Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 Remembered

On September 11th, 2001, my dad woke me up to tell me that some idiot had crashed a plane into the World Trade Center. We assumed the pilot was drunk, and I went back to sleep. A little later, Dad woke me up again. Another plane had struck the towers. Obviously, this was no accident.

As I drove to Old Dominion University for a class, I listened to the radio as the first tower fell. When I got to school, I sat in the parking garage to hear the outcome. The second tower collapsed, and the reporter announced: "The World Trade Center is no more."

Apparently, few students listen to the news in the morning. In the class I was attending, only the professor and I knew what had happened. I said to the bewildered class, "Remember the World Trade Center? It's not there anymore. Terrorists crashed planes into it."

My professor replied, "Well, we don't know it was terrorists."

We didn't know it was terrorists? One plane could be an accident. Two planes were part of a plan. If the professor had said, "We don't know it was Muslim terrorists," she would have been correct. Although Muslims had attacked the World Trade Center previously, there are at least some non-Muslim terrorists in the world who could have been responsible. But to say we didn't even know that terrorism was a factor, that seemed like sheer nonsense.

As I looked around the classroom, I realized that most people had no clue what was going on, and that the woman who had all the same facts as I did was willfully ignoring the evidence.

Ten years later, I look around and see largely the same thing.


IntoTheLight said...

so's really sad that people still dont get it

Tom ta tum Tom said...


For once, I want to disagree with you. But it is in thanks to you and to SO MANY OTHERS who pay a price similar to that paid by you that I say "fewer and fewer people are ignoring the evidence".

Human history will show that it was David and Sam and Robert and Pamela and Daniel and Mr. Horowitz and the precious people of ABN and Negeen and Nabeel and Paul and Mr. Yerushalmi and Mr. Sekulow and Lt. Col. Allen West and Mr. Sam Soloman and I.Q. Al Rasooli and Christian Prince and Craig Winn and HUNDREDS of others like them that helped to turn the tide away from ignorance when Islamic madness threatened to overwhelm human civilization. And yes, your vidz and others are still out on YouTube (so, The Lord God is STILL using that medium) that say "God is not mocked! Truth is in Christ Jesus Alone."

Yes, I know that this war's not yet NEARLY over ("I ain't HEARD no fat sheikh singin' ") but, THANK YOU LORD JESUS, for David and for all of the wonderful people who have given us a fighting chance. YOU GAVE US A CHANCE. Like the Living God in Christ, you made a way when there was no way.

So, maybe you need to get out more, my precious teacher and hero. 'Cuz more and more people are REFUSING to allow the wretched evidence of Islam to be ignored and we OWE YOU - and so many others - for the awareness you have shared with us. Because of you and because of Hope in Christ Jesus our Lord: WE. WILL. NOT. SUBMIT. TO ISLAM!

It seems so pitiful when I write it but I'll write it anyway: "THANK YOU DAVID!! MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED!!"


Joe Bradley said...

Never underestimate the stupidity of your fellow citizen and you will rarely, if ever, be disappointed.

Obama is the president - I rest my case.

GreekAsianPanda said...

It happened when I was in first grade, so I guess my mom kind of hid 9/11 from me. I didn't know about it until two or three years later. I didn't know the terrorists were Muslims or that the attack had anything to do with religion until 2007 or so. One time, I watched a documentary with my mom about 9/11, and some of the acting included the terrorists saying "Allahu'akhbar!" with a translation on the bottom of the screen that said "God is great!" So I assumed that they were atheists repenting before they died.

My Two Sense said...

I'm going to try to ignore Joe's "Obama" comment today since I've been told this "is the wrong place" for the kind of political retort I feel such comments warrant and deserve.

Instead, I'm going to focus on this being a "911-remembered" thread and think about the victims of that tragedy. I am ashamed to admit I heard about the terrorist attack on Mancow's show on Q101 while I was driving to work. At the time I knew little to nothing about Islam, and I think it's a fair assumption to say at the time, most of America didn't either.

So I guess I agree with Tom who says thanks to the people like David who are there to tell us about Islam. I would also add that probably more people today than you think, liberal, conservative and otherwise are curious enough about Islam to take the time to find out more about it. Unfortunately it took a tragedy of such magnitude to get a lot of those people interested.

Joe Bradley said...

Unfortunately, people like My Two Sense and his ability to ignore are the reason that the country is in such a mess as it is today. All is well . . . All is well . . . you can go back to sleep now.

The first premise in my post is, now, validated.

Kim said...

Thank them for exlplaining to you what Islam isn't all about.

My Two Sense said...

Joe. What am I specifically ignoring exactly? Wait... it's "my fault" for "this mess"? Wow. All righty then! Them's fightin' words! :)

My Two Sense said...

Oh wait. I know what I am ignoring: ad homonym attacks and broad generalizations about Obama, liberals, me...

TPaul said...

Pres.Obama in his 9/11 speech, reiterated president Bush's
rhetoric that "America is not at war with Islam" I ask, Why bloody not? ? ? How stupid does one have to be in the light of Islam's agenda clearly outlined in the koran[9:29] and many islamists hellbent on carrying this goal throughout the world.

Why do our leaders stoop so low to accomodate this demented cult? It seems almost diabolical that ignorant western leftists and politicians carry some sort of mysterious guilt towards Muslims,which makes them out to be victims. They have to bend backwards to appease them. It seems that Satan really does take care of his own.

I affirm that America must not be at war with Muslims,because they live in the darkness of Islam with which we MUST be at war with, before in our misguided sympathies it devous western civilizations built on freedom and humanistic values and replaces it with the barbarism of the 7th century - Shariah.

Joe Bradley said...

My Two Sense,

There is no such thing as an ad hominem attack on Obama - it simply cannot occur.

Its like blindly throwing darts in the belly of a whale. Each dart will hit relevance no matter where it lands. I will say that you, probably, did all you could to ensure that the United States would elect its first Muslim President and your commitment is laudable.

What? You dispute Obama's commitment to his Islamic roots???

Here's more for you to ignore.

On second thought, just go back to sleep - sorry to have awaken you.

Cleft said...


I think you meant to say "Always underestimate the stupidity of your fellow citizen and you will rarely, if ever, be disappointed".

If you analyse "Never underestimate the stupidity..." it would seem to imply the opposite of your intended meaning.

Just saying.

Joe Bradley said...

Actually, the underestimation of the stupidity of one's fellow citizen would lead to disappointment because of the error of estimation involved. Therefore, the advisory to "never" underestimate the stupidity of one's fellow citizen would avoid erroneous estimation and the attendant disappointment.

My Two Sense said...

Oh Joe. So now you're making terrible similes with whales (you did use the word "like"). Maybe I should start calling you Ahab. Throwing a dart at a whale inside its belly is one thing, but throw a harpoon at the ocean and hoping to hit a whale is something else.

" the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee."

"Obama's a Muslim." "Obama wasn't born here." You're right. I've been put to sleep with those boring and false accusations for years. Much like my "Truther" friends on the other side still firmly believing George Bush caused 9/11. I generally do not pay much heed to cock and bull conspiracy theories.

OK so I watched your "proof" video.
Let's dissect.

Obama: "Many other Americans have Muslims in their families."
He's right. His dad was Muslim. That hardly makes him a Muslim.

Obama: "Or have lived in a Muslim majority country."
He did. Indonesia.

Obama: "I know because I am one of them (i.e.: "one of them" in that he has a Muslim in his family (dad) and lived in a Muslim majority country (Indonesia)). See this statement follows the last two previous statements which makes them related.

Obama: "You're absolutely right that John McKain has not talked about my Muslim faith..."
(rest of clip edited out). BUT you can catch the whole interview here:

Joe, it's called a "Gaffe". There's another gaffe where Obama said there was 58 states. I bought my dad 8 years worth of "Bushism" calendars chocked full of his gaffes. People make gaffes sometimes. Even Presidents. Though I doubt you'll be able to find 8 years worth of Obama gaffes... Meh maybe I'll be wrong on that. Who knows.

Next. Obama quotes from the Koran and recites the call to prayer in a "perfect Arabic accent". Well... he lived in Indonesia after all: a majority Muslim country, so it's probably likely he heard it more than just occasionally. Plus quoting the Koran is hardly proof of someone's religion. "Jesus wept." John 11:35. There. Is that hard core proof that I am a Christian? I quote the Koran all the time by saying, "there is no compulsion in religion". I know, I know. That's an "abrogated" sura. Sue me.

Next Obama praises the Muslim world for their innovations, which is hardly an admission of being Muslim. A lot of people have been saying the same thing over the years. Sure you can come back and say Robert Spencer disagrees in his books about Muslim innovations... and fair point. It doesn't change the fact that defending Islam is hardly admission to being one of the faithful. If you want to cry "dhimmi" fine. But to say it is "proof"? Yeah, keep chasing that white whale.

Obama: "We do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation..." (rest of clip edited out)
"... or a Muslim Nation or a Jewish Nation, but rather a Nation of citizens."

I could go on and on with this. But what's the point.

If all this still doesn't convince you, then here's a crazy conservative mouthpiece that you might relate to saying Obama is not a Muslim:

now if you just don't like Obama or his policies or if you still think he's a "secret Muslim" fine. Then next election vote for Romney, or Ron Paul or Sarah Palin 2... I mean Michelle Bachmann.

Joe Bradley said...

My Two Sense, you only counted one gaff?? I guess you slept through the video and woke up at the end.

Go back to sleep.

BTW, Obama thanks you for your vote.

My Two Sense said...

Joe. So you admit that it is a gaff?

My Two Sense said...

Joe. Again with the ad homonym attacks! "Go back to sleep." That's the best comeback you got??? Boring. You keep using that one. If anything's putting me to sleep it's your poor debating skills. Haven't you learned anything about debate from watching these videos by David? I already proved your video was a bunch of severely edited clips; some of them taken out of context and then clumsily sown together to "perpetuate your narrative". I slept through your video? Seeing how I methodically broke it down I hardly think I was sleeping. Then I quoted a conservative voice back at you much like David quotes Muslim sources to prove his point. Granted Ann Coulter is hardly a reliable or advisable source of anything…

Well at this point I can only echo Barney Frank who said, “Talking to you is like talking to a dining room table.”

BTW: The Mormon, the Libertarian, Yet another Governor from Texas, or Sarah Palin 2... whoever comes out on top in the Republican debates, will thank you for your mindless party line vote in the next election. If I had to pick one, I'd go with the Libertarian. He makes the most sense to me. Of course any true Libertarian won't be swearing in on the Bible (or the Koran or the Torah) but a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Eh, he’s not going to win the Republican debates anyway…