Sunday, October 9, 2011

Muslim Mob Attacks Girls' School

Hey, wait a minute! Our Western media keep telling us that Sharia is simply a set of private guidelines for Muslim living. But wherever Islam spreads, Sharia suddenly becomes a legal system enforced through violence and intimidation, just the way Muhammad preached it. Shouldn't someone tell all these Muslims in Muslim countries that they've got it all wrong, and that they should be following CNN instead of Muhammad?

PAKISTAN--In a first for the garrison city, sixty masked men carrying iron rods barged into a girls’ school in Rawalpindi and thrashed students and female teachers on Friday.

The gang of miscreants also warned the inmates at the MC Model Girls High School in Satellite Town to “dress modestly and wear hijabs” or face the music, eyewitnesses said.

Fear gripped the area following the attack and only 25 of the 400 students studying in the college were present on Saturday. The school employs 30 female teachers.

Attendance in other educational institutions also remained low. After hearing about the attack, all schools in the city shut down, an official of the Rawalpindi District Administration (RDA) told The Express Tribune.

A student of the girls’ school managed to inform the administration of the nearby boys’ high school of the attack. “[However,] the armed gang was so powerful that we could not rescue our teachers and colleagues over there,” Noail Javed, a grade 10 student, said.

In-charge of MC High Schools in Rawalpindi issued a notification to the heads of all girls’ schools to take pre-emptive measures to avoid such incidents in future. According to the notification, a gang comprising 60 to 70 miscreants entered into the school from a gate that was “strangely open”.

All the MC school heads were assigned the responsibility of protecting the students by the notification. A school headmistress wishing not to be named said, “How is it possible for us to protect the students from such elements. The city administration should review its security plan.” (Read more.)


Star of David said...

Backward thinking barbarians who wish to turn the clock back to the 7th century. Once again we can see the consequences of Sharia law in action. Women's rights; are you joking? Just watch how efficient the police aren't in rounding up these animals...

Nick Jona said...

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