Sunday, October 9, 2011

Muslims Killing Spanish Dogs: Kim Again Denies the Obvious

I recently reported that Muslims in Spain are killing dogs, and I attributed their actions to Muhammad's command to kill dogs. Kim, however, doesn't think that these Muslims are following Muhammad's teachings. Let's have a closer look. Here's a Hadith from Muhammad:

Sahih al-Bukhari 3323--Narrated Abdullah bin Umar: Allah's Messenger ordered that the dogs should be killed.

This Hadith is clear and straightforward, commanding Muslims to kill dogs. However, we must remember that the speaker is Muhammad, who often says things in so many different ways that we can't understand what he means without hearing him speak on an issue numerous times (and even then, we have to go to Muslim commentators to figure out what we're supposed to do). So let's look at another Hadith, where Muhammad tells us that certain dogs don't need to be killed.

Sahih Muslim 55--Ibn Mughaffal reported: The Messenger of Allah ordered killing of the dogs, and then said: What about them, i. e. about other dogs? and then granted concession (to keep) the dog for hunting and the dog for (the security) of the herd, and said: When the dog licks the utensil, wash it seven times, and rub it with earth the eighth time.

This Hadith agrees with Bukhari 3323 that dogs, in general, should be killed. However, it allows people to keep dogs for hunting or for protecting the herd. (We can find some other exceptions in Muhammad's conflicting statements, but they're usually similar to these.)

And now we're back to the killing of dogs in Spain. Are Muslims killing hunting dogs? No. Are they killing sheep dogs? No. They're killing dogs that people keep as pets. Did Muhammad allow people to keep dogs as pets? Not at all.

To recap: (1) Muhammad ordered his followers to kill dogs, unless the dogs are used for guarding a herd or for hunting. (2) Most people who have dogs keep them as pets, not for guarding a herd or for hunting. (3) Muhammad's followers are killing people's pet dogs in Spain, behavior which follows directly from (1) and (2). (4) Kim continues to deny the obvious.


Joe Bradley said...

"Kim, however, doesn't think that these Muslims are following Muhammad's teachings."

It doesn't matter that Kim doesn't believe that these Muslims are following Muhammad's teachings, what matters is that the dog killers believe that they are. Even if Kim was right, does this make the dogs any less dead??

donna60 said...

Does Islam by any chance mention shooting pesky squirrels that eat my garden to the bone every summer?

Because my city doesn't allow me to shoot squirrels, I can see a useful answer to the City counsel, if I convert to Islam-- I didn't shoot them because they were eating me out of house and home. I did it for religious freedom.

Baron Eddie said...

The video on YouTube that Kim listed under the title "Killing Dogs in Islam Misconception" ...

If you look on second slide, the video quote from Saheeh Bukhari it has "look good" ending by saying

This is what the video shows

"There are hadith which show people quenched the thirst of a thirsty dog and they got rewarded for it."

Checking that Hadith, actually said that that man his sins was forgiven and he entered Al jana! paradise!

Mohammed ordered to kill ravens too

It is in Arabic

Kim said... dogs

Search 4 Truth said...

@ Kim

We already went there. And the ahadith that they present as evidence supports everything we say. There is nothing there that refutes the fact that Mohamed ordered the killing of dogs.

Why are you sending us to a site that reaches the same conclusions that we have factually reached. This is preposterous! i showed you several of the hadith and they all concurred with what David presented. Wake up, snap out of it! Your suffering from cognitive dissonance!

Search 4 Truth said...

From Kims source.

All black dogs are from shiatan.

Dogs are of two types: those which it is Sunnah to kill and those which are not to be killed. As for those which it is Sunnah to kill, it is the black dog because it is a devil, and the vicious dog because
it is harmful. All other dogs are not to be killed.

So all of the breeds of dogs that
are black will be slaughtered under sharia.

Are we to assume that black people are the devil as well? Because just because a dog had the misfortune to be born black under the darkness of the Islamic mindset, it's ok to kill them indiscriminately. Of course we dont know for sure what Allahs intentions are. This is just one mans subjective interpretation.

he could be totally wrong and then we find out that they slaughtered all the black dogs for his misunderstanding.

WOW I just dont know who or what to believe!

Also a question from a poor naive connedvert:

I have had a dog for 11 years and changed my religion to Islam. I know it is haram to have a dog in the house but the dog was before my change to Islam, will my prayers be excepted? Once the dog passes away I will never ever have another dog because I know now.

The long time that you have had the dog is not a justification for keeping it when the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) has forbidden us to do so and warned us of this great reduction in a person’s reward for good deeds because of that, even if it does not render one’s prayers invalid.

What a sickness Islam is for all the world! I am just disgusted and appalled how people can be so willfully ignorant!

Royal Son said...


Black dogs are all devils lol. Is this yet another scientific miracle of Mohammad?

So any breed of dog that is black is a devil, while that SAME breed of dog, being any other colour is not.

Katsmom said...

The unclean are not the dogs, it is the mouth of mohammed, and his tyrannical political ideology

Katsmom said...

I think I experience this first-hand..walking with my daughter and my two little dogs (leashed) in Berkeley, a woman with a hijab on walking toward us, one of my little dogs veered in her direction.. her reaction was one I had never ever witnessed before.. she backed up several steps and froze against a building, she was looking at me as if to say, "hurry and pass".... what a strange country we have become...change is coming no doubt...
When some billion and a half adhere to the pathological belief of Islam and use it as their marching order of life, the rest of humanity can ignore the threat only at its own peril. Amil Imani