Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Answering Islam Articles

Answering Islam (the Mother of All Counter-Islam websites) has posted a collection of new material. Some of the new articles are:

Oskar, "The End of the Quran as Muslims Know It: Today’s Quran in the Light of Its Early Manuscripts"

Sam Shamoun, "Does the Quran Really Deny That a Person Can Bear the Sins of Another?"

Sam Shamoun, "More Deceptive Tactics from a Leading Muslim Taqiyyist: Who Can Forgive Sins but God Alone?"

Sam Shamoun, "The Identity of the pre-Islamic Allah at Mecca"

Sam Shamoun, "The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greenhorn – A Muslim Dawagandist Undermines the Perspicuity and Sufficiency of the Quran"

Masud Masihiyyen, "Joseph the Carpenter in Islam: A Comparative Analysis between Christianity and Islam"
Click here for the full update.


Tharun Cheriyan said...

can't wait to read these! :)

Kim said...

Lol there's no reason to trust these articles written by non-scholar folks that think they know Islam.

Don't make me laugh.

pure said...

I know about uses the old scriptures to prove its religion and that he is the last messanger of God and on the other side it kicks all the previous revelations.
Also i know about islam that according to it,all the previous prophets 1024,343 messangers are fools and Allah did not thought fit to preserve all the thousands(You are deciding what God did) of scriptures,and the Great Allah only Guarded the last book Quran.
Also i know about Islam that it uses science(changing science) to prove its religion,the evolutionists.
I know about Islam that you believe that the Earth is an old Age where Allah took billions of years to create it,because may be Allah takes that much of time to create("Allah says be it and it will be"),but you agree with the evolutionists(scientists),without any shame.

Anthony Rogers said...

Kim said: "Don't make me laugh."

You have already made many of us laugh more than a few times. Hopefully someday we can return the favor. In the meantime, might I suggest reading something by Osama or Bassam? That always gets a laugh out of me.

Anonymous said...

And by "non-scholar" what Kim does not mean is some one with education, expertise, what that means in Muslim talk is someone who sat around for a few years memorizing everything Muhammad, a illiterate Bedouin said.. in backwards Hijaz Arabia 1400 years know things like the sun sets in a pool of mud, and the earth is fix and the moon and sun travel around it, drinking Muhammad's piss will make you live a long life...real mind blowing scholarly stuff.

Kim said...

Yes Edwards, resort to the teachings Jesus taught you on how to deal with people of other faiths. Insult their religion and core beliefs to gain them.

Sam Shamoun is your living role model in that case. Am I wrong? There are plenty of videos on youtube of him acting worse than immature kids in debates. I suggest you tune in.

kenmehms said...

Kim, as usual you try and put on a brave face and are full of bravado. But in fact you are genuinely disturbed.

Gaze said...

You said Jesus is insulting other religion. So where is the proof? As I know, Islam/Muslim is created after the last prophet. But how can Islam/Muslim exist in Israel? Abraham is the founder of Israel and Yakub is the Israel. So how Islam/Muslim exist in Israel? Because the Is? so what meaning Rael anyway? I knew much about the past. So, give some exciting proof. Because someone is needing your answer. About religious, how do you know lies? As I know, Christian is not created by trouble hand but the teaching of Jesus. He teaching is made the word "Christian". So I think you have small IQ than other people.