Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kuwaiti Shaykh Yasir al-Habib Defends Temporary Marriage (Muta)


Anonymous said...

Social problems? There is no justification for sin. Evil is evil as sure as sin is sin. we are accusing him of legalising adultery. marriage is suppose to be a eternal bond between husband and wife and in death do you part.

Peter said...

Dear Shaykh Yasir al-Habib,

Yes, I do think that it is adultery or prostitution.

Yes, I do find it repulsive and wrong.

And yes, I therefore accuse Muhammad of legitimizing repulsive wrongs such as adultery and prostitution.

mkvine said...


Zack_Tiang said...

At least this fellow is consistent.. unlike a certain Muslim here who have said Allah would allow sin "for EXTREME cases".

WhatsUpDoc said...

How and where do I sign for this religion I like it. Wooooooooooo.

taomeano said...

Exactly as the sheikh said : Moslems have no shame at all. There is no clear difference between this and prostitution.

simple_truth said...

I have to agree with this sheik's rationalization. It makes perfect sense to me. Make exceptions or rules to justify one's sins: that sounds too much like what a sinner would do.

So much for our moral leader, Mohammad?

D335 said...

defending the impossible.

the way of the muslims apologist.

Nakdimon said...

The Muslims keep talking about Muta solving a societal problem. WHAT SOCIETAL PROBLEM DID IT SOLVE?

And I find it curious that Allah’s best way to solve a “societal problem” is through prostitution.

Notice the sheikh’s reasoning: Muta cannot be repulsive nor adultery because Muhammad sanctioned it.

Well that presupposes that Muhammad is a prophet, not even taking into consideration that maybe that presupposition is entirely false. This way nothing can disprove Muhammad’s claims, since everything will be brought under his authority, no matter how repulsive or utterly false his claims are, because, after all, Muhammad is a prophet. Well… maybe Muhammad sanctioned the repulsive act of adultery because he was NOT a prophet in the first place!

Neverrepayevilwithevil said...

Any perversion sanctioned by mohammed the prophet of allah is acceptable to moslems. People cant you think for yourselves for once? This religion cannot guarantee you heaven as promised. Who is this allah? moslems brethren please come home to the truth- Jesus Christ-the Messiah.Love and peace.

Nabs said...

To, The non-Muslims.
Why don't you mind your own business..why you guys are so jobless...
Pointing out others is easy but pointing yourself is difficult.
Do you see things around you in Europe? Well this is not a issue right now…
Well my personal opinion is that at the end if you have seen that shaykh said if a women "widow, divorce, or whoever do with the rules and law it is acceptable as it is “marriage contract” , you keep it temporary or permanent is up to you. It is not by force.
At least it gives respect to women and men that they are legally married.
With this a women can demand as per her desire money, home, etc etc.
With this a man and a woman avoiding to do hidden Sin.
Many people in this world are not satisfied with their marriage lives and get divorce if this temporary marriage save their and their children future, what wrong in it.
And with this temporary marriage, they can fulfill their desires.
Even if you see there are many marriages stayed for days, weeks, months and years and got broken. Whatsup with that?
Can you guys stop adultering, lesbian/ gay sex and prostitution in the world? Think about it.
BR, Nabs

Nakdimon said...

To Nabs,

Let me put this into proper perspective for you, because I’ve come to know that for Muslims it’s hard to get that down:

We were minding our own business, until some guy named Muhammad started his own religion and started bothering us. It wasn’t us that called Islam out, it was Islam that called us out, by talking smack about Jews, Christians, pagans, etc. So if you want to condemn someone for not minding their own business and meddling in other’s business, you should condemn Islam! It’s not us that talked smack about Islam, Islam talked smack about us. So now that we start dealing with your camp accordingly and exposing your false teachings, don’t start playing victim! Got it?

As for your comments: Do you really think Muta stops homosexuality? Do you really think Muta stops adultery or prostitution, when it actually IS both? This is Muta: If you want to have sex with a woman and she is sexually attracted to you but you both don’t want a long term commitment, you just “marry” for a negotiated price with the intent to “divorce” and leave each other only to go to another person who you feel sexual chemistry with and repeat the exact same process. If this isn’t adultery/prostitution then what is the difference? A piece of paper where you are said to be ‘husband and wife” for 3 days?