Thursday, December 8, 2011

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Plight of Copts (Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission)


andy bell said...

Raymond Ibrahim is obviously an islamophobe.

Islam came as a mercy to mankind. And if that means humiliating and persecuting the dhimmis, then so be it.

After all, islam is the religion of peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece!

In all seriousness, I would really like know what primary sources he was reading. The destruction of 3,000 churches. I hope he publishes that. If anyone's familiar with it, please let us know.

simple_truth said...

Now, that is what I like to hear--someone who tries to be objective and knows his history. He is not saying much that I didn't already know from studying the primary sources myself. Now, let's see more panels created to get this information out to the general public and to those who are in the higher positions of government.

Usama said...

andy bell:

He already said it... al-Maqrizi is one of the most famous Muslim historians of Islamic occupied Egypt.

All of them are Arabic works though... You'll have to learn Arabic or get a translation.

Usama said...

andy bell:

Also, Islam "is" a Mercy of Mankind. But it's not JUST a Mercy to Mankind.

The Prophet of Islam said:

{أنا نبي الرحمة أنا نبي الملحمة}

"I am the Prophet of Mercy and the Prophet of Slaughter."

Search 4 Truth said...

@ Samatar and Kim

Why dont we see the persecution of Muslims in western civilized societies like we see in Islamic societies of non Muslims?

And do you think we should extort and persecute Muslims like non Muslims are extorted from and persecuted in Islamic countries! Are you willing to accept that Islam commands the persecution and subjugation of non Muslims in Islam?

Joe Bradley said...

In the name of Political Correctness, Western societies bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims and all Western society receives for their effort is griping and complaining, violence and riots from these mindless ingrates.

Only the very stupid would ever take the complaints of Muslims seriously.

Radical Moderate said...

I can just hear the Muslim response..

1. LIE's LIE's Lie's....

2. It doesnt say that in Arabic


4. It doesnt say that in Arabic

5. Your just a hater and your butt stinks

Nimochka said...

What an eloquent testimony!! Bravo Mr. Ibrahim! He did really well and I certainly hope these testimonies like his lead to some positive policies! But what I don't really understand is why the policy-makers don't grab a copy of Al Tabari or Ibn Hisham or go to some Hadith websites and read these things for themselves! Why they have to rely on "experts" who might be peddling their own agendas and turning this kind of hearings to a "he said-she said" "your word against mine" kind of bizarre affairs where the truth will become even further muddled!

Now Mr. Ibrahim gave a superb testimony, but what if some Muslim Brotherhood front-group representatives also get invited to testify and deny all of what he said and spew theirown propaganda then how these historically ignorant representatives going to wrap their heads around it and find out who is telling the truth?

andy bell said...

Usama, thanks for the al-Maqrizi reference. Yeah, I can't read arabic. That's what I was hoping.

BTW usama, are you pastor Usama? Usama dakdok from ABN?

If you are, I LOVE YOU MAN! I've seen all your stuff on that channel. You are first class weapons grade, islam repellent!

Get you, david, sam, and pastor joe in a room--no one stands a chance.

Thank you sir, (assuming you are that person)

Radical Moderate said...

He mentioned the Pact of Umar, everone knows that Sheik Karen Armstong said that there is no such thing as the Pact of Umar.

Radical Moderate said...

He mentiones the difference between the Muslim Brother Hood and the Salafi's. THere is none accept the Muslim Brother hood is smarter.

I heard a interview I wish I would of saved it with the leader of Muslim Brotherhood.

He wanted to calm the Copts and Western fears. He said

"Everyone is nervous they think we are going to institute Sharia after the election. That is not the case it will take 10 years or so"

LOL oh so that makes it better. WHere not going to persecute you now but give us 10 years so just relax.

Kind of like when Muslims say "Where not going to kill jews now, thats later at the end of the world."

search 4 truth said...

The silence from Kim, Samatar, and Osama is deafening!