Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pat Condell: The Great Palestinian Lie


Mahdi said...

Absolutely appalling.

It's the Palestinians fault that Israel invaded their land 50 years ago, and they should give up fighting back.

I mean how dare those Muslims try to fight back against invaders that are stealing their land, murdering them and exploiting their resources. I mean if the Isaelis are so bent towards peace like pat touts, then you'd have to wander why they continue these atrocities.


This isn't even about Religion anymore, it's downright racism.

Anonymous said...

Just like how those Arabs stole the Levant and how the Turks stole Constantinople the Byzantines. Maybe they should hand them back to the Greeks.

Ken said...

The guy on PLO Central Committee that Pat Condell was referring to:

Here is video of Abbas Zaki who admits that they keep the "wipe Israel out" to themselves and present another face to the western press and negotiations.

This really proves that Palestinian Muslims (at least the leadership level of Hamas and PLO) really don't want peace. It seems that they cannot handle that fact that Israel gained back land after it had been under the Dar Al Islam since Omar in 638 AD and then the Ottoman Turks until 1917. The Ottoman Turks sided with Germany in World War I; the Arabs wanted independence from them also. Why don't they understand that if the Ottomans were wrong for their part in World War I, and the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Hosseini's friendship with Hitler and agreement with Hitler's evil and philosophy is more proof of the evil of Islam's attitude toward the Jews; and the Ottoman's lost their political right in Palestine (they were punished justly for being involved with Germany in WWI, then Israel's existence was legal. If they had agreed at that time, 1948, the Palestinians could have had a state of their own. But the Arabs wouldn't allow it and attacked first over and over and kept loosing more ever since then.

It seems it makes them doubt the truth of Islam, because if Islam was right, Allah should give them the victory. (In their thinking) They are wondering why they are defeated; more insecurity and anger builds within the Muslim soul because of doubting Islam. That seems to be underlying the motivation. To compromise and let Israel exist, is almost admitting that Islam is false and wrong, because part of its apologetic is all the victorious wars that Muhammad and the Khalifs won from 622 onward, conquering the Byzantine Empire, Persia, Egypt, N. Africa, Spain, and beyond.

The late Arafat did the same thing, lying; and he was caught. Saying one thing to the western media and another thing to Muslims in Arabic in mosques.

The more this kind of deception is known and seen for what it is, the more regular people will not have much sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

Nimochka said...

@Mahdi, their land was never "invaded"! The Jews who migrated there bought the land that they came to live on. It was their historical homeland and they paid for every inch that they were living on before 1948! They had absolutely no intention of getting into any hostility with the local Arabs (many many of whom were also new immigrants from other parts of the Ottoman empire and thus cannot have any more claim to the land than the new-coming Jews) It was the Arabs who couldn't tolerate Jews living with them on equal terms. They were used to being the masters and calling all the shots and treating the local Jews like filthy Dhimmis whom they could bully at will and keep in their place. But the new immigrant Jews were different. They had come there to be equal and not Dhimmis. That infuriated the muslim Arabs and the hostilities started. Eventually a war broke out in 1948 and both sides fought tooth and nail. The Arabs lost. That's it! And as in any war there were refugees on the losing side! I would have considered their return or financial compensation for the Arab refugees a just cause had it not been for the fact that after the loss in 1948 war in ALL Muslim countries, even those who where nowhere near the conflict zone local Jews who had been living there for millennia started to get lynched and mobbed in order for the Muslims to vent their frustration about their defeat and eventually almost all the Jews (about the same number as Palestinian refugees) were kicked out unceremoniously with only the clothes on their back and all their property worth millions of dollars was confiscated! So I guess that settles it! No right of return or compensation for Arabs unless the same is afforded to the Jews! I guess that should settle the matter. The Arab refugees (who most of them now are not even really born in Palestine) should start living in any country that they happen to be in now and accept and come to terms that they lost and that they were the ones who started the aggression. So they only have themselves to blame! As far as invading a land being wrong and bad then I guess you must be ready to condemn all of Islamic imperialist history where they invaded first all of Arabian peninsula and from there they ran over and invaded Iran, Syria, Egypt, all of north Africa and Spain. You must also agree that the Reconquesta by Spanish Christians when they kicked the Arabs out of their land was perfectly justified and in general anywhere outside of the Arabian Peninsula that Arabs live now has been invaded and the leftover of the indigenous should be allowed to kick all the Arab invaders out! Right? Remember that what goes around comes around and what is sauce for the goose it is sauce for the gander! You cannot go around invade your neighbors and force them to your religion and culture and language be proud of it and gloat about it and then complain and cry "justice" when it is done to you!

Nimochka said...
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John said...

Mahdi me old mate: In the last 50 years, if I'm not mistaken Israel's reaction has been against Arab nation's attempted invasion of Israel and annihilation of the Jews living there, in 1967 (Egypt, Syria, Jordan) and in 1973 (Egypt, Syria). Today's lesson: If you try to annihilate a people, expect a reaction der.

donna60 said...

Pat Condell who?

Pat Condell is not an expert on Israeli, Palestian relations. I don't listen to him about anything.

If Rome ever starts tossing Christians into the gladiator ring, again, Pat Condell will be the first one to start shoving his Christian neighbors in, con gusto.

Cristo Te Ama said...

"This isn't even about Religion anymore, it's downright racism"

Again how can people who has a book that says that we are "the worst of creatures" that we must be eliminated for not believing in Allah and his prophet say such things? isn't that intolerance, and considering what Muhamamd said about the blacks i think you shouldn't use the word "racism" so loud. Am i the only one who find these claims so unbelievable.?

Also i think Mahdi should hear first the video or even go further and make some research and find out that the Philistines cough cough Palestines, are not Palestines at all, they are from Jordan, but even if they were Palestines, Palestine never was a country with it's own flag, or army, police, laws, etc. That's just an invention.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are always invading their neighbors land. The Spanish fought 700 years to kick them out. When I was in Israel I met Jews who were willing to make peace, but I didn't meet one Muslim who wanted peace...unless that meant getting rid of the Jews.

Btw, Islam is not a race although it is racist. Ask black people in Saudi Arabia. Islam is also anti-Semetic.

characterbuilder said...

Just watched a video by Condell. He said God doesn't exist then went on a rant and viscously attacked the Bible, Christians,etc.

Now I basically agree with his point about "The Great Palestinian Let".

But considering his worldview I wonder why he really cares what Palestinians do to Jews?

Anonymous said...

To characterbuilder

He explains that in one video. I would link it but I basically know what he said and it would take a while to find it.

True he does not believe in any religion, and use to think Israeli's staying there ridiculous. Why lose life for land?

But he has realized the Israelis are prosperous, peaceful, and contribute to the world - and have a right to exist, and no matter what concessions they make to the muslims, muslims still just want to kill Jews.

There's more to it... it's along those lines though.

So there you go, even atheists recognize evil in muslims.

donna60 said...


You are so right about Pat Condell. And everytime he trash-talks Christians, he says it in that snooty voice, like he really believes that he is so much smarter than us.

characterbuilder said...

To Jim,

I got the basic reason why he "cares". But my point was why would an atheist care what one bag of chemicals does to another bag of chemicals.

In other words how does his worldview support his condemnation of Muslims et. al.

Unless he is an inconsistent an irrational atheist... which of course he is.