Sunday, October 16, 2011

Legal Jihad: U.S. Government Wins Muslim Lawsuit against U.S. School

In 2008, a Muslim school teacher named Safoorah Khan announced to her school that she wanted to leave her job and her students for three weeks in order to take the pilgrimage to Mecca. She expected the school to grant her request and find a three-week replacement. However, the school refused to accommodate her, insisting that teachers can't simply leave their students at an important time of the semester. Khan then quit her job and went on her pilgrimage.

So far so good. If a Muslim teacher refuses to respect her school and her students, she's free to find a job elsewhere. But we're not done.

President Obama's justice department decided to sue the school for "religious discrimination," and now the department has won its lawsuit against the school.

Think about the precedent this sets. If a Muslim applies for a job at a school (or anywhere else), the school cannot refuse to hire the Muslim based on religious grounds. But now Muslim teachers are free to leave their jobs and their students to take the pilgrimage, and it is illegal for schools to object. Hence, schools must now hire teachers that may abandon their students whenever the pilgrimage happens to fall within the school year (i.e. most years).

I guess the next step in the Islamification of our schools will be for Muslim teachers to demand regular prayer breaks, Halal food in the cafeteria, etc.

CHICAGO--A Muslim woman has won her fight against a west suburban school district after being denied unpaid leave to go on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday announced it settled Safoorah Khan’s religious discrimination lawsuit against the Berkeley School District, forcing the district to pay $75,000 in lost back pay, compensatory damages and attorneys’ fees.

The district also will have to develop a policy accommodating religions consistent with the Civil Rights Acts to ensure something similar will not happen again.

Khan, a teacher at MacArthur Middle School, requested an unpaid leave of absence in December 2008 to perform hajj — a pilgrimage required by Islam — but was told she had to choose between her job and her religious beliefs. She resigned.

“I’m glad that we settled and I hope this does set a precedent,” Khan said. “I hope they realize that hajj means a lot to Muslims and there will be more and more people taking the trip. I hope this helps people and their employers to accommodate Muslims and their requests.”

According to the settlement, the district must also provide mandatory training on religious accommodations to all board of education members and school supervisors.

Khan, now 30, says she went to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the year she resigned.

“It’s required once in our lifetime at the earliest opportunity you can get,” she said. (Source)


Cristo Te Ama said...

Obama's way to get some popularity, but if you go against him you would become some kind of "red neck ultra right wing" here in Spain you would be called something like that, in spanish "Un Facha" or a fascist.

Deleting said...

This crosses a line. Tell me she didn't want to get paid for this hajj too.

There are reasonable accomodations employers make, but to take three weeks for hajj during a school session is unacceptable.

I better be allowed to take a trip to Israel and get paid for it. How much you want to bet Obama isn't going to fight for that.

Kneel said...

As a public school teacher, this wouldn't bother me so much, but I'm not sure if most school districts would actually give Christians the time off if the roles were reversed. My guess is probably not.

Nimochka said...

This is outrageous! Because one of my relatives who lives in the US and is a "substitute teacher" not even the main teacher wanted to take a few weeks off to go to our home country to visit her dying mother and was refused to leave for more than a week. So she understood the schools constrains and went in a hurry to say goodbye to her mother for ever in only a few days! But now these Muslims can abandon their students for many weeks to go do a silly pilgrimage that they can do at any time in their life!!??

I have noticed one pattern here in the West with Muslims's demanding accommodation that you Westerners must become alert to. Islamic rules and regulations on the life of the Muslims, inconvenient and cumbersome as they are, are not as bad and strict as many Muslims in the West make them to be. Why they do that? Because if they follow the rules with all the flexibilities that are allowed in its observance they won't get to push for concessions and demand accommodation from the infidel society.

I think they just get a kick out of the fact that they can push infidels around and inconvenience them for the sake of Islam.


1. Pork and pigs are HARAM (forbidden) in Islam to touch and eat or enter the the Muslims' house. But this ONLY apply to real pigs. But I have seen cases that some Muslims objected to the presence of piggy banks and pictures of pigs and pig soft toys too. You don't see this even in Sharia compliant countries like Iran. I had a piggy bank when I was a kid in Iran and I bought it from a normal shop.

2. Eating or touching pork is HARAM(forbidden) but you are allowed to be in the same room where others eat pork provided that you don't touch it and don't eat it. But I have seen time and time again Muslims object even to the presence of pork in school cafeterias even though they can easily avoid eating it or coming into contact with it. be continued

Nimochka said...


3. Even if you get to touch pork or alcohol with your skin it is really not a sin. It only makes you impure. And that's not a big deal because purity is only important when you fast and pray. And all you have to do before you pray is to perform an ablution and you will become pure again. In some cases you need a ritual bath. But that is fine too. And again one needs not to touch pork even if it is served in a cafeteria. Or in case of cashiers who refused to ring up pork also it was just theater! Because all kind of meet from the shop is rapped in plastic and their hand will not come into contact with the actual pork or they can wear surgical gloves to minimize their chances of touching the pork itself.

4.I have heard of this case in canada of Muslims turning the school cafeteria into a mosque under the pretext that they have a very short window of prayer and they will miss it if they don't leave the classroom in the middle of academic hour and rush to pray in this cafeteria. But that is not true!

I grew up in Iran under Islamic regime and we never had to pray in the middle of the school hours. The window of prayer is much bigger than these pushy Muslims in the west pretend. It starts from one call of prayer to the next. The one that school kids encounter is the noon call of prayer which is in midday and the next one is only at sunset! They have two prayer to perform from noon to sunset and they can perform both back-to-back when they come home after school. That's what we were supposed to do in Iran. I think only in Saudi Arabia or some really fanatical countries like that they actually stop the lessons in order to pray.

5. I remember the cabdriver controversy a few years ago when they objected to carrying passengers with alcohol. Then again the prohibition of alcohol only concerns touching it and drinking it. The passengers's alcohol in no way comes into contact with the cabdriver so the hole scandal was contrived and designed to push the infidel and punish the infidel for not following an Islamic rule but it had no religious prohibition for the Muslim cabdriver at all! There are even wavers in case of actually touching the alcoholic substance in case your job requires you to touch alcohol like when you are a nurse or a doctor and you have to touch alcohol sometimes. That's allowed.

.....To be Continued

Nimochka said...


Anyway.... I think we should make one thing VERY clear to Muslims upon immigrating here and also to the ones already here and lobby for it to become the law that Muslims or people of any given religion should be free to adopt the lifestyle required by their religion with all of its limitations insofar as ALL of the inconveniences and difficulties that comes with that lifestyle is born by them and them alone.

NOBODY, I mean NOBODY should be in anyway required to take one little tiny step out of his or her way and be inconvenienced in any way shape or form so that these people could carry on with the limitations that they set on themselves. We don't believe in those limitations and we should not be encumbered by them in anyway!

For example, if a Hijabi Muslim woman knows that a place of work has a uniform policy or any other type of limitation in dress code she should not apply for that job. Period! Stay away!

If they insist on eating Halal meat they should pack their meal from home and never even bother anybody else to go look for Halal meat for public and school cafeterias etc... This should be the individual Halal observer's problem and responsibility alone!

If they insist on staying away from a place where pork is served and not touching it is not enough for them then they should eat at home or pack their lunch and eat it in some other room or something like that instead of depriving everybody else of their right to eat pork.Oh! And that other room in which they go to eat to stay away from pork SHOULD NOT be built or refurbished as a Muslim only cafeteria or anything like that! It should be some spare room, or even the empty classroom used AS IT IS! No one should go looking for new cafeteria furniture or anything and no expenses should be imposed so that these guys could stay away from pork! The inconveniences and hardships of this lifestyle should be only born by them!

If Muslim women want to go swimming they should not deprive men from using the local swimming pools even one day of the week! That hours and days might be the only days and hours that some men can use those facilities. The Muslim women should either refrain from swimming (it is not a must!!) or they should rent a whole swimming hall which is available for rent with their own resources. They can pull their resources together and do that every now and then or they can save money and build a Muslim women only facility themselves! But they should not force municipal facilities to shot their doors on men EVER! Again if they can't do any of that they should not go swimming. PERIOD!

Examples like these abound! They should practice their faith insofar as it inconvenience no one and requires no one to change anything or bare any expenses at all on their behalf and certainly it should be acceptable according to laws and values of their adopted country. Otherwise they should just forget about it or go back where they came from.

Nimochka said...

I watched this video and boiled in frustration:

This Muslim outrageous behavior seems to be epidemic even in Down under!!

Search 4 Truth said...

This result stems fro ignorance.

Radical Moderate said...

The Purple...

Brilliant simply brilliant. Thats going in my manefesto :)

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