Friday, September 23, 2011

Muslim Convert Janice Brown Cries "Religious Discrimination" after Hospital Refuses to Engage in Gender Discrimination

Muslims are trying really, really hard to be the victims, and the media are trying really, really hard to make their wish come true.

Janice Brown is a convert to Islam. Based on her reading of the Qur'an, she believes that it would be a sin to take off her clothes in the presence of a male doctor. Hence, when she needed treatment for hemorrhoidal bleeding, she requested a female doctor. The hospital, however, refused to discriminate based on gender. That is, they refused to seek out a female doctor for Brown when a perfectly capable male doctor was available. The result? Brown is now claiming that, by refusing to discriminate against a doctor based on gender, the hospital discriminated against a Muslim based on religion. The media are supporting her, and the hospital is launching an investigation.

Now for the hilarious part. In the video below, Brown quotes from the Hilali-Khan translation of Surah 24:31 to explain why she can't take off her clothes in front of a male doctor. Apparently, no one over at Fox News bothered to read the entire verse when they decided to take Brown's discrimination claim seriously. The verse reads:

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.) and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent (like palms of hands or one eye or both eyes for necessity to see the way, or outer dress like veil, gloves, head-cover, apron, etc.), and to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms, etc.) and not to reveal their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husband's sons, their brothers or their brother's sons, or their sister's sons, or their (Muslim) women (i.e. their sisters in Islam), or the (female) slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And all of you beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful.

Notice that this translation commands Brown to cover her face (except for one or both eyes). Yet when she's being interviewed for her anti-Muslim discrimination clip, she wears a simple hijab:

Notice also that the translation she quotes never says it's okay for female doctors to examine her. The Hilali-Khan translation only allows certain men, Muslim women, female slaves, and children to see Brown's "adornment." Hence, her request to the hospital should have gone something like this:

"I need to see a doctor. But I will only allow a doctor to examine me if the doctor is my husband, or my father, or my husband's father, or my son, or my husband's son, or my brother, or my brother's son, or my sister's son, or my sister in Islam, or my female slave, or an old male servant who lacks vigor, or a small child. And if you do not provide me with such a doctor, you are a hate-mongering, Islamophobic bigot who is discriminating against my religion!"

On a side note, I have to ask a question. What's more disturbing: (a) letting a trained male medical doctor treat your hemorrhoidal bleeding, or (b) letting your son, your stepson, your nephew, old men, and young children look at your vagina? According to Brown, (b) is perfectly acceptable, while (a) is an abomination.

Strange religion she converted to.

Muslim Woman: Hospital Mocked Her Faith:

FOXNEWS--A Muslim woman says she was forced to leave Abington Memorial Hospital without the care she needed, after a hospital staffer insulted her religion.

Janice Brown, 25, is a convert to the Islamic faith. And she suffers from periodic hemmoroidal bleeding, dating back to the birth of her daughter.

Late Thursday night, that bleeding led brown to the emergency room at Abington Memorial.

Brown says she'd called ahead, verifying that she'd be examined by a female doctor.

As a Muslim, it would be a sin for Janice to allow a non-related man to see her uncovered genital region.

But once inside the examination room, she was greeted by a man.

"The charge nurse came in- his name was James, though he went by Jim- and he told me that Abington Hospital does not discriminate and I'm not allowed to choose a preference whether i see a male doctor or a female doctor," says Brown.

The hospital's own web site includes a list of patients' rights that includes the right to medical and nursing services without discrimination based upon religion.

Janice's sister had joined her and confronted told the charge nurse.

"'You're asking her to go against her beliefs and commit sins because you don't want to find her a female doctor," she said.

And he said, 'I'm sure god will forgive her.'"

"I don't know if it was more of a mocking thing coming from the charge nurse- for him to tell me, 'oh, God's gonna forgive you.' You're not the one to make that decision in my life," says Janice Brown.

Brown says she stormed out and ultimately drove 45 minutes to another hospital, where she was treated without incident by a female physician.

She got home at 4 a.m.

"I think it's just a form of ignorance, basically. People not knowing or not taking the time to know or educate themselves about other religions so they can be sympathetic," said Brown.

Abington Memorial would not talk to us on camera.

In a written statement, the hospital promised a thorough investigation of Janice's claims.

They note that care providers may be assigned by gender if the request is based on religious beliefs but that the patient may have to wait for that gender-specific doctor.

Brown says she just wants an apology. (Source)


Baron Eddie said...

Calling Congressman Mike Quigley

Calling Congressman Mike Quigley

please, respond ...

another apology needed immediately ...

Radical Moderate said...

WOW, again WOW, so thanks Jancie for telling the entire world that you suffer from Hemroidal Bleeding. There are some things I really don't want nor need to know. And a woman or man suffering from Hemroidal bleeding is at the top of my list.

Well she got what she wanted she "SUFFERED" for her faith and got to tell the entire world that she suffers from not only from Hemroidal bleeding but from the evil islamaphobic staff at this hospital.

Kim said...

Strange way to interpret things.

My Two Sense said...

"What's more disturbing: (a) letting a trained male medical doctor treat your hemorrhoidal bleeding, or (b) letting your son, your stepson, your nephew, old men, and young children look at your vagina? According to Brown, (b) is perfectly acceptable, while (a) is an abomination."

I have a question David. Doesn't Allah "forgive you in emergency situations"? If she had to have the male doctor look at her and had no other choice? I thought there was always some exception clause in that way for Muslims. Maybe I misunderstood.

Cristo Te Ama said...

I remember when i was on med school, and my doctor (female) once told me to stay on the room while she checked a muslim woman (ginecology), she said "we are not whores here in spain, any of us like another guy to see our parts, yet when we go to the hospital (student hospitals with no charges at treatment) we go to see a doctor because we are sick, and it doesnt matter if it is male or female so if she wants to be treated with no charges in a student hospital she will do as i say" ofc i have praphrased it a lil bit, but the message was that, so when the time came, the woman said that she didnt want me there, if i must be honest i didnt want to stay there either it was almost at the ending of the morning and i have had enough for one day, but my doctor told her clear water that if she didnt want any male to check her parts then she would have to go to a private hospital, since that one was a student hospital and students are male and female and both must learn, so after she argued with her for some mins, she accepted to be checked but she told us not to tell her husband (as if i care to see their partners faces and told them about their wives parts). I must say that my Doctor became my hero in that moment, because she is not racist at all, i ve seen her treating women from all races and beliefs (i.e gypsies) and she knows that any women likes to be seen in those parts for strangers and it isnt only for religion, but as the others had to accept me there, she would do it, and so she did, it was a lil victory not for any religion but for justice. I know the medical system in the U.S is not the same, but i think that it should be the same, because why i must be discriminated by my sex (male), why a religion can discriminate me for being a male trying to do my job, if that is allowed in all hospital, they will prefer to hire females and we male doctors would be discriminated for our sex (which we can not decide), but these muslims surely are those that later say that they are being discriminated in their jobs for being muslims, even when their jobs requires some clothings standarts etc etc, i find amazing why muslims are so double standart, tey they will always say that islam is so comprensive, peaceful, ectc etc, only word that comes to my mind is hypocrites.

donna60 said...

I only get treatment from women medical professions, if it involves the places of my body that make me uncomfortable. I had home-birth. I used a female doctor and a female midwife. I suppose, not if it was an emergency, but for medical treatments that I can chose, I always chose a woman.

I have a right to feel uncomfortable, and I have a right to chose my own medical provider. Most women feel the same way that I do, but they don't want to "cause problems" or "put up a fuss." I simply am less concerned about the fuss, than I am my own personal emotions.

Deleting said...

Can I interject on something here?
I am not a nurse. Or a doctor. I fainted once because someone was talking about blood.
But my mother is a nurse and has at least 10 years emergency room experience.
How quickly a doctor sees you depends on the severity of the case.
When someone is bleeding they don't wait (in most cases) in the emergency waiting room, they are usually sent on back from triage to a waiting room.
Doctors see you as soon as their done with the other case or procedure.
I can see where the issue would be and sympathize with any women-muslim or not-who would want a female doctor or a male doctor, but it's an emergency room. You take what you can get if you want help.
And as I said, I'm not a doctor but it seems if this is a reoccuring problem she needed to go to her ob/gyn after the first, and at most the second, emergency room visit because there's a major problem there that probably requires surgery.
To keep going back to the er is not a wise move for her long term health.

David Wood said...


I see no problem with a woman requesting a female doctor. But if she's in the emergency room, and a male doctor is the only one available, I certainly object to her running to the media, complaining of religious discrimination, and the media treating the situation as a virtual hate crime.

Brown wasn't denied treatment based on her religious beliefs. The hospital offered her the services they had available, and she rejected the services based on her religious beliefs. Big difference.

goethechosemercy said...

The article said that she stormed out and drove for 45 more minutes.
If her condition was that severe, she would not have been storming anywhere.
And making a complaint based on religious discrimination would have been the last thing on her mind.

Negeen Mayel said...

I feel really sympathetic to her. The hospital didn't say that it was the only nurse they had available. They said they don't "discrimate" - basically saying "too bad so sad, you can't see a female doctor even if we have one." I think she had every right to storm off. Whether or not it was the right thing to do to go to the media is her prerogative.

Deleting said...

David I have a question.
I know the koran lists who you can show your 'adornments' to, but is there special privileges for imams too?

Deleting said...

respectfully Negeen I disagree with you.

Look at it from the hospital staff perspective: If they can accomodate they will but most times they're not in the position to pull a female doctor from another room because a patient-muslim, sikh, hindu or christian-would prefer to see them.

Many of them are short staffed as it is and we don't know what the case load was like that night.
I know Janice wouldn't have thought of that. Nor should she, but it's not a matter of religious discrimination or insentivity. At my mom's old hospital they had a back hospital room where the doctor would crash out because they could and would be called at any moment to go take care of another patient because they were on call after working a 12-13 hour shift.

Its a matter of get to as many people and treat them in the best possible way.
There was a reason my mom quit working ERs five years ago.

minoria said...


I just read Farhan Qureshi's praise of Nabeel and David,that's great,he's a great guy.I did not know he was still debating,and with a pastor also.Great to hear from you Farhan.

And great to hear from Negeen.I did not know she still read us.

For both of them,and because I think it is important knowledge,for me the case for Christianity is strong.All this should be taught in SUNDAY SCHOOL and preached in the Churches(I do not think it ever will).I mean,we have:


1.Gary Habermas' analysis of 3,400 articles on the resurrectin since 1975(to read the details go to the comment section about Ehtesham's video).

2.Prophecies in the OT that COINCIDE with Christian ideas about Jesus.You can NOT say Christians invented them,the Jews have it,it is INDEPEDENT confirmation there was no fraud.

3.Strong evidence there is a God.

4.Licona's brilliant argument about the historicity of the resurrection(none of which is based on OT prophecies or that the Bible is the word of God or without contradictions,errors,etc)(see the comment section about Ehtesham's video)

minoria said...


5.Gary habremas brilliant idea of collecting,during 10 years,100 medically confirmed reports of VERIFIABLE evidence that at death or near death people have an existence SEPARATE from their bodies.It is EMPIRICAL but it does not say which religion is true,or if the soul is immortal,or if there is a God,etc.


He argues that since there is such evidence then the coming to life of a body 2,000 years ago is NOT impossible.It is NOT "Extraordinary claims require EXTRAORDINARY evidence",no,it is "Extraordinary claims require ORDINARY evidence",and Habermas has given us the ordinary,empirical evidence.

See this lecture about it for details:


It is a math equation to calculate the probabilities of events.The brilliant Christian philosopher wrote in 2003 "The Resurrection of God Incarnate" where he applied Baye's theorem that Jesus resurrected and found it was 97%.


First,the 4 gospel accounts constituted ONLY 5% of the evidence.

1.He put the probability of the EXISTENCE of GOD=50%.

2.If God exists then the probability he became incarnate=50%.
3.Probability the 4 gospels would report the life and resurrection of Jesus accurately=10%.

4.1 in 1000 the probability we would have all this evidence if it was NOT true.
So in spite of all that he got:the probability that God resurrected Jesus from the dead=97%.


Look,we have 6 independent or mostly indepedent lines of evidence and they are all are strong cases that Christianity is true (not Islam)....the rest is faith,but a faith based on evidence.

Charis kai Eirene said...

Maybe she did prefer a female gynecologist; some women do. That is understandable and should be accommodated if possible. However, as someone pointed out, the ER is different from visiting your primary care physician--people have to take what they can get. And I don't see why we can't take this nurse's comment as sincere, "Surely God will not hold it against you for getting your necessary medical treatment."

Then again maybe Ms. Jones was right on one thing, this nurse WAS ignorant to make that remark. He didn't know how much Allah loathes women, especially bleeding women. Shame on him for not being sympathetic to Allah's misogynistic bigotry lol!

David did a great job of exposing Ms. Brown's inconsistency: If she really was trying to obey the Qu'ran, then why didn't she follow all of the instructions? What this really seems to be a case of is that Ms. Brown wanted to make a self-righteous show of modesty at the hospital and make other people do what she wanted, and then when she didn't get her way, she threw a temper tantrum, childishly storming off and boohooing to the media, exaggerating the supposed offenses against her!

I also am very sympathetic to this poor deluded soul. What a pitiable state she must be in to have to make such a scene, to whimper for sympathy and to slander others to feel important. If Ms. Brown was hoping to promote appreciation of what her religion teaches, then based on her example, I can't say that I'm impressed with the spiritual fruit Islam has to offer women: hypocrisy, immaturity, and misrepresentation of reality.

Fisher said...

To be fair on this lady, I don't think a lot of conservative Christian women (especially married ones) would want to be checked up on by male gynecologists either.

That being said, however, it is so typical of an adherent of the religion of perpetual outrage to make a huge fuss over this and even make the news because of their fussing.

Radical Moderate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JB said...

The hospital was not short staffed and there were women doctors present. Yes if there was no woman present and I did not have the ability to get to another care facility to be seen by a female doctor God would have forgiven me. But that's not the case here. Please understand when you see the news or read articles that not everything is included. My interview was for 45 minutes and the general public only got a brief 2 minute explanation. Also the translation of the Quran in any religion causes a lot of misinterpretations. I would be more than happy to translate the Quran word for word without any parenthetical suggestions of what certain phrases "may" mean. Thanks for those who are supporting this issue and to the others I still appreciate you because I have your attention.

David Wood said...

Greetings, Janice.

If you'd like to share any important details that were left out of the news report, feel free to write up your account and send it to me. I'll post it on the blog. You already have a few people on your side. You may be able to convince more.

Radical Moderate said...

JB Welcome I hope you have recovered from your condition and I do sympathasie.

However look at what you wrote...

"Yes if there was no woman present and I did not have the ability to get to another care facility to be seen by a female doctor God would have forgiven me.

WHat kind of GOD do you worship? That it is a sin to seek relief from your suffering becasue it is a male who administers that relief.

Do you think any normal man would get sexual arousal or gratification from a woman bleeding from her rectum?

Do you really think that any normal man would want to see your BLEEDING ANSUS?

Don't get me wrong, man is fallen and there are deviants of all kinds. There are men who get sexually aroused from watching woman stomping on bugs, barefoot or with shoes. Does that mean its a sin if a man sees you step on a bug either with barefeet or in heals?

Did you ever think to be grateful that there was someone; anyone who was willing to look at the bleeding anus in order to provide treatment to relieve your suffering?

You wanted a female doctor I can apreciate that; however what if that female doctor was a lesbian and you did or did not know it? Would that matter to your GOD? Would it still be a sin that you would need to be forgiven?

The point is you were suffering and in pain, and you have a GOD that would consider it a sin to seek releif from that suffering and pain becasue a man would have to see the disgusting symptoms of your disiese.

I thank the true living GOD that I do not worship your god.

donna60 said...

I don't think men and women are ever going to agree on this. The men I know just let anything all hang out and don't appear to have any modesty.

Women detest being looked at by strange men. The book "The Hidden Malpractice: How American Medicine Mistreats Women" describes a gynocology exam performed on an older woman in a hospital. Notwithstanding her protests, her legs were tied onto stirrups, and forced open, and a speculum was inserted, while male medical students stood around watching.

Gena Corea, the author of the book, called it rape. It is.

donna60 said...

David, I am on her side! Go Janice!

Cristo Te Ama said...

I dont know how to feel about women comments in this web, they say "we support you janice" but i wonder what would happen if u work in a mechanic, and when u are about to repair the car of a guy he says he wants a male mechanic since he doesnt want a female touching his car, isnt that discrmination? I would see many women on the streets protesting for that, i dont care if there were or no female doctors, i as a male doctor feel discrimination from women like the ones i have read on this web, and it doesnt have anything to do with religion, i know the exaple i gave is different yet if she felt discriminated for her religiĆ³n, and chbristian women feel discrimination in another way, i hope u be honest next time when men doesnt want u touching their cars, money, police stations etc, or is that we m/ales are the ones who evolve in our thouths but women shouldnt do the same?

abbyh said...

Well, as a woman who has had both female and male doctors (obgyn and others) who have looked at my intimate anatomy, I don't just automatically side with Janice.

I am reminded of some volunteer work I used to do on a hotline (suicide, rape, rapist, lonely, any problem). We did not focus on trying to find a volunteer who had been through a divorce just because the caller wanted to talk about their divorce ... because the caller might want to stay in the divorce while the volunteer might think it was the best thing to happen. So we focused on their feelings and explored options.

Janice wanted a female doctor. A male may or may not have been better for her with this presenting physical problem.

Deleting said...

Greetings as well.
But with all due respect, my post was to explain the situation from the point of view of a hospital ER staff position. They are understaff in many instances around the country and I'm assuming the ER you went to would be typical of most around the country.

However I'm going to hold to my position because you're not on staff at this hospital. You don't know for a fact if it is short staffed or not. Seeing a lot of doctos, even women doctors, does not mean they were operating at full staff. You could have come in just as the doctors were changing shifts and going home.

Most doctors and nurses still have to finish charting and noting before they sign out and they're tying up loose ends before they do so. If they're doing that they're not available to see patients because they're trying to finish up and give the doctors coming onshift as much information possible before they leave.

I appreciate your posting on here and hope you're feeling better and your situation has improved.

Deleting said...

cristo I think the point janice wanted to make is 1) she saw female doctors there and got a man and 2)the doctor who saw her said something offensive to her.

However, I want to restate the hospital patient bill of rights says they will treat anyone regardless of religion. They didn't turn her away for treatment.
They refused to accomodate her request. They have the right to do that.
However I did do some reflection on this. The doctor made a flippant remark. She took offense to it. The remark itself may require a write up on the doctor but Janice could have made that complaint privately to the hospital administration staff and not go to the local news media and claim discrimination.

volanj said...

JB, hope you feel better.

You did get my attention, but this is not the attention you want. Your case just proves to me that time and time again Muslims demand special accommodations and can't care less if their demands discriminate against others – in your case, against hospital staff’s gender.

donna60 said...

CristoTeAma, I don't care if your feelings get hurt. We aren't talking about a doctor examining a broken arm in this case. We are talking about a woman having to remove underclothing to treat very private areas of the body.

You don't have a right to rob a woman of dignity, just because you are a MD, and someone taught you that that makes you god. There are female physicians and RNs and nurse practioners who can be called upon to render women care.

This is the deal. If facilities offer that to women, women are going to ask for female care givers exclusively, because every woman is going to choose a woman over a man in this case. And I suspect you know it.

And you know what? I also detest men cutting my hair. I get my hair cut at a beauty school, and for the last year I have been told that I have to take the next student in line, and that I can not ask for a woman, because it is "discrimination." Well so it is!

I tell them that if a male comes out to cut my hair, then I am going to "change my mind" about getting my hair cut that day. So far, I have always been given a woman. But I mean what I say. I have rights to who touches my body in a nonemergency situation.

whereu said...

Infidelophobia strikes again.

Radical Moderate said...

@Deleting, Donna, Abbyh, CristoTeAma and many others.

ALthough you have all made vallid points, and I agree a woman should have the right to choose a female or male doctor, however I aslo agree that the ER is not a place to make that decision.

I think the main point is that she worships a GOD who would consider it a SIN if she saw a male doctor to seek medical releif from a bleeding hemoriads.

What kind of a GOD is this that she worships.

volanj said...

Donna60 said: "..every woman is going to choose a woman over a man in this case."

Donna60, please speak for yourself. I am a woman; if in the emergency room and bleeding from my rectum, I would not be choosing a woman over a man or a man over a woman. I would be happy if a qualified doctor of any gender took care of me ASAP.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Donna60 said..
"CristoTeAma, I don't care if your feelings get hurt. We aren't talking about a doctor examining a broken arm in this case. We are talking about a woman having to remove underclothing to treat very private areas of the body.

You don't have a right to rob a woman of dignity, just because you are a MD, and someone taught you that that makes you god. There are female physicians and RNs and nurse practioners who can be called upon to render women care."

You don't care if my feelings get hurt, it's interesting Donna because you do care if yours or other women get hurt but not mine, i don't try to attend her because of my pride or because i want to hurt their feelings, i do it because that's my job..
Then you say that i am good to check a broken arm but not a vagina which i have been taught to treat, but it's ok, you have a doble standart, if a women gets discriminated for being in the army or something like that, women (in western) complain , and i as a male would say i.e "if we need someone to clean the boats, to cook some food or to fix our clothes women will be capable to do that, because we men don't want women playing around in the police or something like that, because it is a very important part of our society" , yet if i as male get discriminated while doing my job, it's ok because i am a man. Maybe soon women here in western will not teach our kids because they are "mental deficient" (according to one "prophet" we all know) and you will not have any moral to say otherwise, because as you bring the subject that i am not capable to do my job as doctor with my full profesionality because i will get some kind of excitement for watching her private parts (which is wrong) they will say women can't teach because they are "stupid" (which is also wrong). Then you say i rob dignity from a women and go further and say that it makes me feel god, thats a lie, you don't even know me and you put thoughts on me i do not have, i do not rob a male dignity when i do a prostate exam because i was trained to do that, i do not rob a patient dignity when i check them in the E.R in the very moment they get there and i have to nude them to check if there is not any other injury, because i was trained to do that as a doctor and thats my job, not because "i feel god", but don't worry, positive discrimination is what is letting muslims get power in western, positive discrimination in your feminism may give you some power now, but if you can make the math, i think you will realise that positive discrimination toward muslims sooner or later will end positive discrimination towards women.
Now i won't spend more time discussing this with you Donna, part of democracy is to think different one from the other and keep the debate on peaceful terms, you exosed your point, i exposed mine, but in your point i should be banned from any gynecology service and birth room and that isn't according to the western spirit of equality so far i know.

Cristo Te Ama said...

volanj said...
Donna60 said: "..every woman is going to choose a woman over a man in this case."

Donna60, please speak for yourself. I am a woman; if in the emergency room and bleeding from my rectum, I would not be choosing a woman over a man or a man over a woman. I would be happy if a qualified doctor of any gender took care of me ASAP.

That's true, thx i find a woman who isn't radical, we could argue about a normal check in the hospital, a woman could decide between a male or female, but it is shocking to think, that you are bleeding dangerously and yet don't let me (the doctor doing the guard) make my job :S- I have a mother and sister, and i love them both, i don't want anyone to humilliate them but they think the same way you think Volanj, but maybe i ask too much from other women because of what i ve learned from my Mom and Sister (both working on Hospitals)..

Cristo Te Ama said...

RM said..
"I think the main point is that she worships a GOD who would consider it a SIN if she saw a male doctor to seek medical relief from a bleeding hemoriads"

Yep you are right, that's why i will drop this subject now. Also is interesting a god who commands the women to cover, and yet he allows prostitution, rapes and marry kids, which is a bigger humilliation to any women, than a man just watching some of their parts...

donna60 said...

Volonj, so far as I know, hemorrhoids aren't life threatening. Can't you buy some tube of OTC medicine for them, anyway?

And people are constantly abusing ERs. I started working fo an ER stat lab last year, and I am about to pull my hair out. It costs over $1,000 dollars for an ER visit, and I don't think it is that expensive to treat a UTI at a doctor's office. But an unbelievable number women come into ERs for UTIs

So I can see making a woman wait for a nonemergency, but I can't understand telling her that she can't have a woman care provider, at all.

donna60 said...

Janice, the last time I checked, there were six English versions of the Koran on the internet. Why do you believe that I should pay attention to your translation instead of one of these?

Which versions of the Koran do you believe were poorly translated?

Anonymous said...

She is crying about a male Dr but her Hijab is not correct, I guess when you live in the West you can pick and choose what parts of the shariah you feel like following...lucky western muslims.

simple_truth said...

To me, it's fairly straightforward. The ER is not a place for a patient to pick and choose their doctor. The ER operates on a first come, first serve and priority basis; consequently, demanding a male or female doctor is an unnecessary burden placed upon the staff since resources are not meted out in a more organized manner like a planned visit where one should have more input to demand a male or female doctor, or even in some cases, a specific doctor. In an ER environment, one should just be thankful that there are competent doctors to treat them.

IMO, it is not an emergency if one is going to worry about who treats them, given the assumption that all doctors assigned to that patient are trained to treat the specific problem properly. I would hope that the patients would also have some understanding that emergencies are not the norm and shouldn't have the same expectations as with a planned visit. The patients have a duty, IMO, to adjust their expectations in emergencies. Unplanned circumstances require concessions in the real world; so, why would an emergency be any different?

hugh watt said...

A Muslim female goes into a hospital and needs treatment in her private area(s). When a male doctor arrives to assist her she refuses his help on religious grounds, stating that she'd rather have a woman doctor see to her. As the woman doctor arrives the Muslim finds out the woman is a lesbian and refuses treatment from her also. She is then asked, 'what kind of a doctor would be acceptable and inoffensive to you?' She replies, 'why, a Muslim woman of course!' Minutes later a Muslim woman doctor approaches, but before she can check the patient she finds out the doctor was a 6yr old when she first married her then 51yr old husband who had killed her father and brother because they refused to become Muslims and married her whilst she was still in the doll playing stage. She also discovered he had married multiple wives but only had 4 at one time, and he had a number of Muta marriages in his past. As the doctor reads her notes she tells her about a dream her husband had the night before in which he dreamt of a black woman and interpreted this as the sign of a coming epidemic.

With this said she gladly accepts her assistance.

donna60 said...


I was wrong to suggest that you feel like god, because you are an MD. Please forgive me.

Can someone really bleed dangerously from hemorrhoids? I don't know. You tell me.

I work in the blood bank, and we have poured buckets of blood into a patient's veins from a GI bleed, but I have never heard of a hemorrhoid bleed causing such a large amount of blood that a patient needs a transfusion of RBCs.

In any case, I wish that you would reconsider your views on treating women. Forcing a woman to receive treatment in such a way that causes her to feel humiliation, can't be the most holistic and humane way to treat a patient.

In that case, her feelings are more important than yours. Isn't that part of the Hypocritic oath? "To above all else, do no harm?"

My Two Sense said...

JB - I sincerely hope you are feeling better. I also hope that you understand that most people were concerned with your health and your right to get immediate care. I think that most people, male or female, naturally do not like being treated by someone of the opposite gender. I get that it is a part of your religion. When I asked "I thought there was always some exception clause in that way for Muslims." I was not being sarcastic. I was actually asking if you had no other choice would Allah forgive you and you answered yes in your comments.