Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pat Condell: Useful Idiots for Palestine


Radical Moderate said...

Bravo Bravo Bravo

Radical Moderate said...

Here is a article on NO JEWS ALLOWED IN LIBIYA

Radical Moderate said...

We strongly refuse all jewish on our land

D335 said...

@radical moderate

Let Kim answer that article.

She'll probably says "Islam does not permit racism" or whatever crap she thought on the western soil.

The whole world knows:
1. Islam is not tolerant against anything that is not Islam,
2. and permits even immoral conducts when it comes to Islam.

betwixt said...


Hello, all. I transcribed David's video: Does Allah Commit Shirk?

You can find it here:
Transcript: "Does Allah Commit Shirk?" by David Wood

southwood said...

Of course Condell is an atheist.

Kim said...

@ D335

The whole world knows the danger of extremist Muslims. Yes that's what you mean.

Kim said...

Baron Eddie said...


from your video
That is the most shallow talk, I have ever heard ...

Too many cuts in the video ...

He should address why Muslims hate and kill Muslims ...

Why Sunnis killing Shiaa and others? ...

Why this girl is not wearing Hijab?

I dare this young girl to walk in the street of Baghdad or Egypt like that ...

She will be raped ...

then you will say "it is her fault because she exposed her arm"

Finally, who said Americans hates Muslims! ...

He is trying to cover Islam by saying it is politics ...

Islam is the problem ...

I hear you say "it is beautiful"
but without why ...

curly said...

Thank you so much for transcript !! I really appreciate for it. God bless you SMILE

D335 said...


Long ago, I thought that defending Christianity is as hard as defending other religions.

Christianity was not all flowers and sugar and spice, joining hands and praising Jesus. A lot of questions of violence in the old testament, Jesus in NT regarding Son of God or merely a prophet, Trinity and how you can ever try to explain it,... bla bla bla.

But ultimately, I found the answers and I can live with it (same thing I guess with you and Islam).

But suddenly internet era begins! from 1995 with phone modem and suddenly in 2000 bang, high speed connection, cable!

All question I heard about Islam that I did not believe it previously has now come to light!
And no, not the easy question such as pedophilia. That's small matter, that's not hugely embarrassing.
(I respect you and therefor not going into that )
-how many times I heard people discussing breastfeeding and "muhrim"?
-how many times I heard muslims referring to Mary mother of Jesus = Sister of Aaron?
-How Jenna /akhirat /afterlife consists of everything that is very very strictly forbidden in Islamic country?
-how many times I heard people telling that stealing for Muslim is okay, as long as it's the Kafir (Kuffar). Or killing as long as it's the kafir. or whatever as long as it's the kafir.
-bestiality, lesbianism, rape, whoalleee.............

Yes, hadiths are now easy to access, no longer would I need to sneak out and borrow it from a muslim friend anymore, even in bahasa, english, arabic!

and I thank the Lord Jesus, that even if explaining Christianity is hard, but I don't have to explain Quran and Hadiths! That will be way too impossible!

You can get mad at me, but it's okay. At least you always respond back.

Here's an example of FPI (Indonesian Islamic Liberation Front) asking the muslims to KILL the Ahmadiyah, knowingly it will breach every laws of the land in Indonesia.
If you skip to 1:50 you will hear the word asking:
let's all muslim, take on a war on ahmadiyah, KILL them wherever they are, followed by Allah is great.
Kill = bunuh = boonooh.
And also they mentioned their blood (darah)is HALAL.
Several keynote speakers after that was 1. sued by a muslimah for rape, died from severe hypertension while dodging the court. 2. the white beard with white muslim robe is Abu Bakar Bashir (terrorist suspect in many Indonesian bombings - Bali 1-2, Ambonese Jihad etc etc.)

And yes that is the same nation that Barrack Hussein Obama grew up.

Thank you Lord, I don't even have to defend that kinds of public statement and yet I can even condemned it.


Damon Whitsell said...

Hi David, as you probably know The Learning Channel is debuting it's Muslim "reality" show called All American Muslim this Sunday. I did some googleing and found out that the first episode is subtitled "How to Marry a Muslim" as it will show an Irish Catholic man who converted to Islam and married a Muslim. Anyway, "how to marry a Muslim" sounds like a good title for a rebuttal and exposure video on the show.

I also found this site which claims the star of the show, Suehaila Amen, openly supports Hazbolla and HAMMAS and is also a fund raiser for CAIR. (

Also this site gives an official TLC description of the show. (

If you'll agree to do a video on the show I'll do some digging and see if I can get verification of the allegations in the first article.

WHAT DO YA THINK???. Will you do a video on this for us?