they pervert it. Then, when it is explained to them, they simply pervert another passage and continue to sling mud. It is difficult to debate anyone whose "god" is called the master deceiver whose prophet lied and encouraged lying saying war is deceit and that he is victorious in terror. The saying about not casting your pearls before swine (because they will not understand the value) comes to mind . . .

Unknown said...

In the Book of Acts, the Christians were exhorted to support the missionaries (like Paul). They are told they will receive a missionary's reward even though they did not preach themselves. In Islam (Mohammad's rewritten Bible), Muslims are required to support jihad, either violently, financially, or passively. They are promised supremacy over and plunder of the people jihad conquers. The majority of Muslims may feel trapped in Islam against their wills, but as long as they support jihad they are not "moderate," just passive.

Unknown said...

It is sad that these apologists obviously want to have a mission in life and for life to be meaningful, and all they have is hateful Islam.

Anonymous said...

Christophobia is the real problem.

Get the word outtttt!!!!!

Stop persecuting Christians!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1MoreMuslim said...

Hello ,
I'm the producer of this video. As I expected, Dr White spends 20 minutes of his valuable time addressing the red herring. He has missed, once again , the opportunity to say simply I WAS WRONG. I am still insisting that the short twist in his 4 hour presentation is an islamophobic propaganda. Now be assured I have never said or intended or even crossed my mind, to say that James White is an Islamophobe. I only say that he uses the most famous Islamophobic argument : Muhammad taught peace only because he was weak. That is simply WRONG.

David Wood said...


If anyone from our side had a shred of respect for you, it's gone now. Your video is despicable, and you have revealed yourself to be a complete charlatan. But when you have no evidence on your side, I guess you don't have much choice in resorting to such tactics.

Anonymous said...

Good Muslim by choice is here.

Just a question why does your holy book say that Christians think Mary is a god?

Oh and another one why does your holy book say that the sun sets in a pool of water?

Why does your book say Allah is the greatest deciever?

Can you state for us what Christisnity is and what Christians believe?

How do you know Muhammad was a prophet?

How do you know Islam is the true religion?

Why do Muslims kill other Muslims?

Why do Muslims hate Christians?

i'll let you breath more later

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Muslim by choice:

Can you explain this to us?

dstewart said...

It's not that he's an Islamophobe, but that he's spreading "Islamophobic propaganda" ... O..K..?

"He has missed, once again , the opportunity to say simply I WAS WRONG."
Really? Umm... I think he DID say in the video that it was an early Medinan sura, right? Wasn't that addressing the "short twist" or do you just want him to say, "I was wrong" and not say anything else? That's hardly a fair expectation especially when hurling labels like "Islamophobic propaganda" is pretty low.

I just don't know why he bothered to respond to the short video. There's tons of garbage like that on youtube. Everyone can tell it's junk, right?

Admerald said...

To 1MoreMuslim,

james White did not said that Surah 2 was revealed in the Meccan period, you make him sound like he is saying it by putting the bold annotation over the video that it was the Meccan period.

James white clearly said that it was during the time when Muhammad was a minority prophet that Surah 2 was revealed. And this is true.

If some one is lying or have an intention of lying, it is no other than MuslimbyChoice.

Deleting said...

1mm said, "Hello ,
I'm the producer of this video (personal aside: yeah, we know that. I called it right). As I expected, Dr White spends 20 minutes of his valuable time addressing the red herring. He has missed, once again , the opportunity to say simply I WAS WRONG. I am still insisting that the short twist in his 4 hour presentation is an islamophobic propaganda. Now be assured I have never said or intended or even crossed my mind, to say that James White is an Islamophobe. I only say that he uses the most famous Islamophobic argument : Muhammad taught peace only because he was weak. That is simply WRONG."

Then one of two things has happened:
1. You did a poor job articulating what you meant, and thus you're not entitled to his mea cupa. He couldn't apologize for this supposed 'offense' you meant something else.


2. You misunderstood what he said. That still doesn't entitle you to an apology. He actually spoke favorably in that "damning" clip you posted. Choosing that part actually put him in a favorable light, not you. Not Islam.

Up until this point, I want to believe you did a poor job expressing your concern. Since this post, all that has gone out the window. You posted it so you'd get a response. You seem to crave it like a drug. Not just here but everywhere on youtube where you get some forum and have to 'be heard'

I hope James White reads this and decides it's the last time he responds to you because you keep upping the anty in all your stupid videos and comments and it's pathetic.


Davidsmountain .^. said...

It's NOT "Islamophobia", when the Quran really does demand, advocate and encourage the infiltration, submission, intimidation, threatening, violence, killing and conquering of non-Muslims, for all eternity!
It's also not racist, to imagine a world, after the annihilation of radical Islam, which is an evil, dualistic, war mongering, political ideology, loosely based on borrowed religions, which is NOT a race of people!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Muslim by choice he hasn't answered my questions?

I'm not surprised at all.

The arbitrariness of Islam can be easily shown.

Notice that our Muslim friends (Kim,Kangaroo,Osama,Samatar etc.) have dissapeared.

I'm not trying to be funny:

But 1mm here's your chance to win a convert to islam. If you can prove to me that there's gremlins studying Aristotle on the moon right now I'll convert to Islam.


Deleting said...

Hezikiah I think there is a bigger problem than unwillingness to not be christophobic.
I think 1mm is obsessed with James White. Go look at his youtube pages muslimbychoice and 1moremuslim.
On 1m,m he has 22 videos, 8 are about Dr. James White.
On Muslimbychoice's page the wallpaper background has Dr. White on it, and when you do a search for James White it returns over 100 videos. (Oh, as this is as of today..if the wallpaper changes we'll know the little punk was reading this).
Dr. Bart Ehrman...not even 100.
David Wood...over a hundred but not more than James White.
Shabir Ally-over 150 but most of those have...Dr. James White. Take away his videos and there'd probably be less than 100.
These reasons are enough to say there's a tiny bit of a man-crush (cringe) there but here's what's telling in a sick sort of way. His last video upload was yesterday from Dr. White's podcast 'the dividing line'. He tried to couch it in some blurb about the trinity.

Now, if this broadcast featured islam I could understand.
Here's the problem. It didn't. Furthermore the broadcast was NOT about the trinity. It was about the Elephant room conference...I want to say it was ER2 with TD Jakes. TD Jakes claimed he was trinitarian but there were points during er2 where he began to elude to modalism. It had NOTHING to do with Islam.

Anonymous said...


It's not surprising.

I wonder if he is ever going to answer my questions.