Sunday, January 1, 2012

If the Lord Wills

On December 31st, Paul Williams of MDI posted something on his blog about the expression "Insh'allah," an oft repeated phrase uttered by Muslims that means "If God wills." He suggested that Christians might be surprised to find that a similar sentiment is expressed in the Bible, particularly in the book of James.

Ironically, an article I wrote for Answering Islam went up on this very subject just a week prior to Paul's post. In it I argued that the shoe is actually on the other foot, i.e. that Muslims themselves ought to be surprised by what a comparative analysis of the Bible and the Qur'an reveal about this matter.

See for yourself and let me know what you think. And Paul, if you are listening, and if the Lord JESUS wills, of course, perhaps you wouldn't mind telling us what you think after you learn what God's word says on the subject.

(Speaking of Paul Williams and the recent AI update, Sam contributed fourteen replies to Paul, which can all be found in the newly created rebuttal section dedicated just to him: Rebuttals to Paul Bilal Williams.)


Radical Moderate said...

@Anthony Rogers

Thank you brother for a great article.

The sad thing is I used to say "Lord Willing" from time to time. But stopped doing it afer I heard Muslims saying it over and over again. For some reason it just sounded so repugnent and dirty to me when they said it.

And if I said it somehow to me it was like I was acknowleging thier GOD.


D335 said...

I dunno about that Radical Moderate.

it could be viewed as a politeness sake within a conversation or just rhetorical promise. That way no harm done, but still "if lord willing" has no reinforcement of the wills of the person who said it. It totally lays down any responsibility upon God's only if any blame ever risen.

But sure, you can have it how you want it ^^


Commandment 3
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

Ermac said...

Given what I know about Islam and its cultural but pagan origins, "Insha'Allah" always is interpreted by me to mean, "If the Pre-Islamic Pagan Moon god, Al Iliah wills, I will do this thing". In that way, I totally am in agreement with Radical Moderate. HOWEVER, I postulate that must Muslims today are not aware of the origins of their religion beyond "Muhammad was in a cave, Gabriel attacked him, then he started reciting words". In that way, the Muslim is saying "Insha'Allah" really believing he is talking about Jehovah, when the fact is he hasn't been informed of where the phrase is coming from. So in that regard, D335 is completely correct. I guess the bottom line is Muslims and Christians both need to be educated about the origins of Islam. Hopefully so that Christians can speak intelligently to and about the vast cultural and pagan influences in Islam, and so that Muslims can come to know the true God through his Son, Jesus Christ. It's angering that Muslims have been lied to about their religion.