Saturday, September 24, 2011

British Government Funding Polygamous Muslim Marriages

I'm absolutely shocked that Muslims are taking advantage of the British government to further their Islamic agenda. Who could have imagined it?

So here's what's going on in the UK. Many British Muslims are importing numerous wives from Muslim countries. Muslims marry these women in Islamic ceremonies that are not reported to the British government. These women then start having children. Since the women aren't officially married and are regarded as single mothers with multiple children, the British government gives them housing benefits, money, food, etc. In other words, polygamy is being funded by the British government. And while a Muslim man is producing ten or fifteen children through his three or four government-funded wives, non-Muslim British parents are having one or two children. Do the math and tell me what the UK will be like in 50 years.

Of course, government officials are helpless to do anything about these polygamous marriages, because any action against Muslims will be regarded as hate-filled, anti-Islamic, racist bigotry.

United Kingdom--Ghulam is a taxi driver who lives in Blackburn, a once-booming textile town in Lancashire. He has a terrace house near his local mosque (one of 53 in the area), a silver Nissan car and a very complex private life.

For he has so many children that he struggles to remember their names, and five wives from various countries, including Yemen, Egypt, Turkey and his own birthplace, Pakistan.

Ghulam’s latest bride is a shy 20-year-old called Hafeza. He brought her to Britain from Morocco, soon after his 45th birthday earlier this year. They married in an Islamic wedding ceremony called ‘the Nikah’ in her village, with Hafeza’s pleased parents among the guests.

Thirty miles across the Pennines in Yorkshire, pizza delivery driver Wasim, 27, has an equally complicated domestic life.

He lives in a part of Dewsbury called Savile Town, a network of 11 terrace streets dominated by one of the biggest mosques in Europe, where most residents are Asian with origins in Pakistan or India.

Wasim has three wives, the first of whom lives with him and their three teenage sons. His other two wives have separate houses in Savile Town, one down the road and another round the corner. He visits each two nights a week.

The women have had several of Wasim’s children and he hopes the youngest bride (aged 19) will soon present him with another baby.

I learned of Ghulam and Wasim this week while investigating a subject that is taboo in politically correct Britain. It is the huge rise of bigamy (having two wives) and polygamy (more than two) in our Muslim communities.

The issue was recently bravely highlighted by Baroness Flather, a crossbench life peer who was herself born in Lahore, now part of Pakistan.

She warned the Lords (and also wrote an article for the Mail on the subject) about how our shambolic benefits system is being exploited by men hailing from Pakistan and other Muslim nations who indulge in multiple marriages — with taxpayers forced to foot the bill.

As Baroness Flather explained: ‘The wives are regarded by the welfare system as single mothers, and are therefore entitled to a full range of lone parent payments.

'As a result, several “families” fathered by the same man can all claim benefits, as they are provided for by the welfare state, which treats them as if they were not related.’

Lady Flather also lamented the reluctance of politicians to address the issue: ‘It is certainly difficult to discuss this phenomenon of serial marriage and exploitation of the benefits system, with few people in Britain seeming to want to confront the disturbing truth.’

Two years ago, another peer, Baroness Warsi, born in Dewsbury to Pakistani parents, and now a Coalition Cabinet Minister, also voiced her concerns. She said cultural sensitivity was stopping politicians addressing the problem.

Yet this week I found those — from within the heart of the Asian communities — who were prepared to speak out.

Although the Government says there are only 1,000 such bigamous or polygamous unions in the UK, two experienced Lancashire social workers — one of Indian-English heritage and the other with Pakistani origins — told me that, although it’s difficult to be precise, in their estimation the figure is closer to 20,000.

The social workers said the multiple marriages are encouraged by a welfare system which allows a second, third or fourth wife to be treated as a single mother who gets a house and an array of other state payments for herself and her children.

Controversially, it means that a man can take a new spouse (from anywhere in the world), sire any number of children with her, and yet have no responsibility for this family’s upkeep or care.

To avoid breaking Britain’s matrimony laws, the men marry their extra ‘wives’ in an Islamic Nikah ceremony, either in their own homes or a mosque.

These marriages are not recognised officially, so they do not appear in government statistics or have any status under the law. They also do not count when assessing welfare payments. (Read more.)


Jabari said...

It's official, unless my British brethren in Christ Jesus, get serious about witnessing to them, the U.K. will start looking like Somalia and Pakistan in 5 decades, maybe even four.

Mrs. MisUnterstood said...

A 27 year old is already married to three women? WTH is happening to this world. And with three teenage sons already. I would like to call "Typo" on this and claim that you may have meant 37 but with this world you never know.

philip.zhao said...

Allal Save The Queen !

Search 4 Truth said...

Is anyone surprised?

They can do as they please to the kaffre. Move to their lands in the guise of peaceful multiculturalism. And then devour us from within. Gain political power and influence the votes and the candidates,

one thing Muslims cant answer, how are they going to convince the free educated civilized nations that Sharia is for diversity and tolerance. As soon as they start calling for the death of gays and cutting of limbs. We will see what the liberals have to say.

Islam is the greatest danger to humanity, diversity, tolerance, freedom and liberty. We gotta be diligent in our outrage and education of the willfully ignorant. And keep up the prayers!

Kim said...

Thanks for the wonderful news.

Sucheta said...

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donna60 said...

It's happening right here in the good old USA too. Not just with Muslims, but America has allowed the FLDS to do it since the 1930s. And we are giving them fistfuls of welfare money. The FLDS call it "bleeding the monster."

curly said...

Sad !!

mikeyh428 said...

It's ironic that this was all made illegal under King James I - the same guy who authorized the KJV of the Bible. What has happened to the British empire?

Fernando said...

Kim said: «thanks for the wonderful news»...

only a morally handicaped person would say: a) poligamie (treatting women as breading catle) is a good think; b) robbing the tax-funds to finance such a devious liffe is ok...

butt then: whate to expect from a muslim thate folows muhammad's example?