Monday, November 21, 2011

Michael Coren and Steve Emerson: Jihad in America


D335 said...

howbout an old piece of Robin Williams?
(I should have posted this during ABC on Islam thread, but here we go)


Joshua and Caleb Ministries said...

Can a Muslim be a "moderate" and believe in the Qur'an? I'm always amazed at the American experts on Islam who will talk about radical and moderate Muslims but never mention that there is no such thing as moderate Islam.

WhatsUpDoc said...

Love Micheal Coren he is only a hand full of journalists in Canada willing to take on Islamist.

D335 said...

IF and WHEN,

United States fall into the domination of Islam, there are no more Christians, Judaism, Hindus, Buddhism, etc, etc, etc.

There are no more superpowers, there are no more world police as we all love and hate before, there only be:
- Islamic wars for domination (in which majority of muslims nation will sit quietly, not to interfere with the wars between muslim themselves).
- Islamic genocide, persecution and annihilation to the rest of the faiths in the world.

What about other superpowers? Russia? China? and howbout the non-superpower but Islamic main enemy like Israel?
Well consider this. If a nuclear nation such as Iran launches a nuclear weapon disregarding retaliation against them, do you think nation such as Iran would care how they or their families die? They'll stamp "Jihad" in their death certificates.

This is what United States must see, as why you are important.

Support Israel, tho Israel may be small, but it is a thorn and the fence against Islamic domination. Know who your enemies and your friends.

Deleting said...

D335=THAT WAS FUNNY! Robin williams always has me rollin. Thanks for posting.