Sunday, December 25, 2011

Three Nigerian Churches Bombed on Christmas Day

Meanwhile, in America, Muslims are complaining about "Islamophobia," because Lowe's Home Improvement isn't funding "All-American Muslim."

(CNN)--Bomb blasts struck at least three churches in Nigeria on Sunday as worshippers were attending Christmas Day services, stirring memories of strikes against Nigerian churches during last year's Christmas season.

The first explosion struck near a Catholic church in Madala, west of Abuja, Nigeria's capital, the National Emergency Management Agency said.

The agency said there were at least 17 bodies in the morgue at the National Hospital, and officials were still trying to confirm the total number of dead, local journalist Alkasim Abdulkadir said from Abuja.

A second attack struck the Mountain of Fire Ministries church in the city of Jos, northeast of the capital, said journalist Hassan John, who witnessed the aftermath of the two blasts that targeted the church.

No one was killed in the bombing, which John called a "miracle," but a policeman who engaged the attackers in a gun battle died of his wounds later, the journalist said, citing officials.

Another wave of bombings hit the northern town of Damaturu in Yobe state, an aid worker said, asking not to be named for security reasons.

A church, a police station and a state security building were also bombed, the aid worker said, saying there were injuries but it was not clear how many. (Read more.)


Radical Moderate said...

Merry Christmas, again I state we need to start planing for the exodus of Gods people from those Godless places.

John 8:24 said...

Wow! Only CNN can write 14 paragraphs without mentioning who was behind the blasts! That is why I don't trust CNN anymore.

David, you should instead post the report on Foxnews:

proof for god said...

Many Muslims hate the greatest gift ever given to mankind: Jesus (Isaiah 9:6 & John 3:16-19). And in many places throughout Islamic lands, Muslims often loathe and murder His people. Nonetheless, Christ is the Word who came to save men; w/o Him we too would be as irrational & immoral as many of them, as well as left in despair and epistemic absurdity. Thank God for the Truth found in Christ. Let us pray for those being persecuted.

Koala Bear said...

Kim and Osama must be celebrating so much that they haven't commented on the handy work of their co-religionists. These are martyrs and may God bless them.

I wish governments would wake up and deport all muslims and evacuate Christians from those satanic sandpits.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

The article from CNN indicated that a group known as 'Boko Haram' has taken "credit" for the savagery. The name 'Boko Haram' I have seen before.

What I've not seen before is this note: "Boko Haram translates from the local Hausa language as 'Even Bonobo monkeys are forbidden to have sex with Muslim beasts'..."

Poor monkeys... But at least they're smarter than Muslims!

Merry Christmas, Bonobos! Remember to stay far away from the Imams...

Cristo Te Ama said...

A god which main attribute is hate towards unbelievers creates these kind of people, i can't understand how people who knows Islam can stay in such a death cult.

Brother C.L said...

I guess since Islam teaches Muhammad is alive in his grave in Medina Arabia( ) He wanted to send a Satanic merry CHRISTmas out from the pit of Hell signed by his Master. Oh this was just one incident from the religion of leave you in pieces(