Friday, August 19, 2011

True Colors: Muslim Group Threatens to Sue if Michigan Passes Law Banning Sharia in U.S. Courts

The conversation would be hilarious if it weren't so frightening.

MUSLIM AMERICANS: "You non-Muslim Americans have nothing to worry about. We Muslims would never even think about imposing Sharia in the U.S."

NON-MUSLIM AMERICANS: "Well then, you wouldn't mind if we pass a law that will ban Sharia from being used in U.S. courts."

MUSLIM AMERICANS: "What??? You only want American law in American courts? No Sharia? How dare you! You're Islamophobes! You're bigoted hate-mongers!"

NON-MUSLIM AMERICANS: "If you had no intention of bringing Sharia to the U.S., why are you opposed to us banning it?"

MUSLIM AMERICANS: "Racists! We'll sue (to keep you from getting in the way of Sharia)!"

Detroit—Opposition is mounting among Muslims against pending legislation that would ban Michigan courts from considering "foreign laws" — including Sharia, or Islamic law.

Muslim and community leaders gathered Tuesday in Midtown to denounce legislation from state Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, as divisive, unnecessary and mean-spirited.

"This plan goes against our country's core values of accepting people from all races and walks of life," said state Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Detroit, who is Muslim. "We simply cannot move forward with this plan.

"It's racism at its core."

Similar measures are under consideration in 25 other state legislatures, and supporters say the protections are needed. The Michigan bill doesn't mention Sharia, but watchdog groups say they've identified 50 cases nationwide that could be influenced by the religious rules. Most involved divorce or child custody.

Another sponsor of the Michigan bill, Rep. Martin Knollenberg, R-Troy, said the legislation is necessary because "we shouldn't allow other laws to usurp the state constitution."

He scoffed at critics who called the bill racist: "Where does it say (in the bill) it's anti-Muslim?"

Agema last week called the accusations of bigotry "hogwash."

A House committee has yet to take up discussion of the bill. The Council of American-Islamic Relations' Michigan chapter announced Tuesday it would sue if it becomes law. Gov. Rick Snyder's office hasn't done an analysis of the measure, said his spokeswoman, Geralyn Lasher.

"We don't know if this is an issue taking place or whether there is a need" for a law, she said.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee also encouraged members Tuesday to contact their state representatives and urge them to oppose the bill. (Source)


donna60 said...

I emailed one of my state reps. I couldn't get in touch with the other one.

What totally confuses me is that the same liberals that think that anti-Sharia laws are discriminatory and unnecessary, are for hate-laws, against homosexuals. What is the difference?

Jimmy Whacko said...

Accepting people of all races, religions, etc is a far cry from changing our laws to the laws of their religion, or country of origin. We at any level of court should not look to foreign courts for rulings, or legal opinion. Only to our constitution and laws.

Bob Sorensen said...

Obama keeps saying "Muslim-Americans" (another way to emphasize our division), and the representative in the article said that this law is "racism".

I have yet to hear a satisfactory explanation as to how Muslim became a race all by itself.

goethechosemercy said...

Accepting people of all races, religions, etc is a far cry from changing our laws to the laws of their religion, or country of origin.

Excellent distinction, JW!
And one that our multiculturally-blinkered jurists have yet to perceive.
It's amazing how one little point can be so very sharp!

Radical Moderate said...

This is to much. Remember when they passed the same kind of law in Oklahoma, before the passage of the Law CAIR went on record and said "We have no interest in this, its a non starter" etc...

Then the law was passed and all of a sudden they had a interest.

Chris H said...

Here's the irony I wish they saw: A person uses American laws (tort law, specifically) to force Americans to accept sharia laws, when the sharia law would not allow the converse.

And for extra points: Show me the immigration policies of Sharia countries; I'll wager the mortgage that it's not so welcoming as American ones.

curly said...

Radical Moderate:
Oh really ! Thank you for bring up about it. SMILE

Kim said...

Well if anti-sharia is passed would that affect how Muslims can dress in public, or friday prayers at the mosque, or Eid festivals or things like that. If so, then it's reasonable that Muslims would detest towards that.

Fisher said...

It's funny how even though the bill only goes against "foreign law" in general without mentioning Shari'a, it's the Muslims of all people who come out to protest the bill. Might this be a bit of a Freudian slip on their part?