Friday, January 6, 2012

Nigerian Christians Gunned Down as They Mourned for other Christians Who Had Been Gunned Down

Muslims in the West, however, are too busy complaining about imaginary persecution here to do anything about actual persecution there.

NIGERIA--Gunmen in Nigeria on Friday opened fire on friends and relatives gathered to mourn the deaths of three Christians killed on Thursday, leaving up to 20 more people dead.

It was the latest in a series of attacks blamed on radical Islamists who have vowed to wage a religious war on Nigeria's Christians and drive them from the country's majority-Muslim north.

Several dozen Christians had come together for a meeting in a town hall in Mubi, in Adamawa state, to mark the deaths the day before of several people killed in the town.

Up to four gunmen surrounded the building and opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles, killing up to 20 people and leaving another 15 badly injured.

"We started hearing many gunshots through the windows," said Okey Raymond, 48, who was at the meeting.

"Everyone scampered for safety, but the gunmen chanted: 'God is great God is great' while shooting at us." (Read more.)


proof for god said...

We must pray for the mass conversions of Islamic killers around the world; Christians must learn security and defense when acts of brutality and war are unleashed by Islamic murderers. Pray and pray more.

TLAM Strike said...

Totally off topic but I came across this and I figured you folks from Answering Muslims might like to take a look. Its the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's Introduction to Islam briefing:

Its a little dated (2008) but its unclassified.

kiwimac said...

This is horrendous and what is even worse is that news of Muslim atrocities have become so commonplace and so 'run of the Mill' that my mind often jumps quickly to the next item of news. I hate these feelings of powerlessness and injustice that overwhelm me everytime I read the news.
As Mike A Robinson say's, maybe Prayer is our secret weapon- if we can't 'fight' these people 'physically', can we make a difference through 'continual' Prayer?

Dirk said...

All the while many in the U.S. are embracing this so-called religion in the name of "tolerance" while the news is filled with such reports nearly every day.

Nicky said...

I'm with Mike and Kiwi, pray, pray, pray. I'm all about writing to ambassadors as well, but prayer is our best defense.

WhatsUpDoc said...

These type of news are rarely reported in the western media.

Super Carrot said...

Don't be fooled, this is NOT a Muslim/Christian thing. The folks in Nigeria also know this. This is a political/financial/corruption issue. It just rides on the backs of Religion to gain an extremely fragile plausibility. There are Muslims living peaceably with Christians throughout Nigeria, only in the North have they recently decided that they can't manage it.

Pay close attention and don't look for simple answers over the truth which might be more complicated. Most religious wars are not about two groups of people with philosophical differences. People generally don't maim and kill each other over philosophical differences.
Leaders are far more pragmatic, there needs to be money/resources/power involved, they just use the little people to die for them.

PS I'm not a Muslim, I'm a Christian, but I'm actually agree with the level of manipulation and half truth telling out there. I see everyone, being lied to for the interests of a few.

I see the suffering of Middle Easterners for hundreds of years, people like me and you, just want to go to school, get jobs, have kids, live. All because a few have agendas which doesn't put first His Kingdom and its righteousness.

Well this is what your seeing in Nigeria, not some religious war which the media has been harping on about.

The other day, Christians and Muslims were protesting together overnight and were attack by police with tear gas in Nigeria.

President Goodluck Jonathan said "The Boku Haram supporters in Government are worst than a Nigerian civil war." BH is a political organisation.