Friday, October 14, 2011

Child Marriage in the Qur'an

Funny, I was about to make a video where I put together the Muslim commentaries on Surah 65:4, but someone beat me to it.


D. Collaric said...

The kooraan makes about it the claim that it is a very clear book. I am surprised that in order to REALLY understand this clear book, so many commentaries are used. Clarifications written by men who never claimed to be the "messenger" of allah. Are now these "clarification" the last words on the subject? Its like someone in the first few hundreds of christian history wrote a commentary on the words deed of Jesus, and then this becomes almost part of the "Holy Scripture"

Toll said...

Muslims defend it by claiming that it was the general cultural practice of Mohammed's time.

Traeh said...

Scholarly and sleek presentation. Very impressive.

D335 said...

I have no more than objection, objection and objection.

My background is medical science and psychological development. In everyday work, I found many girls/ young woman UNFIT to be a mother (or not ready YET).

The big question is why? The lack of knowledge for someone to marry as well as the lack of knowledge to ADDRESS day to day problems involving child bringing and just health concept.

Though I'm considered a low-class GP in a 3rd world nation, (actually the largest muslim nation in the world) I often found that this young wives /mothers do not know OR understand simple things such as:

1. what to do when your kids develop fever or any other symptoms of illness. They often cry and wait for something to happen. (I'm not talking about geniuses which happen to receive good education and financially stable family.)
2. the drive to search medical help since the husband cared for money more than his children, which in this case the mother SHOULD be very alarmed when their kid's condition suddenly going worst.
Yes, I'm talking the same idea of making kid is more fun than taking care of a kid.
3. Mother health issues, since these young brides mind mostly not yet capable to understand how long an interval between the first kid to the second and the third. Even if we kept repeating the same message every time. Most of these young brides are baby machines!
I often answered calls to assist deliveries which often involved ruptured uterus, uncontrollable bleeding etc, etc. And Yes! we also informed the father also the same message.
4. Taking a higher value of family's advice rather than health professional advice, even in the event that such advice is blatantly wrong!.
I cannot compete with the granny advice since the mother respect the granny words more than her actual logic works.
There is an example:
"not to take a bath when your children is developing fever". The case is varicella, in which the virus rapidly multiply and therefore the kid face has serious secondary bacterial infection.

Tons of reasons for me to tell that child marriage is the dumbest illogical thing to do. If women made to be the object of sex (most of marriages here are polygamists) or baby machines, you should expect serious repercussions!

May I remind you that in the old age the maternal mortality rate was too damn high... well it was well reduced in the western countries. But it (MMR) increases in this third world nation! You should expect that the numbers of population going down, but NOT if the birth rate going up like NASA's space shuttle launch!

In the 80's Indonesia is 200 million strong but today is 235 million and going UP.

Is the understanding of Islamic view against Medical science coincides or not, well... it doesn't go along with logic and therefore creating more social problems as low care for children and the crime rate increases!

I've no input from Christianity view against such child marriage, at least I get to blow some steam.

D335 - Jakarta Indonesia.

Sihol said...

Toll said...

Muslims defend it by claiming that it was the general cultural practice of Mohammed's time.

Big flaw in this "defense". Just because it's the "general culture", it doesn't make it right.

In Sodom and Gomorah, the culture was all sort of sexual perversion including homosexuality. But I see Muslims are against that? In some tribes, cannibalism is the "general culture". I suppose that means we should allow cannibalism? This is similar to atheistic arguments, "animals perform homosexuality", so it's natural. Well, animals also perform cannibalism, does that mean it's natural for us animals?

Besides, why would "God" adhere His law to the pagan arab tradition? Probably because it was not God but rather an arab pagan man trying to make his own new religion.

Rale said...
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Nimochka said...

TheRationilizer also has a superb video on this topic and a few subsequent videos in response to a Taqiyya-paddling Muslim who posted videos trying to object to his initial video and obfuscate the matter. I strongly urge you to watch it!

Nimochka said...

By the way, where is Osama Abdallah when we need him!? When is he going to come here and entertain us by saying: "But Marry mother of Jesus got married when she was 13 to Josef who was 90!" or try to bring unrelated Old Testament verses!?

donna60 said...


Look, I was a modern twenty something American woman when I had my children, and I frequently didn't know what to do when my babies got sick. I would also "Cry and wait for something to happen."

Fortunately they survived.

Cristo Te Ama said...

i Think the worst part isn't just that you can marry a lil kid, but devorce her, what could possible have done to you a pre pubertal girl that you may want to devorce her? a childish behavior? not wanting to eat her soap? i mean this just goes far beyond any rationality.

quranteaching1989 said...

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Unknown said...

I have just had a discussion with a Muslim on youtube under one of your vids ( )where the person talks about that Christ did not go willingly to the cross. I gave him my answer using the scripture John 10:11-18 he apparently did not want to see what the scripture said used the typical Muslim response ending with insults talking about the ministers that abuse children in Christianity, I was very amused by this, seeing how Islam is clear on the subject of child abuse i.e child marriages. Looking at this vid here on this page to give him evidence in his own scriptures that as we know we do not find in ours.

Unknown said...

I need chapter and verse references to child marriage and abuse. Please and thank you.

David Wood said...


Chapter 65, verse 4 gives rules for divorcing a girl who hasn't reached puberty. The Hadith are also full of narrations about Muhammad having sex with a nine-year-old girl.

Unknown said... 5 volume58.hadith 236..Khadiga died three years before the prophet departed to medina he stayed there 2years and then he married Aisha when she was 6yrs and he consummated that marriage when she was 9yrs...BUKHARI BOOK 7.volume62.Hadith64..Narrated Aisha,the prophet married me age 6yrs consummated age 9yrs I remained with him 9yrs until his death....BUKHARI BOOK7 VOLUME62 hADITH18....Mohd states to Abu Bakr(Aishas father)Aisha is lawful for me to marry