Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Muslim Football Players in Dearborn Heights Arrested for Assault on Christian Quarterback

I'm not sure what motivated these Muslim players to rip off a quarterback's helmet and beat him senseless, but if their lawyer is claiming that their arrests were racially motivated (Islamophobia, of course), then I will say that the attacks themselves were racially motivated (Christianophobia). Could you imagine the media uproar if four Christian players had given a Muslim quarterback a concussion?

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — A figurative beat down turned literal beating has led to the felony arrests of a group of local high school football players.

Police arrested four Star International Academy seniors Wednesday on aggravated assault charges stemming from an altercation in the team’s last game of the season.

The players -- Mohamed Ahmed, Fanar Al-Alsady, Hadee Attia and Ali Bajjey, all age 17 -- are accused of gang-beating Lutheran Westland’s quarterback as time expired in Lutheran’s 47-6 drubbing of Star on Oct. 21.

According to numerous witness statements gathered by police, Lutheran’s quarterback was set to take a knee to run out the clock. Before the snap, referees told both teams to refrain from contact, police said.

After the snap, however, the four arrested Star players burst through the line and allegedly manhandled Lutheran’s quarterback. Police said they ripped off his helmet, threw him to the ground and punched and kicked him repeatedly. The incident came to an end after coaches, players and refs stepped in and broke it up.

Police took a statement from a referee who said he heard a Star player say to hit the referees after being directed to not hit the other team.

According to published reports, Lutheran’s quarterback suffered a concussion from the beating. (Source)


Andish said...

You're right if this was a Christian team beating up on a Muslim player it wouldn't be short of CNN news. It's amazing really. Muslims want everyone else to be tolerant, but they don't want to be tolerant. But I see where Muslims get it from. I mean look at their holy book. It says for them to be intolerant. They're just doing what they're told.

Anonymous said...

Appears they are saying the 4 players are being charged because of racism.

Lauren Janell said...

Looks like another "i'm a muslim, so i can get away with it" incident

Bill Shelton said...

AH, yes. Islam, the Religion of Peace.

Anonymous said...

I thought Muslims were peaceful or are these just some bad apples ruining the bunch?

By the way Dave did you see the "why I love Jesus but not religion Muslim version"?

Can that kid be anymore wrong?

Joe Bradley said...

Will they be showing that episode in "All American Muslim"?

Andish said...

No hezekiah..Jesus doesn't fit into the scope of Islam because Jesus doesn't support the mass killing of people because they don't believe in his religion.

That Islamic propaganda can only fool the weak minded. ...and there's a reason the majority of people who convert to Islam leave Islam.

But Andish, doesn't the statistics show Muslims that convert don't leave? Why are they still listing themselves as Muslim then?

If you had a choice of freedom and expression and be killed or lie about being a Muslim and not be killed, I'm sure I would say I'm a Muslim as well.

Take away the death penalty for leaving Islam and Islam is the fastest growing fungi in a dumpster.

Joe Bradley said...

Could this be considered an "Honor Beating"?

Anonymous said...

Good one Joe that's hilarious.

In regards to the Muslim poet on you tube, he claims that he does what Jesus said to do well I hope he's out making disciples and baptizing them in the name of the father, the son, and holy spirit.

PeaceByJesus said...

And the Qur’an does foster it: http://peacebyjesus.witnesstoday.org/JESUS.Vs.Muhammad.html

And in other news,

A Muslim agrees with the Greek of John 1:1, that the orthodox/Traditional interpretation is the right one: http://beggarsallreformation.blogspot.com/

Radical Moderate said...

Anyone know if this is the same school that is featured on All American Muslim?

Brother C.L said...

Yep Cair has jumped in and are playing the race card.


Check out this comment: " Connie Zielinski
The Star Academy is located in Dearborn Heights. It is NOT part of the Dearborn Heights School system. "

That's the truth all the Muslims who can not afford to send their kids to a private Islamic schools send them to Star, the purpose is so they do not mix with the kuffar. There have been numerous racial incidents at this school between the Muslim majority and the few "Kafir" kids who do go there.

Joe Bradley said...

For an interesting assessment of the Star International Academy, [CLICK HERE]

Kufar Dawg said...

More news the MSM doesn't bother to report. Does anyone know if muslo-nazis own majority interests in most of our MSM outlets? I know the Soddy Barbarians own an interest in Fox, but what about the other networks?

david said...

Mr Woods . Could you please keep people up dated on this case. Also the verdict. Thank you for the things you are doing.

Ron B said...

Without faith in The Creator there is no "Justice or Reason" within a society!This article is more proof of the "Infection" living among us,&IF left unchecked,it will be America's un-doing without doubt!Pray this young man recovers & justice is delivered!
"God is justice & neither will slumber forever." Pastor Ron Budwine-1 Voice Ministries

The Berean Search said...

I was reading the comment section from a local Detroit media article and apparently the quarterback was hit so violently that he suffered a Tier-3 concussion. According to Michigan state law, he cannot play organized football for 2 years. This assault has effectively ended his playing career. I haven't verified the claim yet for myself, but here's one enlightening comment:

What this article does not tell you, is that Star Academy called time out with 10 seconds left in the game, and put all their seniors back in the game, while Westland had pulled their starters and were playing their backups, mostly sophomores. The four went right over and through the center (separating his shoulder in the process) before gang tackling and tossing, not to mention kicking the backup quarterback. He suffered a class 3 concussion, which means under Michigan rules, no football for two years. His football career is over as he is a sophomore. I hope his family sues the four in civil court for financial gain to have his college paid for by the four"


BunBun4life said...

@Bearean Search

That is horrible. His family is lucky he isn't suffering from severe brain damage, or that he died.

Teenage boys get beaten by gangs of muslims in England all the time. Many of these kids die, or suffer awful disabling damage, lose eyes, brain injuries, hearing loss, mobility loss, horrific scarring.

It's sickening, and England hasn't done a thing about it except post stupid articles saying "why are our children killing each other" well it's not 'their children' killing 'each other'. It's the children of muslims/immigrants killing off the indigenous youth. Many times it's 20 on 1. The victims are 13-20, and the young teenage british girls are gang raped by mobs of these animals.

I assume they think they'll start that crap over here.

Unknown said...

The cancer of the World is growing in Dearborn, Michigan. The false religion is trying to take over by creeping slowly into our communities and worse, our political leaders. Mohammed was a child raper and killer.......... Sharia is close behind and occurring in Dearborn, Michigan,

BobbyDEllis said...

Why is this on here? This is retarded. There is no question is this case of "they did it because they're Muslim." No, the question is about racial profiling. Honestly, I don't believe anything you put on here, but now you're just fishing for stuff. I can point to a thousand fist fights between Christians that have started or ended up the same way as this, but yet the news isn't "Christian hits other Christian" and who says these kids are Muslim anyway? Simply because they're Arabic doesn't mean they're Muslim. If you want to run a smear campaign, at least focus on the issues and not about some kids who got mad at the end of a football game.

Also, I notice that there are no comments, that I can see, of anything that offers a dissenting opinion on here? Seems a little fishy Mr. Moderator.

Sageb1 said...

This is not Islamophobia like CAIR tries to present it. The video used as evidence was made private on youtube by CAIR after they realized it shows four 17-year old Star players injuring two players on the opposing team.

This incident could have been prevented had the Lutheran coach not put his backup players at the end of the game as even the injured players were not seniors.

IMO this is evidence of poor football strategy, not Islamophobia.

I'm not even going to harshly criticize CAIR over this because it leads to mixing politics with sports.

Luckily the Lutheran seniors did not step in to protect their sophomore because there would have been mass suspensions, more injuries, and a lot of football careers down the drain.

All this shows to me is, maybe America is wrong to designate a school as a football school.

Perhaps it might have been better if America prized intelligence and other geeky stuff like robotics in high school... :)

But I jest.

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